Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources


Project Completion Date
Assessment of the Invasion of the Asian Swamp Eels in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area December 2018
Growth Potential and Genetic Diversity of Yellow Perch in South Dakota November 2017
Determination of geomorphological and landscape factors contributing to diverse Unionoid mussel communities in Missouri River systems, with particular emphasis on the Meramec River Drainage June 2019
Physiology, behavior, and tolerances of Missouri fishes of conservation concern with a focus on Niangua Darter and Topeka Shiner June 2018
American eel age and growth assessment in the Roanoke River, North Carolina. June 2018
Science to inform management of floodplain conservation lands under non-stationary conditions September 2017
Identification of Current and Future Conservation Actions Needed to Preserve Lesser Prairie-Chicken Populations in Context of Land Management Practices and Environmental Variation December 2017
Climatic and Anthropogenic Forcing of Wetland Landscape Connectivity in the Great Plains July 2017
RWO 90: A range wide assessment of the influence of landscape and environmental change on lesser prairie-chickens December 2017
OA 75: Influence of wind energy on Swainson's hawk ecology September 2017
Intra-guild predator dynamics: the effects of recolonizing gray wolf populations on cougars in northeast Oregon. June 2019
Offshore Movements of Migratory Bats in the Gulf of Maine December 2017
Marshbird response to invasive cattail control using grazing, mowing, and herbicide application in the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesta December 2017
Adaptive Management for Turkey Harvest in Alabama September 2020
Using Qualitative Knowledge of Life History Traits to Predict Taxon Group Response to Levels of Coarse Woody Debris December 2017
Establishing long-term, continuous monitoring of flow, temperature, and macroinvertebrates at reference streams to quantify potential effects of climate change on stream ecosystems December 2017
Klamath Basin S3 Model September 2019
Evaluation of methods used to estimate population metrics for adult muskellunge in northern Wisconsin lakes June 2018
Wildlife-Livestock Disease Transmission in a Changing Climate September 2018
Landscape genetic structure of the western continental golden eagle population July 2019
Population characteristics and movements of smallmouth bass in the Menominee River June 2019
Effects of 2, 4-D treatments to control Eurasian Watermilfoil on fish and zooplankton in northern Wisconsin lakes December 2017
Determining stream of origin and spawning site fidelity of salmonids in the Upper North Platte River drainage using otolith microchemistry December 2017
Updating Temperature Criteria for Wyoming Surface Waters - DEQ August 2017
Nutritional Carrying Capacity of Wyoming's Ungulates December 2017
Population Dynamics in Moose in the Snowy Range December 2018
Phenology Tracking in Migratory Mule Deer December 2018
Evaluations of Methods to Introduce Mortality in Lake Trout Embryos January 2018
Phase II: Monitoring the endangered Tidewater Goby using environmental DNA in water samples: Field tests June 2019
Understanding the impacts of surface-groundwater conditions on stream fishes under altered base-flow conditions May 2018
Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to assess the presence of cave-fish and crayfish populations in caves of the Ozark Highlands December 2018
Reevaluation of the status of black bears in southeastern Oklahoma June 2018
Describing seasonal movement patterns and development of a bioenergetics model to determine carrying capacity of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, NM for wintering sandhill cranes December 2017
Angler behavior in response to management actions on Nebraska reservoirs -- Part 2 December 2018
Identifying recruitment bottlenecks for walleyes in northern Wisconsin lakes December 2018
Conservation of the Critically Endangered Chinese Crested Tern: Restoration of a Lost Breeding Colony March 2019
Evaluation of Caspian tern management to reduce predation on ESA-listed salmonids in the Columbia Plateau region March 2019
Annual Evaluation and Development of Benchmarks for Lake Trout Suppression in Yelowstone Lake June 2018
Survey for Sensitive Species in Utah August 2017
Robust Redhorse Recovery and Habitat Restoration: Assessing Water Quality Stressors and Food Web Contaminant Dynamics December 2017
Assessing the effects of the National Park Service predator and vehicle management practices on nesting shorebirds at Cape Hatteras National Seashore November 2017
Impacts of Energy Production, Habitat Selection, and Population Size on Resource Selection, Survival, and Recruitment of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado August 2018
Lesser Prairie-Chicken Response to USDA Conservation Practices In Kansas and Colorado September 2017
Wildife response to the restoration of tall-grass prairie infested with L. cuneata December 2017
Demographics and habitat use of Greater Sage-Grouse in wildfire-affected habitats in Oregon. June 2023
Understanding the St Croix River Food Web January 2018
CNH: Coupled Climate, Cultivation and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape. May 2019
Sampling designs and population dynamics of burbot in the Green River system: tools for management December 2018
Dynamics of resilience in complex adaptive systems December 2017
Bat movements across transforming landscapes June 2018
Amphibian Occupancy, Functional Connectivity, and Resilience of Rainwater Basin Wetlands May 2018
Long-Term Logan River Trout Viability Study and Monitoring September 2021
FWS: Pyramid Lake Fishery Evaluation to evaluate Lahontan cutthroat trout performance and identify limiting factors for the native fish community December 2019
CPCESU San Rafael Restoration Science September 2017
Assessing Migratory Avifauna Responses to Managed Land Use Practices in a Sagebrush/Grassland System September 2017
Influence of Energy Development on Non-Game Sagebrush Birds III December 2017
Linking Habitat Features to Dissolved Oxygen and River Flow in the Lower Osage River, Missouri June 2018
Conservation and Management of Missouri’s Mid-Sized Rivers: Development of Sampling Protocols and Application to Priority Watershed Rivers June 2019
Developing Measures of Vulnerability to Climate Change and Disturbance of Aquatic Communities in Heartland Network National Parks December 2017
Assessment of drought impacts on selected fish and wildlife species in the southwestern U.S. August 2017
Ecology of swift fox in Nebraska December 2018
The Gulf of Maine coastal ecosystem survey: an integrated, multidisciplinary effort to map biological hotspots in the waters of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts (Collaborators: C. Loftin, S. McKinney, A. McKnight, A. Allyn, J. Runge, MDIFW, UMass, USFWS, BRI) December 2018
Of Pools and People: Small natural features with large ecosystem functions in urbanizing landscapes (Collaborators: A.Calhoun, M.Hunter, K. Bell, M. Kinnison, C. Loftin, K. Capps, D. Bauer, E. Nelson) December 2019
Occurrence and variation in submersed aquatic vegetation along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico August 2020
Statewide Moose Habitat Project June 2018
Evaluating the Influence of Beetle Kill on Sierra Madre Elk June 2019
Monitoring Elk Migrations with Remote Photography December 2018
Assess genetic integrity, population status, and long-term viability of isolated populations of shoal bass in the upper Chattahoochee River December 2017
Carnivore Occupancy and Intraguild Interactions Across New York State March 2020
Density of Pallid Sturgeon and Food Web Dynamics in the Missouri River December 2017
Environmental and endogenous factors affecting egg quality and caviar yield in farmed sturgeon July 2017
American marten population ecology and role in forest community dynamics June 2018
Investigating Impacts of Winter Lake Drawdowns on Littoral Ecosystems December 2019
Deer abundance and its relationship to factors that affect forest vegetation conditions June 2026
Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River January 2019
Wyoming Range Native Fish and Energy Development June 2021
Wyoming Migration Initiative June 2022
Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project December 2019
Stable Isotopes to Delineate Seasonal Range Use for Wyoming Ungulates June 2019
Platte Valley Mule Deer Project June 2018
Plum Island Ecosystems LTER June 2018
Developing and Testing a Spatially-Explicit, Science-Based, Decision-Support Tool for Making Riverscape-Scale Management Decisions: How Dams and Culverts Affect a Threatened Native Stream Fish, the Neosho Madtom, and Select Tributary Fish Species February 2019
Identifying Migratory Routes and Wintering Grounds of Burrowing Owls throughout North America September 2020
South Carolina Alligator Adaptive Management Strategies: Population Dynamics, Habitat Utilization and Conservation Threats March 2019
Effectiveness of Forest Restoration Treatments on Demography of a Federally Listed Ground Squirrel February 2023
Assessing the Importance of Wetlands on DoD Installations for the Persistence of Wetland-dependent Birds December 2019
Movement and habitat use of pallid sturgeon in the lower Mississippi River December 2017
Estimating Breeding Populations of Canada Geese in the Midwest – A Model to Predict Canada Goose Breeding Pair Densities Using National Wetlands Inventory Data September 2017
Impacts of Surface Water Supply Reservoirs on Stream Flow and Biota June 2020
Landscape-scale management of forest wildlife populations in Wisconsin July 2024
Landscape-scale management of grassland birds in Wisconsin April 2022
Eastern Brown Pelicans: Dispersal, Seasonal Movements and Monitoring of PAHs and Contaminants in the Northern Gulf of Mexico November 2019
Effects of forest management practices in the Acadian Northern Hardwood/Conifer Forests of Maine on forest bird communities, with emphasis on species of regional conservation priority and concern (Collaborators: D. harrison, P. Wood, C. Loftin) December 2018
Assessing Priority Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Areas (PARCAs) and Vulnerability to Climate Change in the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (Collaborators: C. Loftin, P. deMaynadier, K. Barrett, P.Nanjappa) January 2019
Characterization of spatial and temporal variability in fishes in response to climate change August 2017
The social-ecology of an intensively managed ecosystem: pheasants and pheasant hunters in Southwest Nebraska December 2019
The demography of Northern Spotted Owls in Oregon and Washington September 2025
Long-term meta-population demographics of Adélie penguins on Ross island, Antarctica September 2025
Understanding downstream migratory survival of Atlantic salmon smolts in the Penobscot River Maine; effects of dams and restoration September 2020
Passage of adult Atlantic salmon in the Penobscot River before and after dam removal January 2022
Web-Accessible Database of Standard Fish Sampling Data December 2022
Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes October 2022
Regeneration of Forest Vegetation in Response to Browsing by Moose and Deer: An Experimental Approach Using Exclosures December 2027
Migration Corridors and Landscape Connectivity Project June 2018
The effectiveness of the Greater Sage-Grouse as an umbrella for non-game sagebrush SGCN June 2018
Responses of large mammals to forest restoration treatments and wildfire in the southwest Jemez Mountains, New Mexico September 2025
Pollination Security for Fruit and Vegetable Crops in the Northeast (collaborative project with Frank Drummond, Aaron Hoshide, Sam Hanes, Alison Dibble at UMaine) May 2019
Using a Mechanistic Model to Develop Management Strategies to Cool Apache Trout Streams under the Threat of Climate Change October 2019
Using Remote Videography to Investigate Relationships Between Environmental Conditions and Spawning Behavior in Devils Hole Pupfish December 2017
Evaluation of northern bobwhite in western Oklahoma July 2017
Predicting Migratory Bird Responses to Climate Change: December 2017
Connecticut River Migratory Fish September 2018
Wisconsin's wildlife and a changing climate September 2023
Effects of Climate Change on Structure and Function of the High Priority Ecosystem: Trophic Interactions and Population Trajectories in a Montane Riparian Ecosystem". Dated October 27, 2008 December 2017
Identifying environmental and demographic drivers of American kestrel population declines to inform conservation actions June 2024
Eastern Black Rail Species Distribution Model September 2021
Central Alaska aquatic inventory & monitoring data synthesis May 2023
Assessment of Silver Carp and Bighead Carp in the Platte River, Nebraska: emphasis on distribution, population demographics and reproduction January 2024
Steelhead Run Reconstruction December 2022
Yellow Perch in Lake Cascade December 2022
Shorebirds - Alaska Game & Fish June 2024
Patterns and processes in multi-predator dynamical systems June 2024
Project Title 2. April 2020
Habitat Use and Survival of Reintroduced Juvenile Bolson Tortoises May 2025
Grouper Moon: Conservation of Groupers in The Cayman Islands December 2028
Investigating Biodiversity and Abundance of Reef Predators in The Bahamas using Baited Remote Underwater Video Surveys December 2024
Development of a Mississippi River Basin Invasive Carp Population Assessment Team December 2021
Assessing Nesting Status of Black-capped Petrels Following Acute Disturbance Events December 2023
TCU 438: Evaluating resilience and vulnerability of fish assemblage structure to intermittent flow August 2024
Assessment of angler use and catch during 2022 at Sutherland Reservoir, Nebraska March 2023
Analysis of Bald Eagle Demographic Data December 2023
testproj January 2022
Heavy Metals in Cape Krusenstren National Monument June 2024
Burrowing Owl population assessment on Colorado's black tailed prairie dog colonies June 2022
Modeling and Decision Analysis for Plague in Prairie Dog Colonies February 2023
Integrated Ecosystem Modeling Fish In the Grand Canyon September 2024
Beaver Ecology and Relocation Ecology March 2025
Contribution of Different Spawning Strategies and Locations to Lake Whitefish Fisheries in Southern Green Bay December 2025
Assessment of movement of prions across the captive-wild interface August 2023
Modeling the risk of West Nile virus to ruffed grouse populations June 2022
Muskrat ecology and disease August 2023
Parturition timing and calf survival in Pennsylvania elk June 2023
Uinta Mule Deer January 2025
Can ribbed mussels augment coastal restoration projects in a world of rising seas? July 2023
Inventory of models to support decision making to address oyster restoration May 2021
Model Updates and Improvements: ICM-HSIs June 2020
Gear Comparison Study for Sampling Nekton in Barataria Basin Marshes December 2020
Assessment of NRDA Funded Oyster Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico September 2026
Avian species resilience to habitat degradation December 2024
Bumble bee habitat relationships and distribution models December 2024
Molt Timing and Sample Collection for Future Derivation of Harvest for Purple and Common Gallinules in Louisiana December 2022
Rail and Gallinule Movements in Coastal Louisiana August 2024
Distribution and Habitat Characteristics of Secretive Marshbirds in Southeastern Louisiana August 2024
Comparison of Avian Communities and Hydrological Characteristics on Restored and Natural Marshes in Coastal Louisiana August 2024
Post delisting Surveys of Virginia northern flying squirrels and spruce restoration December 2022
An Evaluation of Factors Limiting Plant Establishment at Malheur Lake May 2023
Quantifying the Effect of Instream Flow on Larval Fish Abundance in the Edisto River Basin December 2021
Distribution and Habitat Associations of Snowshoe Hares in Pennsylvania June 2025
Observing Flight Initiation Distances of Florida Chelonia mydas in the Crystal Bay Area October 2022
Investigating Drivers of Cisco Recruitment January 2024
Growth Assessment of Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tunas February 2021
AquaPV Ecological modelling support September 2024
The Impact of Future Climate Variability on Shorebirds and Their Wetland Habitats in the South-Central U.S. December 2022
A collaborative organizational network analysis of the Cooperative Research Units program August 2024
Pilot test for treating mange in wild canids and felids in the Santa Monica Mountains, California December 2022
Mesocarnivore survey in southern Idaho December 2022
AGFC State base funds June 2021
REU: Site: assessment and sustainable management of ecosystem services at the nexus of food, energy, and water systems August 2025
The role of drought on taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity of fishes August 2021
Winter stonefly distribution, habitat requirements, life history, and population status in Arkansas June 2022
Landscape- and local-scale habitat influences on distribution and abundance of the crayfish Faxonius eupunctus, Faxonius wagneri and Faxonius roberti in the Spring River, Strawberry River and Eleven Point River drainages June 2025
Mesopredator Density Along an Urban to Rural Gradient December 2024
Woody debris export to large rivers following wildfire September 2022
Upland Habitat Use by Crawfish Frogs December 2024
Collaborative Research: RAPID: lake ecosystem responses to fire along gradients of burn characteristics and hydrologic connectivity February 2024
A rapid mapping tool for quantifying grassland management outcomes August 2024
Abiotic and biotic factors affecting fish occurrence, abundance, and growth in sixty Florida lakes June 2026
Using long-term monitoring data to evaluate Largemouth Bass and Black Crappie population dynamics amid environmental change August 2023
Informing invasive species management amid climate and land-use change to build social-ecological resilience June 2026
Lessons from a long-term fisheries monitoring program: The Florida experience (FWC) June 2026
Enhancing Capabilities of CPW's Statewide Aquatic Toxicology Program June 2022
Exploitation and Catch of Shoal Bass in the Lower Flint River Basin and Angler Use, Effort, and Economic Impact of This Fishery June 2024
Integrated population modeling to improve forecasting for coho salmon and steelhead returns and the status of their habitat in Oregon June 2024
Characterizing the fish assemblage of the Lake Powell forebay: identifying the potential for non-native fish escapement and entrainment into Glen Canyon Dam and potential for establishment in the Glen, Marble, and Grand Canyon. September 2023
Using non-native vegetation to enhance in-stream habitat for native fishes September 2023
Estimating ecosystem production across gradients of river alteration in the Colorado River basin; could contemporary productivity be a limiting factor for native fishes? February 2023
Aquatic food web changes to invasive Flathead Catfish along an invasion gradient January 2024
Understanding the drivers and limiting factors of Tui chub in Pyramid Lake, NV as the most important food source for recovering Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. September 2024
Comparing beaver translocations before and after passive stream restoration projects to determine the most effective strategies for beaver translocation in the Price and San Rafael Rivers, Utah (Phase II) May 2023
RWO 102: TCU 436 Development of an Effective Survey Methodology for Detection and Monitoring of Texas Kangaroo Rats May 2024
Evaluating the relative effects of top-down and bottom-up factors on declines in Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon September 2023
Five-year status review of yelloweye and bocaccio rockfish in Puget Sound September 2021
Advancing sustainable shellfish aquaculture through machine learning and automated data collection on fish communities September 2022
Landscape Transcriptomics as a new tool for natural and agricultural resource management August 2023
Using environmental DNA to monitor abundances of juvenile Central Valley Chinook salmon December 2023
Pallid Sturgeon biology in Platte River and its tributaries December 2026
Stream-fish population and community characteristics within Nebraska, USA August 2022
Linking stream fish thermal ecology and adaptive capacity to inform watershed-based management and Species Status Assessments December 2022
Moose Population Expansion in Togiak NWR December 2022
Habitat function of shellfish aquaculture ecosystems: developing new technology to understand species use of nearshore habitats September 2022
A simulation and case-study comparison of existing and spatio-temporal methods to apportion coastwide catch limits for subregional management September 2022
TNCR data management application July 2023
Connectivity in oxbow lakes December 2023
Spatial and temporal distribution of silver carp in the Eagle Lake system July 2023
Aquatic Species Restoration and Research at the Eastern Aquatic Conservation Facility at Yates Mill January 2023
Evaluating the benefits of practices implemented under the Working Lands for Wildlife Program (WLFW) targeting northern bobwhites September 2024
Wetland Reserve Program Properties: Importance for Iowa Breeding Birds in the Prairie Pothole Landform May 2024
Implementation of National Biogeographic Data and Analyses Toward a National Assessment. September 2025
Determining Henslow's Sparrow (Centronyx henslowii) population redundancy in North Carolina. December 2024
Resolving Taxonomic Uncertainty in Caribbean Skink Species December 2023
Conservation status and management of Henslow's sparrows at the VOA Game Land and eastern North Carolina. June 2023
Development of an early warning system to identify changing prescribed burn opportunities across southeast US fire-adapted habitats. December 2022
Strategic habitat conservation and adaptive strategies for recovery and pre-listing conservation of Eleutherodactylus (coqui) amphibians in Puerto Rico. September 2022
Visualizing Obstacles in Big Game Migration Corridors December 2021
Yellowstone Bison - Kauffman December 2022
Identifying Structure of the Yellowstone Bison Population - Merkle December 2022
Investigating hybridization between the declining Gray-headed Chickadee and a recent colonizer, the Boreal Chickadee September 2024
Walleye and Yellow Perch in Northern Wisconsin Lakes: Recruitment Trends and Importance of Perch as Prey for Larval and Post-Larval Walleye June 2023
Managing bluegill fisheries as a social-ecological system under a changing climate June 2023
Adaptive Management with AMMonitor August 2025
Scales and drivers of variability in dissolved organic carbon across diverse urban watersheds April 2024
Landscape drivers of freshwater mussel assemblages and imperiled species status: implications for optimal allocation of conservation effort within the Delaware River Basin May 2023
Implementation of the bog turtle conservation plan for the northern population June 2023
Rethinking lake management for invasive plants under future climate: Sensitivity of lake ecosystems to winter water level drawdowns December 2023
North Platte Reservoirs Stocked Salmonids Fate June 2024
Yellow Lampmussel Habitat Assessment in the Connecticut River April 2025
Quantifying age and growth dynamics of key sport fishes December 2022
Evaluation of factors impacting Kokanee Salmon in New Forks Lakes June 2022
Genetic assessment of Yellowstone cutthroat trout across the Bighorn GMU June 2023
Evaluating the role of spring-fed streams to Snake River cutthroat trout June 2024
Resolving Taxonomic Uncertainty in Caribbean Skink Species November 2023
Estimation of US Atlantic Red Snapper Abundance August 2023
Deer Ecology Across an Urban-Rural Continuum December 2025
Habitat Characteristics of Bear-Vehicle Collision Kill Sites, Bear Family Group Dynamics and Source-Sink Dynamics for Black Bears in Urban Environments and the Implications for Regional Black Bear Population December 2022
Spawning Movement Behaviors and Run Size of Nanticoke River Atlantic Sturgeon. April 2022
Rio Chama Aquatic Insect Monitoring September 2021
Mule deer space use of UT Watershed Restoration Initiative treatment lands December 2023
Tracking bats and coronaviruses through NABat: Human dimensions of viral transfer December 2023
Public acceptance and preferences for climate change adaptation in the Mid-West. December 2023
Population Dynamics of Introduced Lake Sturgeon in the Coosa River Basin, Georgia June 2024
Genetic biocontrol of invasive species: understanding attitudes and risk perceptions. December 2023
Assessing the motivations and constraints of lapsed small game hunters June 2022
Assessing deer hunter satisfaction and attitudes toward deer management, and Minnesotans’ values, beliefs, and attitudes toward moose and moose management June 2023
Evaluate and refine benchmarks for lake trout and cutthroat trout populations in Yellowstone Lake December 2024
Wildlife Resource Management on BLM Lands in Alaska September 2024
Moose Population Dynamics on the Seward Peninsula April 2024
Development and application of a multiscale model of habitat suitability for Candy Darter August 2023
Effects of BMPs and land use on stream macroinvertebrates and fishes in the Chesapeake basin September 2025
Coupling social science and watershed modeling to improve ecological health of streams in agricultural landscapes August 2022
Evaluating Sources of Bias in Caribou Population Surveys December 2022
Wolf Abundance Estimation in Southeast Alaska December 2025
Changing stream thermal regimes across Alaskan riverscapes: implications for freshwater fish distributions and phenology of food resources December 2025
Beaver and wildfire interactions in interior Alaska boreal watersheds December 2023
The influence of abiotic and biotic factors on patterns of consumption across a range of consumer body sizes September 2022
Abundance and habitat use of suburban black bears in Massachusetts June 2023
Using Aerial surveys to estimate trends in brown bear population dynamics at Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska August 2025
Effects of habitat, density, and climate on moose and winter tick ecology in the northeast US August 2024
Supply-and-Demand Dynamics Associated with Using Stocking to Maintain Walleye Fisheries in the Face of Climate Change March 2023
Snapshot USA December 2022
Compilation and analysis of wildlife data to inform natural resource management September 2022
Developing close-kin mark-recapture methods to monitor Michigan black bear populations September 2023
Assessment of co-occurrence modeling when closure is not met December 2022
NRT-HDR-FW-HTF Building an integrated transdisciplinary framework for science-based, data-driven decision-making to achieve sustainability: an immersive traineeship program that prepares today’s environmental professionals for future leadership challenges. (PENDING 9 28 2021) December 2026
Population estimate, exploitation, mortality, movement, and habitat use of Lake Sharpe Walleye as inferred from mark-recapture and acoustic-telemetry tracking June 2023
Walleye dynamics in western South Dakota irrigation reservoirs June 2023
Determining natal origins and movement patterns of Silver Carp in eastern South Dakota tributaries June 2023
Influence of flooding on Blue Suckers in eastern South Dakota Rivers June 2024
Floating solar-waterbird interactions March 2024
Effects of floating solar on water quality and aquatic ecosystem processes July 2023
Effects of ecological restoration at solar facilities on soils and ecosystem function August 2026
Vegetation response to ecological restoration at solar facilities August 2026
Balancing environmental and nutritional tradeoffs of expanding Amazonian aquaculture December 2023
Improving the accuracy of USGS’s acoustic fish abundance estimates using high endurance autonomous vehicles August 2025
Field examination of thermal pollution on stream temperature and reproductive development of Johnny Darter, Etheostoma nigrum (Percidae) April 2022
Evaluation of Cripple Creek (mule deer herd D16) and Wet Mountain (mule deer D34) Demographics (Auction and Raffle funded M.S. project) June 2022
Metabolism and Productivity Gradients in a Desert River System December 2022
Informing policy response to declining water supply in the Colorado River basin: linking water supply management with outcomes for fish communities May 2022
Barrier prioritization to enhance habitat for Topeka shiner in Flint Hills Streams, Kansas September 2022
Eastern Spotted Skunk Surveys December 2023
Use of machine learning to quantify habitat for the Oktibbeha Rivulet Crayfish: College of Forest Resources August 2022
Methods to monitor American Eel distribution and status August 2021
Developing a cooperative post stocking conservation framework to evaluate stocking effectiveness and inform restoration efforts September 2023
Intermittent Stream Fish Community Dynamics in the Ouachita Highlands December 2023
Effects of solar energy development on desert carnivore site use and movement September 2024
Aquatic ecosystem response to floating solar energy development July 2023
Mechanisms of ecosystem response to solar energy development in the Mojave Desert September 2026
Wildlife-floating solar interactions: Biodiversity and trophic interactions August 2026
Pollinator response to ecological restoration at solar facilities August 2026
Solar energy potential of large commercial buildings: Land sparing for conservation January 2022
Desert pollinators and solar energy September 2020
A risk assessment of chronic wasting disease in Massachusetts and the proactive development of a communication strategy for MassWildlife and wild cervid stakeholders in Massachusetts September 2022
Improving management and surveillance decisions related to white nose syndrome by accounting for imperfect detection and misclassification error May 2023
Difficult disease decisions: how to reduce risk when dealing with multiple competing objectives and opposing risk tolerances May 2022
At-risk species project June 2023
Using parentage analysis to investigate the spawning and recruitment dynamics of walleye in Northern Wisconsin June 2022
Development, validation, and implementation of a survey protocol to evaluate distributions and habitat associations of whip-poor-will and other Oklahoma nightjars June 2024
Bird conservation prioritization in the SE US June 2022
Movements and population demography of pronghorn in western Oklahoma June 2026
Evaluating the population status of black bears in the Oklahoma Panhandle June 2024
Evaluating patterns of occurrence for native and nonnative mammals May 2024
Assessment of factors affecting female black bear harvest rates in northcentral Pennsylvania December 2022
Distribution, habitat selection, and survival of plains spotted skunks in South Dakota December 2023
Developing modeling tools and frameworks for oyster management and restoration January 2026
Bioacoustics for broad-scale species monitoring and conservation December 2024
Using conservation genomics, morphometrics, and occupancy modeling to support Species Status Assessments of rivulet crayfishes (Hobbseus spp.) September 2024
Development of quantitative tools to support Species Status Assessments of freshwater mussels September 2024
Vulnerability of reservoirs to climate change July 2025
Integrating Conservation Planning Tools to Develop a Transparent Conservation Blueprint for Southeastern Aquatic Species August 2022
Wild Turkey Harvest Management Decision Making June 2026
Assessment of angler satisfaction in the mainstem Missouri River, Nebraska December 2023
Monitoring Tufted Puffins in the United States May 2023
Improving our tools for combating invasive species September 2024
Landscape Genetics of white-tailed deer in Minnesota September 2022
Avian community response to grassland restoration at Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge April 2023
Climate change impacts to gopher tortoise demography December 2022
Bird conservation on Virginia's Eastern Shore in the face of sea level rise June 2022
Distribution, habitat affiliation, and abundance of the Ringed Salamander in Oklahoma July 2023
Quail ecology and management II June 2022
Visitor's characteristics and economic attributes of WMAs in Oklahoma June 2022
Status and trends in bobcat populations June 2022
Spatial ecology and expansion of recolonizing black bear populations in eastern Oklahoma June 2023
Support of ODWC Fisheries Analysis Application June 2026
Developing of a hydroacoustic protocol for sampling shad in Arkansas resevoirs March 2024
Migration patterns and harvest rates of Striped Bass in the Arkansas River June 2022
Native fish species distribution and population status in Goose Lake Valley, Oregon and California September 2023
RWO 104: Species distribution modeling and Native Fish Conservation Area prioritization to guide landscape level conservation February 2025
Sustainable Rivers Program: Updating flow ecology assumptions December 2022
Developing an Avian-based Biological Condition Gradient (BCG) Model for the Upper Tana Watershed, Kenya May 2025
Investigating Grass Carp movement, emigration, habitat use, and natural mortality after stocking at Lake Apopka June 2023
Lake food webs in Acadia National Park December 2022
Impacts of Egyptian Goose and other invasive aquatic avifauna August 2023
Breeding and Migration Ecology and Distribution and Abundance of Arkansas King Rails December 2024
Leveraging habitat suitability modeling to inform management of nonnative fishes in a changing climate December 2023
Informing Gulf Sturgeon population status and trends as a baseline to measure PDARP actions to promote species recovery August 2023
Lessons from a long-term fisheries monitoring program: The Florida experience (USGS) June 2026
Occupancy Modeling of Northern Bobwhite in Arkansas June 2023
Establishing a national tissue and reagents repository for chronic wasting disease September 2023
Linking Genetics to Movements of White-tailed deer to Assist Surveillance for CWD Epidemiology August 2023
A genetic assessment of cutthroat trout movement across the Continental Divide December 2021
Remote sensing of habitat for at-risk early successional bird species in Georgia June 2023
Population ecology of narrow-headed gartersnakes May 2025
White-tailed Ptarmigan Reintroduction Ecology June 2024
Factors influencing Bull Trout populations across multiple spatial scales in Idaho September 2025
Moss Tissue Concentrations July 2021
Brook Trout Population June 2024
Modeling the Effect of White-nose Syndrome Mitigation Decisions on Cave Hibernating Myotis Species September 2022
RWO 103: Assessing risk for westward expansion of zebra mussels to guide EDRR strategies September 2023
An assessment of post-restoration trajectories of geomorphological and vegetative change in the Nisqually River Delta, Washington June 2023
Improving management strategies linked to certification of sustainable forest practices for priority songbirds in West Virginia June 2023
Southwestern and northwestern pond turtle viability analysis to support a species status assessment December 2021
Modeling Tools for Species Status Assessments August 2021
Decision Analysis for Species Status Assessment Science Needs Prioritization July 2023
Transmission and evolution of a persistent pathogen: anthrax infection dynamics comparing two natural systems November 2022
Deer movement and chronic wasting disease spread in southwest Wisconsin June 2024
Wolf-caribou interactions in the Fortymile caribou herd December 2023
Evaluating the spatial and temporal distribution and ecology of Bighead and Silver Carp and native fishes of the lower Red River basin September 2023
Environmental correlates of fibropapilloma in green turtles. December 2025
Spatial variation in lake whitefish recruitment in Lake Michigan: the potential roles of zooplankton prey and the relative fitness of age-0 fish December 2022
Conservation Outcomes in Great Plains Rangelands January 2023
Landscape transcriptomics as a new tool for natural resources management December 2021
Effects of recreational disturbance on desert bighorn sheep in western Colorado June 2025
Population Dynamics of Burrowing Owls on Kirtland Air Force Base March 2024
Selenium Risk to Yuma Ridgway’s Rails at the Salton Sea May 2024
Movement Ecology and Survival of Light-footed Ridgway's Rail December 2024
Population Dynamics of Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse in Idaho April 2021
Emerging viral diseases in at-risk populations of felids and ungulates December 2020
Using RAD-seq Genomic Methods to Estimate Social Structure and Reproductive Success of a Puma Population and Implications on Affects of Sport-Hunting December 2020
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