Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources


Project Completion Date
Assessment of the Invasion of the Asian Swamp Eels in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area 2018-12-31
Moose demography in NE Washington 2017-06-30
Effects of climate and habitat change on structure and function of a high priority montane ecosystem 2017-03-31
Growth Potential and Genetic Diversity of Yellow Perch in South Dakota 2017-11-01
Survival, Distribution and Relative Predation of Naturally-produced Rainbow Trout in the Deerfield Reservoir system 2015-12-30
Determination of geomorphological and landscape factors contributing to diverse Unionoid mussel communities in Missouri River systems, with particular emphasis on the Meramec River Drainage 2019-06-30
Physiology, behavior, and tolerances of Missouri fishes of conservation concern with a focus on Niangua Darter and Topeka Shiner 2018-06-30
Linking Wetland Management Decisions to Distribution, Habitat Use and Nesting Efforts of Secretive Marsh Birds in Missouri 2016-06-30
Linking waterfowl distribution and abundance to spatial and 2016-06-30
CWD Deposition and Environmental Reservoirs 2016-02-28
Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on health of aquatic organisms 2016-12-31
American eel age and growth assessment in the Roanoke River, North Carolina. 2018-06-14
Estimation of Angler Mortality and Development of Live Well Management Procedures to Improve the Survival of the Largemouth Bass 2017-06-30
Development of fish and amphibian rapid assessment protocols 2016-06-30
Science to inform management of floodplain conservation lands under non-stationary conditions 2017-09-30
Identification of Current and Future Conservation Actions Needed to Preserve Lesser Prairie-Chicken Populations in Context of Land Management Practices and Environmental Variation 2017-12-31
Climatic and Anthropogenic Forcing of Wetland Landscape Connectivity in the Great Plains 2017-07-31
Multi-scale examination of the distribution and habitat use patterns of the Regal Fritillary (Speyeria idalia) within the Fort Riley Military Reservation 2016-05-31
RWO 90: A range wide assessment of the influence of landscape and environmental change on lesser prairie-chickens 2017-12-31
RWO94 Assessing occupancy and reproductive status of golden eagles at historic aeries in Texas. 2015-08-31
RWO93 Development of a decision tool for eagle take permit issuance based on detection and occupancy moels of migrant and overwintering golden eagles in the Southern Great Plains 2015-08-31
OA 75: Influence of wind energy on Swainson's hawk ecology 2017-09-30
Modeling Bat Habitat Use Across Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (BISO): Potential Effects of Prescribed Fire 2016-05-01
Modeling Winter Habitat Use of Whooping Cranes in the Eastern Migratory Population 2016-12-31
Determining the distribution of imperiled mussels in Tennessee waters 2017-06-30
Propagating mussels in the Ohio River 2017-06-30
Endangered species research below Green River Dam 2016-12-31
Intra-guild predator dynamics: the effects of recolonizing gray wolf populations on cougars in northeast Oregon. 2019-06-30
Use of a portable ultrasound to determine sex and maturation status of Lake Sturgeon in the White Rapids section and other portions of the Menominee River 2016-06-01
Invasive Asian Carp in Tennessee Rivers 2016-08-30
Conserving Snake Species of Greatest Conservation Need Threatened by an Emerging Fungal Skin Disease 2015-12-31
Sampling and Managing Catfish Stocks in Tennessee 2016-12-31
Inventory and Monitoring for the Federally Endangered Northern Red-bellied Cooter 2015-12-31
Movements of Coastal Birds in Southern New England 2016-12-31
Conserving Wood Turtles and Associated Riparian Species 2017-06-30
Offshore Movements of Migratory Bats in the Gulf of Maine 2017-12-31
Range-wide migratory connectivity for full-cycle conservation of the golden-winged warbler, climate sensitive songbird of the highest conservation concern 2016-12-31
Marshbird response to invasive cattail control using grazing, mowing, and herbicide application in the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesta 2017-12-31
Delineating sandhill crane populations in Minnesota 2017-06-30
Effects of Hydrologic and Geomorphic Processes on bottomland hardwood plant communites of the lower White River basin, Arkansas 2015-09-30
Adaptive Management for Turkey Harvest in Alabama 2020-09-30
2014 Wild Turkey Hunter Study 2016-12-31
Using Qualitative Knowledge of Life History Traits to Predict Taxon Group Response to Levels of Coarse Woody Debris 2017-12-31
A study of diamond darter macrohabitat use and abundance within the lower Elk River. 2017-02-28
Establishing long-term, continuous monitoring of flow, temperature, and macroinvertebrates at reference streams to quantify potential effects of climate change on stream ecosystems 2017-12-01
Microhabitat use of native and nonnative fishes in Kootenai River 2017-01-31
Movement dynamics, distribution, habitat use, and species associations of juvenile burbot in tributaries of the Kootenai River 2017-04-30
Grassland habitat management for diverse taxa and stakeholders 2016-07-31
Klamath Basin S3 Model 2019-09-30
Evaluate the influence of harvest regulations on angler effort using remote car counters 2016-12-30
Evaluation of methods used to estimate population metrics for adult muskellunge in northern Wisconsin lakes 2018-06-30
Biogeography and Conservation of Maine’s Island Amphibians (M.Kinnison, P.deMaynadier, L.Welch, B.Connery collaborators) 2015-12-31
Engaging Maine Blueberry Growers to Develop Tools for Native Bee Use and Conservation (S.Hanes, F.Drummond,K. Collum, B.DuClos, A.Hoshide collaborators) 2015-12-31
Wildlife-Livestock Disease Transmission in a Changing Climate 2018-09-30
Landscape genetic structure of the western continental golden eagle population 2019-07-31
Urbanization and Massachusetts streams: Unpacking the biological effects of impervious cover 2017-06-30
Population characteristics and movements of smallmouth bass in the Menominee River 2019-06-30
Effects of 2, 4-D treatments to control Eurasian Watermilfoil on fish and zooplankton in northern Wisconsin lakes 2017-12-31
Movements of lake sturgeon after upstream passage through two dams on the Menominee River 2017-01-10
Determining stream of origin and spawning site fidelity of salmonids in the Upper North Platte River drainage using otolith microchemistry 2017-12-31
Identification of priority conservation areas for native aquatic species 2016-09-30
Updating Temperature Criteria for Wyoming Surface Waters - DEQ 2017-08-31
Nutritional Carrying Capacity of Wyoming's Ungulates 2017-12-29
Population Dynamics in Moose in the Snowy Range 2018-12-31
Phenology Tracking in Migratory Mule Deer 2018-12-31
Evaluations of Methods to Introduce Mortality in Lake Trout Embryos 2018-01-31
Tenderfoot Creek Bair Ranch Foundation Research Project II 2015-12-31
Small mammal community stability 2016-05-31
Establish & Operated Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research 2017-03-30
Prairie Creek Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystem Synthesis 2015-09-30
Phase II: Monitoring the endangered Tidewater Goby using environmental DNA in water samples: Field tests 2019-06-30
Biotic and abiotic factors related to persistence of a federally-threatened cyprinid 2016-05-31
Understanding the impacts of surface-groundwater conditions on stream fishes under altered base-flow conditions 2018-05-31
Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to assess the presence of cave-fish and crayfish populations in caves of the Ozark Highlands 2018-12-31
Landscape genetics of white-tailed deer to assess population structure for surveillance of chronic wasting disease 2017-06-30
Valuing Wildlife in the US 2015-10-31
Reevaluation of the status of black bears in southeastern Oklahoma 2018-06-20
Investigating impacts of energy development on lesser prairie-chicken reproduction, survival, movement, and habitat use in eastern New Mexico. 2015-12-31
Determining Seasonal Use of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Habitat by the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanachus pallidicinctus) in Eastern New Mexico 2016-12-31
Demography and seasonal movement patterns of band-tailed pigeons in New Mexico. 2016-12-31
Measuring scaled quail demography and seasonal habitat use in response to a shrub reduction treatment in southwestern New Mexico and effect of climate on nest and brood success 2016-12-31
Describing seasonal movement patterns and development of a bioenergetics model to determine carrying capacity of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, NM for wintering sandhill cranes 2017-12-31
Economic Impacts of Feral Hogs on South Carolina’s Agriculture Submitted to the South Carolina Farm Bureau 2016-05-14
Angler behavior in response to management actions on Nebraska reservoirs -- Part 2 2018-12-31
Quantifying habitat selection and predicting habitat use by whooping crane 2016-12-01
Identifying recruitment bottlenecks for walleyes in northern Wisconsin lakes 2018-12-31
Reproductive readiness and behavioral ecology of wild hatchery-reared pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River above Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana 2017-06-30
Evaluation of juvenile bull trout outmigration in Thompson Falls Reservoir 2016-12-31
Population trends and predicted trajectories of American Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in the American Southwest 2016-05-01
Evaluating the effects of shallow-water habitat on age-0 Scaphirhynchus sp prey use and condition 2016-12-31
Developing Non-Invasive Methods to Monitor Burrow-nesting Seabird Populations 2017-01-31
Conservation of the Critically Endangered Chinese Crested Tern: Restoration of a Lost Breeding Colony 2019-03-15
Monitor and Evaluate Caspian Terns and their Impacts on the Survival of Juvenile Salmonids in the Columbia River Estuary 2015-11-30
Develop Baseline Information on Double-crested Cormorants Relative to Their Impacts on Survival of Salmonid Smolts in the Columbia River Estuary 2015-09-30
Mapping Physical Characteristics of the Columbia River Mouth Using Transmittered Diving Waterbirds 2015-12-30
Evaluation of Caspian tern management to reduce predation on ESA-listed salmonids in the Columbia Plateau region 2019-03-31
Feasibility Study for Native Fish Establishment in McKittrick Creek, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas 2015-09-30
Synthesis of Measures for Controlling Invasive Mollusks at Hatcheries 2015-12-30
Life History of the Freckled Crayfish Cambarus maculatus in two Missouri Streams 2016-06-30
Development of standardized and validated methods for sampling freshwater mussels in Missouri: Evaluation of factors influencing capture probability, occupancy estimation, and community and population metrics using visual survey approaches. 2016-06-30
Investigating alewife population dynamics and parent-progeny-relationships in the Parker River towards determining landscape effects on productivity 2016-06-30
Resource selection and movements of mule deer and elk on the Jemez Pueblo 2017-03-31
Annual Evaluation and Development of Benchmarks for Lake Trout Suppression in Yelowstone Lake 2018-06-01
Innovative Approaches to Manage and Reduce Feral Hog Damage to Agronomic Systems, Woodlands, and Ecosystem Services 2015-09-15
Survey for Sensitive Species in Utah 2017-08-31
Utah Natural Heritage Program 2016-06-30
Environmental Determinants of Sex in Fishes: Endocrine Disruptors and Water Temperature 2016-09-30
Robust Redhorse Recovery and Habitat Restoration: Assessing Water Quality Stressors and Food Web Contaminant Dynamics 2017-12-30
Assessing the effects of the National Park Service predator and vehicle management practices on nesting shorebirds at Cape Hatteras National Seashore 2017-11-30
Impacts of Energy Production, Habitat Selection, and Population Size on Resource Selection, Survival, and Recruitment of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado 2018-08-30
Lesser Prairie-Chicken Response to USDA Conservation Practices In Kansas and Colorado 2017-09-30
Parasitemia, Health, and Reproduction in a Migratory Waterfowl 2015-12-30
Risk assessment of lead exposure by mottled ducks on the Texas Gulf Coast 2015-08-31
Development of Conservation and Climate Adaptation Strategies for wetlands in the Great Plains LCC Region 2015-08-15
Wildife response to the restoration of tall-grass prairie infested with L. cuneata 2017-12-30
Making decisions in complex landscapes: headwater stream management across multiple agencies 2016-05-01
Habitat use of sub-adult lake sturgeon in the Lower Wolf River, Wisconsin 2015-08-31
Demographics and habitat use of Greater Sage-Grouse in wildfire-affected habitats in Oregon. 2019-06-30
Commercial harvest influence on white sucker demographics 2016-08-01
Understanding the St Croix River Food Web 2018-01-01
Assessing flow ecology hypotheses with an emphasis on the Arbuckle Mountains 2016-05-31
CNH: Coupled Climate, Cultivation and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape. 2019-02-28
Movement, mortality, and habitat use of westslope cutthroat trout in the South Fork Clearwater River watershed 2015-12-31
Population dynamics of lake trout in Priest Lake, Idaho 2015-12-31
Sampling designs and population dynamics of burbot in the Green River system: tools for management 2018-12-31
Integrating adaptive management, resilience thinking and optimization 2015-12-31
Dynamics of resilience in complex adaptive systems 2017-12-31
Better soil for birds 2016-05-01
Bat movements across transforming landscapes 2018-06-30
Amphibian Occupancy, Functional Connectivity, and Resilience of Rainwater Basin Wetlands 2018-05-31
Long-Term Logan River Trout Viability Study and Monitoring 2021-09-30
FS: Cutthroat Population Conditions within the Logan Watershed 2017-06-06
FWS: Pyramid Lake Fishery Evaluation to evaluate Lahontan cutthroat trout performance and identify limiting factors for the native fish community 2019-12-31
BoR: Movement and Habitat Studies of Endangered Fishes in the Colorado River Basin 2015-09-30
CPCESU San Rafael Restoration Science 2017-09-17
Assessing Humboldt Marten Prey Availability and Predator Abundance in Advance of Population Restoration 2016-03-31
Assessing Migratory Avifauna Responses to Managed Land Use Practices in a Sagebrush/Grassland System 2017-09-01
Community ecology and resource use of fall migrating shorebirds in the Mississippi Alluvial valley and Gulf Coast 2015-09-30
Sage Grouse Genetics 2015-09-15
Grizzly Bear DNA Study 2015-12-31
Avian conservation in native and afforested habitats of north-central Uruguay 2017-05-15
Technical Guidance for the Implementation of the Rapid Ecoregional Assessment Program 2015-09-30
Influence of Energy Development on Non-Game Sagebrush Birds III 2017-12-31
Linking Habitat Features to Dissolved Oxygen and River Flow in the Lower Osage River, Missouri 2018-06-30
Conservation and Management of Missouri’s Mid-Sized Rivers: Development of Sampling Protocols and Application to Priority Watershed Rivers 2019-06-30
Assessment of Available Missouri Ecological Flow Data. 2016-06-30
A decision support mapper for conserving stream fish habitats of the Northeast Climate Science Center region 2016-06-30
Developing Measures of Vulnerability to Climate Change and Disturbance of Aquatic Communities in Heartland Network National Parks 2017-12-31
Grizzly Bear Population Status in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem 2015-12-31
Assessment of drought impacts on selected fish and wildlife species in the southwestern U.S. 2017-08-31
Ecology of swift fox in Nebraska 2018-12-01
The Gulf of Maine coastal ecosystem survey: an integrated, multidisciplinary effort to map biological hotspots in the waters of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts (Collaborators: C. Loftin, S. McKinney, A. McKnight, A. Allyn, J. Runge, MDIFW, UMass, USFWS, BRI) 2018-12-31
Of Pools and People: Small natural features with large ecosystem functions in urbanizing landscapes (Collaborators: A.Calhoun, M.Hunter, K. Bell, M. Kinnison, C. Loftin, K. Capps, D. Bauer, E. Nelson) 2019-12-31
Occurrence and variation in submersed aquatic vegetation along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico 2020-08-30
Snowshoe Hare Habitat Relationships in Response to Northern Forest Management 2015-12-31
Development of reference reaches for Missouri streams 2016-06-30
Avian Community Response in GTNP 2015-12-31
Sublette Moose Demography and Habitat Use 2016-12-31
Statewide Moose Habitat Project 2018-06-30
Trophic Resource Portfoilio 2015-08-31
Evaluating the Influence of Beetle Kill on Sierra Madre Elk 2019-06-30
Relating Mule Deer Corridors to Sage-Grouse Conservation 2015-11-30
Monitoring Elk Migrations with Remote Photography 2018-12-31
Columbia Spotted Frog Investigations 2016-12-31
Variation and plasticity and their interaction with urbanization in Guadalupe bass populations on and off the Edwards Plateau 2016-12-31
Assess genetic integrity, population status, and long-term viability of isolated populations of shoal bass in the upper Chattahoochee River 2017-12-15
Linking fish health, contaminants, and population dynamics of smallmouth bass populations in the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania 2017-04-30
Upper and Lower Redwood Creek Juvenile Salmon (Smolt) Abundance Project 2017-03-31
Prairie Creek Juvenile Salmonid (Smolt) Abundance Project 2017-03-31
Population viability and reclassification criteria of the listed population of Steller’s Eider in Alaska. 2016-08-15
Salmon in the Redwood Creek Basin 2016-03-31
Deer Density and recriutment 2016-05-31
Habitat decisions in altered landscapes: Behavioral and physiological consequences for long-distance migrants 2015-12-31
Carnivore Occupancy and Intraguild Interactions Across New York State 2020-03-31
Fall harvest rates of female wild turkeys in New York 2017-03-31
Development of Pecos assiminea (Assiminea pecos) monitoring methods and effects of habitat restoration on Pecos assiminea at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge 2015-09-30
Density of Pallid Sturgeon and Food Web Dynamics in the Missouri River 2017-12-31
Environmental and endogenous factors affecting egg quality and caviar yield in farmed sturgeon 2017-07-31
Small and meso mammals and forest community dynamics 2016-06-01
American marten population ecology and role in forest community dynamics 2018-06-01
Deer Hunter Attitudes 2016-12-31
Resource use of arctic peregrine falcons along the Colville River, Alaska 2015-12-31
Statewide evaluation of calcified structures used to estimate ages of largemouth bass and northern pike 2017-06-30
Mule Deer Fitness Nutrition 2016-12-31
Investigating Impacts of Winter Lake Drawdowns on Littoral Ecosystems 2019-12-31
A heads up view of aquatic ecosystem sustainability: understanding the terrestrial landscape scale impacts of urbanization on aquatic biota 2015-08-31
Deer abundance and its relationship to factors that affect forest vegetation conditions 2022-06-30
Long-term Changes in Marine Bird Populations of Prince William Sound, Alaska 2015-12-31
Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River 2019-01-31
Small Mammal (SGCN): The Influence of exotic grassland plants 2016-02-04
Alpine Habitat: Influence of Climate Change on Wildlife 2017-03-31
Wyoming Range Native Fish and Energy Development 2021-06-30
Burbot migration and movement: the impact of a managed flow regime 2015-12-31
Wyoming Migration Initiative 2021-06-30
Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project 2019-12-31
Stable Isotopes to Delineate Seasonal Range Use for Wyoming Ungulates 2019-06-30
Platte Valley Mule Deer Project 2018-06-30
Chinook and coho salmon productivity on the Unalakleet River 2016-12-30
Invertebrate Productivity in the Context of Climate Change 2015-09-21
Plum Island Ecosystems LTER 2018-06-30
Developing and Testing a Spatially-Explicit, Science-Based, Decision-Support Tool for Making Riverscape-Scale Management Decisions: How Dams and Culverts Affect a Threatened Native Stream Fish, the Neosho Madtom, and Select Tributary Fish Species 2019-02-28
Identifying Migratory Routes and Wintering Grounds of Burrowing Owls that Breed on DoD Installations in the Western U.S. 2020-09-29
South Carolina Alligator Adaptive Management Strategies: Population Dynamics, Habitat Utilization and Conservation Threats 2019-03-30
Development of decision analysis tools for controlling New Zealand mudsnails in fish hatcheries 2016-09-30
Effectiveness of Forest Restoration Treatments on Demography of a Federally Listed Ground Squirrel 2023-02-28
Research to advance conservation science through application of USGS GAP data 2015-12-01
Assessing the Importance of Wetlands on DoD Installations for the Persistence of Wetland-dependent Birds 2019-12-31
Settling dynamics of breeding ducks in the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region, 1987-2011 2015-12-31
Dynamics of wetland and grassland wetland ecosystems in the Northern Great Plains 2016-09-30
Evaluation of the James River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program 2016-12-31
Evaluating wetland-ecosystem health in the prairie pothole region of South Dakota using real-time nutrient dynamics of waterfowl 2016-06-30
RWO84 Golden eagle survey and monitoring strategy development 2015-09-30
Movement and habitat use of pallid sturgeon in the lower Mississippi River 2017-12-31
Estimating Breeding Populations of Canada Geese in the Midwest – A Model to Predict Canada Goose Breeding Pair Densities Using National Wetlands Inventory Data 2017-09-30
Sage Grouse Genetics 2016-09-15
Grizzly Bear Population Status in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem 2015-12-30
Vulnerability of Hawaiian forest birds to climate change 2016-06-30
Understanding the factors that influence outdoor residential water conservation: a case study in suburban Boston 2015-09-30
Impacts of Surface Water Supply Reservoirs on Stream Flow and Biota 2020-06-30
Landscape-scale management of forest wildlife populations in Wisconsin 2024-07-31
Landscape-scale management of grassland birds in Wisconsin 2022-04-04
Development of stream temperature models for selected Missouri streams 2016-06-30
Eastern Brown Pelicans: Dispersal, Seasonal Movements and Monitoring of PAHs and Contaminants in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 2019-11-30
Developing standard and efficient methods for sampling fish in Oklahoma streams 2016-12-31
Effects of forest management practices in the Acadian Northern Hardwood/Conifer Forests of Maine on forest bird communities, with emphasis on species of regional conservation priority and concern (Collaborators: D. harrison, P. Wood, C. Loftin) 2018-12-31
Assessing Priority Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Areas (PARCAs) and Vulnerability to Climate Change in the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (Collaborators: C. Loftin, P. deMaynadier, K. Barrett, P.Nanjappa) 2019-01-01
Decision Support for Public Alligator Harvesting in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina 2017-06-30
A Spatially Explicit Population Modeling Framework to Support Conservation Decision Making for Gopher Tortoises in Georgia 2017-06-30
Time-series Analysis for Monitoring Indicator Species 2015-08-31
Characterization of spatial and temporal variability in fishes in response to climate change 2017-08-31
Micro-habitat Characteristics of Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) Foraging Sites: Relating Structure, Composition and Soils to Habitat Identification, Conservation and Restoration Needs 2015-12-31
White-tailed Deer Impact and Vegetative Response in the Blue Ridge, Ridge and Valley and Appalachian Plateau of Virginia in Relation to Landscape and Land Ownership Characteristics 2015-12-31
Effects of Wetland Management Strategies on Habitat Use of Fall Migrating Rails on Intensively-Managed Wetland Complexes in Missouri 2016-05-31
The social-ecology of an intensively managed ecosystem: pheasants and pheasant hunters in Southwest Nebraska 2019-12-01
Population dynamics and reintroduction characteristics of Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico’s Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area 2015-09-30
Evaluating relationships between wetland quality, land use, and waterbirds in the Prairie Pothole Region 2015-08-31
The effects of cross-scale interactions on freshwater ecosystem state across space and time 2016-05-15
The demography of Northern Spotted Owls in Oregon and Washington 2023-09-30
Adélie penguin response to climate change at the individual, colony and metapopulation levels. 2020-04-14
Estimation of Wind Farm Mortality: Development of Super Population Approach to Estimate Cumulative Mortality from Carcass Surveys Accounting for Carcass Removal and Non-Detection 2016-09-30
Population Status of Carnivores 2016-08-08
Sicklefin Redhorse Ontogeny, Recruitment, and Priority Habitats in Regulated Rivers. 2017-06-30
Sea lamprey biology and interaction with Atlantic salmon in Maine rivers 2017-01-01
Regional effects of acid and aluminum exposure on Atlantic salmon juvenile development 2016-01-01
Salinity tolerance and the physiology of seawater entry in downstream migrating Atlantic salmon smolts 2016-01-01
Offshore Wind Energy Technology, Environmental Impacts, and Policy 2016-09-01
Understanding downstream migratory survival of Atlantic salmon smolts in the Penobscot River Maine; effects of dams and restoration 2020-09-01
Dam removals in Sedgeunkedunk Stream and the Penobscot River– changes in resident and migratory communities 2017-01-01
Passage of adult Atlantic salmon in the Penobscot River before and after dam removal 2022-01-01
Research and Applications in Support of the National Gap Analysis Program 2016-09-30
Factors influencing native aquatic plant revegetation success for enhanced sport fish habitat in North Carolina Piedmont reservoirs 2016-06-30
Stocked trout survival, behavior, and ecology in North Carolina streams 2015-12-31
A comprehensive examination of endocrine disrupting compounds and intersex fish in North Carolina water bodies. 2016-06-30
Web-Accessible Database of Standard Fish Sampling Data 2022-12-31
Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes 2022-10-30
Habitat Requirements of Larval and Adult Desert Fishes in Cherry Creek, Arizona: Implications for Water Rights Litigation 2016-10-31
Regulating Services as Measures of Ecological Resilience on DoD Lands 2015-09-30
Regeneration of Forest Vegetation in Response to Browsing by Moose and Deer: An Experimental Approach Using Exclosures 2027-12-31
Predicting effects of climate change on native fishes in northern Great Plains streams 2015-09-30
Ecology of Urban and Rural Black Bears in Massachusetts 2015-12-31
Cheat Lake Biomonitoring Study 2015-12-01
Reintroduction of Whooping Cranes to Louisiana 2016-12-15
Migration Corridors and Landscape Connectivity Project 2018-06-30
The effectiveness of the Greater Sage-Grouse as an umbrella for non-game sagebrush SGCN 2018-06-30
Determining Ripeness in White Sturgeon Females to Maximize Yield and Quality of Caviar 2017-03-31
Mapping Biodiveristy Metrics 2015-12-31
Responses of large mammals to forest restoration treatments in the southwest Jemez Mountains, New Mexico 2020-09-30
Amphibian use of wetland-limited landscapes (Collaborator: A.J.K. Calhoun, UMaine) 2016-12-31
Pollination Security for Fruit and Vegetable Crops in the Northeast (collaborative project with Frank Drummond, Aaron Hoshide, Sam Hanes, Alison Dibble at UMaine) 2019-05-31
Development of a spatially explicit growth model for larval pallid sturgeon 2015-12-31
Using a Mechanistic Model to Develop Management Strategies to Cool Apache Trout Streams under the Threat of Climate Change 2019-10-01
Enhancing Hatch Rate and Survival in Laboratory-Reared Hybrid Devils Hole Pupfish through Application of Antibiotics to Eggs and Larvae 2016-12-31
Using Remote Videography to Investigate Relationships Between Environmental Conditions and Spawning Behavior in Devils Hole Pupfish 2017-12-31
Assessment of Stonecat (Noturus flavus) populations in the Missisquoi and LaPlatte rivers of Vermont 2016-09-30
Assessing endangered marsh rabbit and woodrat habitat use and feral cat population dynamics using photographic, video, and RFID capture-recapture data 2016-07-31
Evaluating Dynamics of Grassland and Wetland Ecosystems in the Northern Great Plains 2015-12-31
Temporal and spatial patterns of raptor nest occupancy in areas of CBM 2015-08-15
Status and distribution of black bears in east-central and northeastern Oklahoma 2016-06-30
Evaluation of northern bobwhite in western Oklahoma 2017-07-31
Predicting Migratory Bird Responses to Climate Change: 2017-12-31
Estimation of black bear densities in New Mexico using noninvasive genetic analyses 2016-12-31
Distribution and habitat selection/space use of migratory and resident golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in areas with high potential for wind energy development in New Mexico 2016-12-30
Connecticut River Migratory Fish 2018-06-30
Ecology of Smith's Longspurs in Northern Alaska 2015-12-30
Environmental Effect on Harbor Seal Movement & Resource Selection 2017-06-30
Linking resources selection to population dynamics of Mule Deer in Idaho 2016-09-30
Building USGS Capacity in Modeling: a Collaboration among the Colorado Cooperative Research Unit, the Alaska Science Center, and the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center 2015-08-31
Wisconsin's wildlife and a changing climate 2023-09-30
Evaluating the influence of climate and predation on the survival of Rocky Mountain Elk: A regional synthesis across northwestern states. 2016-04-30
Effects of Climate Change on Structure and Function of the High Priority Ecosystem: Trophic Interactions and Population Trajectories in a Montane Riparian Ecosystem". Dated October 27, 2008 2017-12-31
Predicting the effects on endangered mussels from incremental decreases in minimum flows 2015-12-31
Projected effects of climate-induced vegetation changes on caribou (Rangifer tarandus) energetics in northern Alaska 2016-09-30
Quantifying the impacts of climate change on fish growth and production to enable sustainable management of diverse inland fisheries 2022-08-31
TO 2003 Quantitative Assessment of Pelagic Fishes in Colorado Reservoirs 2022-06-30
Intrusion of bigheaded carps into major oxbow lakes of the Lower Mississippi River 2022-06-30
UDWR: A Multi-faceted Reconstruction of the Population Structure and Life History Expressions of a Remnant Metapopulation of Bonneville Cutthroat Trout 2020-05-15
Chinook salmon passage and recovery on the Willamette River 2021-05-31
Physiological Performance of Native and Invasive Northern Pike: Implications for Barrier Design in Invaded Systems 2022-12-30
Integrating spatial data for predicting the influence of altered hydrologic and thermal conditions on fish assemblage traits and taxa across stream flow regimes 2024-06-11
Examining Effects of Invasive Crayfish and Drought on Faxonius marchandi, an Ozark-endemic Petitioned Crayfish 2024-08-15
Effect of current and future climate on Endangered Yellowcheek Darter (Etheostoma moorei) growth, survival and refuge use 2023-09-11
Hydrologic alteration and geomorphic instability in the Illinois River Watershed and potential impacts on mussel SGCN and associated fish communities 2022-04-01
Early Life History Metabolism in AtlanticS almon 2022-12-31
. Greater prairie-chicken response to natural and anthropogenic disturbance on Fort Riley 2020-12-30
Changing Fish Communities in the Penobscot River After Dam Removal. 2022-12-31
Spatial ecology and resource selection by female lesser prairie-chickens within their home ranges and during dispersal 2019-09-01
Lesser prairie-chicken and grassland response to intensive wildfire in the mixed-grass prairie 2020-09-30
Ring-necked pheasant survival, nest habitat use, and predator occupancy in Kansas spring cover crops 2020-06-30
Ring-necked pheasant population and space use response to landscapes including spring cover crops. 2020-06-30
Network analyses of inland, depressional wetlands of the Great Plains 2019-05-15
Landscape patterns contributing to lek establishment and morphometrics of attending lesser prairie-chickens 2021-12-31
Dispersal, reproductive success, and habitat use by translocated lesser prairie-chickens 2021-12-31
Translocation of the lesser prairie-chicken to the Sand Sagebrush Prairie Ecoregion 2021-05-31
Fawn survival and bed-site selection of mule deer and white-tailed deer in western Kansas 2022-12-31
Early Detection and Rapid Response to the African Walking Catfish in Puerto Rico: Identification and Removal of a Threat to Endemic Species and Minimizing Risk to Continental U.S. Expansion 2021-03-31
Angler responses to state management stocking 2022-12-30
Population characteristics of three important commercial fish species in Tennessee: Skipjack Herring, Smallmouth Buffalo, and Silver Carp 2022-12-30
Phenology and habitat use of larval Percina in the upper Roanoke River basin – Phase 2 2020-05-31
The development of integrated adaptive management for restoration of freshwater-estuarine ecosystems 2021-04-17
Evaluating efficacy of agricultural BMPs in the upper Clinch, Powell, and Holston river drainages 2021-06-01
Resource selection and activity patterns of female mule deer and white-tailed deer in western Kansas. 2022-12-31
Avian community change across time, elevations, and latitudes 2022-05-15
Mapping and conserving big game migration in Wyoming 2022-07-23
Evaluating the Influence of Wind Energy on the Movement, Distribution, and Habitat Quality of Pronghorn 2021-12-31
BoR & NPS: Efficacy of conservation actions for native fishes in tributaries of the Colorado River, Grand Canyon 2021-05-30
Changes in forest composition through time due to charcoal production for the iron industry, tree harvest, and deer browse 2021-09-30
Effects of Tile Drainage on Restored Oxbows as Habitat for Endangered Topeka Shiners and other Biota 2021-12-31
An Index of Oxbow Restoration Quality for Topeka Shiners Based on the Fish Assemblage 2021-12-31
Snowshoe hare habitat relationships in response to prescribed burn and northern forest management 2021-12-31
Guiding Present and Future Native Fish Restoration Using a Strategic Planning Process, Literature Synthesis, Database Analysis, Landowner Outreach, Field Protocol Development/Testing, and Adaptive Management 2024-06-30
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BoR: Hydrologic controls on abundance and distribution of the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow in the Middle Rio Grande 2021-09-30
Habitat Suitability for Gila Chub Reintroduction in the Upper San Francisco River Drainage 2023-12-31
Unintended fragmentation: fish community impacts and conservation implications of the Piute Farms Waterfall on the San Juan River. 2020-12-31
Assessing the impact of nutrient enrichment in the Henry’s Fork Headwaters 2023-05-01
Evaluations of Yellow Perch spawning and water level fluctuations for Cheat Lake, West Virginia 2020-08-31
Corridor H stream monitoring project 2022-05-31
Ungulate Migrations of the Wind River Indian Reservation 2021-12-31
Ohio River Asian Carp Program 2021-01-31
Modeling and Optimization to Advance Decision-making for Trust and At-risk Species 2022-03-31
Development of a long-term paddlefish monitoring program on the Ohio River in West Virginia 2021-12-31
Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish Population Demographics, Habitat Use, and Movement in the Robert C. Byrd Pool of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers 2021-12-31
A survey of current distributions for Wyoming crayfishes 2021-06-30
Drought, water availability, and the implications for fish 2021-07-31
Quantifying secretive marshbird habitat use across the full annual cycle: a meta-analysis 2021-06-30
Coordinating Aquatic Conservation Tools to Connect Priority Geographies and Guide Landscape-Level Conservation 2023-06-30
Developing Adaptation Strategies and Replacement Costs for Recreational and Tribal Fisheries 2021-09-30
Habitat Selection and Quality of Wood Frogs in the Bighorn Mountains 2022-06-30
Full life-cycle effects of natural gas development on sagebrush-obligate songbirds 2022-06-30
Habitat attributes of northern long-eared bat maternity roosts in Wyoming 2020-12-31
Assessing effects of anthropogenic and climate-induced change on health of coastal ecosystems. 2022-12-31
Assessing the Biotic Community of Wetland Reserve Program Restorations in Western Kentucky and Tennessee 2022-06-30
Evaluating the role of Wetland Reserve Program easements in providing for multiple ecosystem functions 2022-06-30
Agent-based modeling of movements and habitat selection of mid-continent mallards 2021-01-30
Mitigating emerging disease impacts in fisheries: adaptive strategies to ensure a safe, healthy seafood supply 2021-12-31
Benefit-cost Analysis for the Threatened and Endangered Species Program of the Bureau of Land Management 2021-07-31
Statistical support for long-term natural resource monitoring 2023-10-31
Comparing recruitment estimation methods for age-1 Atlantic Sturgeon in the Altamaha River, GA from 2008-2020 2021-08-30
Assessing Actively Poached Galax Populations to Inform Restoration and Law Enforcement 2021-12-31
Effects of Drought on Seed Germination and Biomass Allocation in Seedlings of Bottomland Hardwood Trees 2021-06-01
NSF: Unifying mathematical and statistical approaches for modeling animal movement and resource selection 2020-07-30
RWO 70 - Research, Education, and Training in the Proper Application of Species Distribution and Habitat Models to the Management and Conservation of Plant and Animal Species 2020-09-30
Chronic Wasting Disease management in the Midwest 2023-08-31
The development and evaluation of monitoring protocols to inform water resource decision making 2021-09-30
Integrating monitoring, modeling, and management for amphibian conservation in the western United States 2021-09-30
Changes in stream fish distribution and occurrence in seven National Park Service units of the Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network 2022-12-31
Strategies for climate-ready fishing communities: optimal fishing portfolios for changing ocean ecosystems 2022-02-01
Restoring fish community resilience to support ecosystem stability in the Great Lakes: Cisco restoration in Keuka Lake 2024-04-01
Assessing the value of prior and novel information in managing a mixed-stock recreational Chinook Salmon fishery 2021-06-30
Adaptively Manageing Instream Flows for Ecological Needs 2020-08-31
Effects of conifer expansion and removal on songbird abundances and reproductive success in high-elevation sagebrush of Southwestern Montana 2024-08-31
Estimating Elk Abundance and Herd Demographics 2023-06-30
Refining Survey Efforts and Distributional Modeling for the Endangered Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel 2020-12-31
Coastal Bat Migration 2021-06-30
Determining the consequences of land management actions on fish population dynamics and distributions 2025-05-31
Seasonal Movement of Roundtail Chub in the Blacks Fork Drainage 2022-06-30
Sediment and fisheries: An assessment to inform sediment management practices at Wyoming dams 2022-06-30
Evaluating the effects of Brook Stickleback on native nongame fishes 2022-05-30
Trophic ecology of Walleyes in Lake Pend Oreille 2022-05-31
Research on Data Integration 2022-12-31
Assessing the Fish Community in the Chehalis River with Occupancy Models 2021-06-30
Long-term Seabird Monitoring Data Analysis to Update Channel Islands National Park Seabird Inventory & Monitoring Program and Inform Management and Conservation 2024-06-30
Threats, flows, and ecology: modelling and decision tools to support recovery of listed and at-risk species in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River Basin. 2021-09-30
A structured decision making rapid prototyping workshop to incorporate stakeholder and expert opinion for evaluation of water management actions to reduce incidental take of listed freshwater mussels and Gulf Sturgeon in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River basin in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. 2021-09-30
Impacts of PFAS Contaminants on Oyster Health and Food Safety. 2022-09-30
Exploring mechanisms underlying the persistence of Yellowstone cutthroat trout despite hybridization in the North Fork Shoshone River drainage 2021-06-30
TO 2002 Field Examination of Wastewater Treatment Effluent Thermal Regimes and Effects on Reproduction of Johnny Darter Etheostoma Nigrum 2022-06-30
Bighorn sheep respiratory disease monitoring 2022-09-30
Developing capture techniques and monitoring the movement of sandhill cranes breeding in Iowa 2021-12-31
Effects of forest management on early-successional avian species in South Carolina 2021-05-31
Wetlands of Nebraska: an outreach and education project 2022-12-31
Early Detection and Rapid Response: Choosing Monitoring Targets to Promote Management Effectiveness 2021-09-30
Evaluating Sea Duck Detectability in the Puget Sound Winter Ambient Monitoring Program 2023-05-31
Monitoring, Mapping and Risk Assessment and Management of Invasive Species in Nebraska 2024-12-31
Response of Bachman's Sparrow to habitat management 2021-12-31
Monitoring of rock gnome lichen populations 2021-05-31
Variation of Chronology of Wild Turkey Gobbling in the Upstate of South Carolina 2021-12-31
Phylogeography of the masked bobwhite 2020-12-31
Fish habitat restoration to promote adaptation: resilience of sport sh in lakes of the Upper Midwest 2023-08-31
Diet composition of invasive Flathead Catfish in the Susquehanna River Basin: quantifying impacts on native and migratory fishes and recreational fisheries 2022-01-31
Avian abundance and use patterns in fields of Mississippi managed for the mourning dove: a multi-scale approach 2022-06-30
Quantifying the Roles of Changing Watershed Conditions and Biotic Interactions in Structuring Pennsylvania Stream Fish Communities 2022-01-31
Modeling bald and golden eagle and other raptor populations and take rates 2023-01-01
Modeling Species at Risk to Support Species Status Assessments in the Southeast 2020-12-31
Migration ecology of North American Turkey Vultures Cathartes aura wintering in the Neotropics: spatial and population dynamics 2020-12-31
Association of Flow Regime with Fish and Invertebrate Assemblages in Caribbean Streams and Rivers 2020-09-15
Birdsbesafe: Is a novel cat collar more effective at stopping domestic cats from killing birds at higher latitudes? 2022-02-01
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NSF Arctic LTER: Climate Change and Changing Disturbance Regimes in Arctic Landscapes: LAKES 2020-02-28
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Utah State Lands: Improving the success rate of beaver translocation efforts to benefit stream management and restoration on public lands. 2022-09-30
BoR: Understanding and Quantifying Fish Movement, Habitat Use, and Survival Through Innovative PIT Tag Technology 2024-09-30
Control of sucker spawning migrations in a major tributary of the Gunnison River to increase the production of native sucker larvae 2021-09-30
Genomic & Phenotypic Links 2023-12-31
Modeling Tree Growth 2021-09-30
Evaluating the status and distributions of bats in WNS-free areas using data from the North American Bat Monitoring Program: acoustic data processing and analysis (RWO122) 2021-12-31
Spring and fall stopover food resources and land use patterns for Rocky Mountain Population Sandhill Cranes in the San Luis Valley, Colorado (RWO121) 2023-09-30
Integrated Population Model for Black Bears in Maine 2021-05-31
Spatial Optimization of Invasive Species Management in New York 2020-08-30
Capture-recapture meets big data: integrating statistical classification with ecological models of species abundance and occurrence 2022-04-01
Spatial Risk Mapping: A Tool to Plan and Implement Human- Andean Bear Conflict Mitigation in Ecuador 2022-05-30
Conservation and management of Andean bears from regional to local scales: occupancy, density, connectivity, and threats 2020-05-15
The next frontier in bioacoustics: modeling sound attenuation and individual space usage to estimate density of animal populations 2021-12-31
Living with Leopards: Implications of human-leopard interaction on food security and public health in the foothills of the Himalayas 2022-09-01
Estimating mortality of Lake Sturgeon in the Lake Winnebago system using traditional age-based approaches and capture-recapture models 2022-07-30
Developing an automated system for screening wildlife trail ... 2019-08-31
Ecology, habitat use, and impacts of wind energy on burrowin... 2021-09-30
Wood Turtle Ecology on Army Installations 2020-12-31
Fox Squirrel Presence and Distribution in Eastern Virginia 2021-12-31
Minnesota residents’ attitudes toward wolves & wolf management 2020-06-30
Assessing attitudes toward chronic wasting disease 2021-06-30
Evaluation of natural and hatchery-produced kokanee in Flaming Gorge Reservoir 2020-06-30
Impacts of winter lake drawdowns on downstream flows and stream ecosystems 2021-08-31
Environmental factors controlling juvenile river herring productivity and emigration 2022-05-31
Exploring assumptions of community occupancy models in stream systems 2023-05-15
Influence of Flow Regime and Land Use on Food Web Dynamics in Streams 2022-05-15
Effects of flow regime and habitat on fish assemblage structure 2022-05-15
Exploring Louisiana's oyster populations: examining unique populations' tolerances to salinity 2021-06-30
Using parentage analysis to investigate the spawning and recruitment dynamics of walleye in Northern Wisconsin 2021-06-30
Using hydrophones to survey for underwater calling frogs 2021-12-15
Spawning Characteristics and an Assessment of Juvenile Sampling Methods and Habitat for Mountain Whitefish in the Green River, Wyoming 2022-06-30
Efficacy of the Nature-like Fish Bypass Channel at Huntley Diversion Dam, Yellowstone River, Montana 2022-03-31
Using Carcass and Carcass-Analog Material to Increase Lake T... 2020-12-31
Quantifying Brown Trout and Lake Trout predation on Burbot and Mountain Whitefish 2023-06-30
Enhancing survival and condition of first feeding larval pallid sturgeon through diet 2022-12-31
Glade restoration and conservation management of Eastern Collared Lizards in Northern Arkansas 2022-03-01
Estimating the spatial and temporal extent of snowpack properties in complex terrain: Leveraging novel data to adapt wildlife and habitat management practices to climate change 2022-09-30
Nest ecology of bluebirds across land cover types 2024-10-01
Body Condition Index of Overwintering Mallards in Arkansas 2022-05-15
Nesting ecology of songbirds along an urban to rural gradient 2023-09-14
Population demography and connectivity of Spotted Turtles on an urban military installation 2020-08-30
Project Snapshot: USA 2020-12-31
Assessing occurrence and effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on Loggerhead Shrike body condition, immunocompetence, survival, and reproduction 2023-06-30
Summarizing Current Knowledge of the Factors Influencing Juvenile Salmonid Susceptibility to Avian Predation in the Columbia River Basin 2020-06-30
Integrating Data Sources to Characterize Demographic Responses of Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead to Threats and Management Actions 2023-05-31
Evaluating and Mitigating the Effects of Brown Treesnakes on Guam's Birds 2023-01-31
Pre- and Post-Treatment Monitoring on Working Lands for Wildlife and Regional Conservation Partnership Program Sites in West Virginia 2021-03-01
Incorporating Structured Decision Making and Alternative Sources of Data into Management of White-tailed Deer in Georgia 2022-06-30
Improving and Field Testing Novel Methods to Estimate White-tailed Deer Density Using Camera Traps 2021-09-30
Support tool for fisheries management 2021-07-31
Asian carp in the Tennessee River system 2021-07-31
Development of eDNA metabarcoding methods for freshwater mussels 2021-08-31
Historical and contemporary genetic diversity of coregonus species from Lake Michigan 2020-09-30
Developing a DNA-based tool to estimate the number of salmon consumed by piscivores in the Sacramento Delta 2020-09-30
Development of a genetic marker panel for Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idella) to better understand reproducing populations in Lake Erie tributaries 2020-06-30
Combining genetics, otolith microchemistry, and vital rate estimation to inform restoration and management of fish populations in the UMRS 2021-12-31
Using genomics to delineate stock structure and create a standardized genetic resource for Great Lakes walleye 2020-12-31
Nearshore Ecosystem Glacier Bay 2024-07-31
Evaluating striped bass exploitation in the Arkansas River basin 2022-12-31
Determining crayfish invasion potential across the landscape 2023-12-31
Using genomics to improve stock structure resolution and assess recruitment dynamics of Lake Whitefish in Lake Michigan 2020-12-31
Developing a high-throughput marker panel for lake sturgeon to standardize analyses across the Great Lakes 2020-12-31
Using genomics to improve stock structure resolution and assess recruitment dynamics of Lake Whitefish in Lake Michigan 2021-08-31
An interdisciplinary approach to building data literacy in wildlife survey technologies 2020-12-31
Determining spawning locations of Green Bay walleyes 2021-06-30
Strategies for reducing the vulnerability of grassland birds to climate change within the Central Flyway 2022-01-31
Ecology of breeding canvasbacks in southwestern Manitoba 2021-08-31
Western Gulf Coast Population of Mottled Ducks Banding Needs Assessment 2021-09-30
Movements and overwinter survival of juvenile Red Knots in Southeast US: Information needs for recovery planning 2024-12-31
Colonial Nesting Wading Bird Tracking and Habitat Use Assessment 2024-08-29
Estimating detection and occupancy coefficients for the Pacific Islands coral reef fish species 2020-06-30
Assessing fish habitat and population dynamics of fisheries resources at Kaloko Fishpond 2020-08-31
Contributions of hatchery fish to tailwater trout fisheries 2021-06-30
Red-headed woodpecker: indicators of oak savanna health 2021-06-30
Minnesota trumpeter swan migration ecology and conservation 2023-06-30
Comparison of age and growth parameters of Flathead Catfish in invasive and native populations: A meta-analysis with implications for invasive species management in Pennsylvania 2020-01-31
Effects of commercial harvest on freshwater turtle populations 2021-12-31
Assessing abundance of centrarchids and juvenile Yellow Perch in northern Wisconsin lakes with different Walleye recruitment histories 2021-12-31
A Comprehensive Framework for Monitoring and Adaptively Managing Deer Harvest in North Dakota 2022-06-30
Rainwater Basin Science Coordination 2020-12-31
Estimating population size and demographic parameters for Rio Grande Sucker and Rio Grande Chub at Baca National Wildlife Refuge 2024-07-31
Research and development of a predictive model for Ceratonova shasta waterborne parasites in support of Klamath River water management decisions and the Klamath Basin Stream Salmonid Simulator (S3 Model) 2023-09-30
Juvenile rearing distribution of threatened coho salmon at habitat restoration sites on the Hoopa reservation 2022-08-31
Strategic Bat Conservation and Recovery in Nebraska and Wyoming 2022-01-31
Monitoring black bear populations 2021-05-30
Determining the vulnerability of wolves to harvest 2021-05-30
Angler behavior in response to management actions on Nebraska reservoirs -- Part 3 2023-12-31
Development and testing of low-cost GPS collar systems for livestock using commercial off-the-shelf parts 2021-09-30
Integrating satellite and field measures for improved grazingland management at ranch scales 2021-09-30
Transmission of Bacterial Kidney Disease in CO Greenback Cutthroat Trout 2022-06-30
Rocky Mountain Elk Recruitment & Habitat 2022-03-30
Biotic and abiotic factors influencing population dynamics of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout and Utah Chubs in Henrys Lake, Idaho 2021-12-31
Catch-and-release mortality in Idaho steelhead fisheries 2021-12-31
Production of wild Bonneville Cutthroat Trout in Bear Lake: evaluation of a harvest fishery 2021-12-31
Comparison of standard and eDNA methods for estimating Chinook Salmon smolt abundance in the Klamath River (CA) 2020-04-30
Elk demography, movements and habitat selection in the Mexican wolf recovery area in Arizona and New Mexico 2023-06-30
Spring and fall stopover food resources and land use patterns for RMP Sandhill Cranes in the San Luis Valley, CO 2022-12-31
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Life history, habitat use, and genetic uniqueness of the longnose darter Percina nasuta (S1) in Missouri 2020-06-30
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Tracking Atlantic and Caribbean Seabirds 2020-12-31
Applying downscaled climate projections to inform decisions 2019-06-30
Advancing Use and Application of Diverse Data Sources and Species Distribution Models. 2018-09-30
Optimal Sampling of Animal Communities. 2019-09-30
NRCS Habitat Enhancement and Best Practices Program: opportunities to maximize the presence of pollinators and the positive impact of the program on natural resources and coffee growers. 2018-12-31
National Biogeographic Analysis & Synthesis 2019-09-30
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Characterizing Uncertainty in Changing Precipitation Regimes for Ecological and Hydrological Applicaitons in the Southeast and the Caribbean US. 2021-08-31
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Sustainable restoration of Dauphin Island, Alabama: Phase III 2018-05-31
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Quantifying temperature and metabolic patterns for non-game riverine fishes, with potential for assessing fish tolerances below dams 2018-12-31
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Head-Starting as a Recovery Strategy for the Desert Tortoise 2021-12-31
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Interactive Effects of Flow Regime, Climate Change, and Angler Harvest on Smallmouth Bass at the Southern Range Extent 2017-08-15
Flow-ecology relationships and environmental flows assessmen... 2020-03-31
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Ecosystem services in the Roanoke River basin 2019-11-30
Assessment of the dynamics and biotic impacts of fine sediment to assist conservation of stream fishes in the Dan and Roanoke river basins 2020-11-30
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Farm Bill conservation practice (BMP) efficacy in mitigating livestock impacts in the Copper Creek watershed 2020-02-28
Food Web Interactions Among Walleye, Lake Whitefish, and Yellow Perch in Green Bay, Lake Michigan 2020-01-21
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I80 Pronghorn 2021-06-30
DWR: Developing Distribution Models for Select Wildlife Species in Utah 2021-06-30
Development of an eDNA protocol for detecting candy, variegate, and Kanawha darters 2019-12-31
BLM & BoR: Innovative and Adaptive Desert River Restoration 2022-06-30
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Technical Assistance to Georgia DNR for Nongame Bird Monitoring and Research 2020-09-30
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Human Dimensions of Wildlife Research Associate 2020-06-30
Potential for conservation lands in Middle Mississippi River 2021-09-30
Habitat use and distribution of gravel spawning fishes 2020-06-30
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Evaluation of Striped Bass stocking in Bull Shoals Lake 2023-06-30
Salinity adaptation in the ichthyotoxic golden alga 2019-06-30
Effects of Glyphosate-Based Herbicide, Roundup, on Harmful Golden Alga (Prymnesium parvum) Growth 2018-06-30
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OA 84: Urban Raptors 2018-06-12
OA 74: Bird and Bat Environmental Study for the Experimental... 2020-09-30
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TPW 40: Assessing Distribution and Occupancy Patterns of Riparian Avifauna in the Trans Pecos Region of Texas 2020-08-31
Research and Monitoring of Wyoming Toad Reintroductions: Linking Survival, Behavior and Genetics to Inform Species Recovery 2021-07-31
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Natural-Ecological and Socio-Political Factors Influencing Urban Forest Management in Massachusetts 2019-12-31
The Ecological Value of Spruce Plantations in Massachusetts 2019-12-31
Assessing Hunter Values, Expectations, and Satisfaction Regarding Controlled White-Tailed Deer Hunts in Suburban Eastern Massachusetts 2019-12-31
Estimating Black Bear Density, Abundance, and Source-Sink Dynamics in Massachusetts 2020-06-30
Modeling Black Bear Habitat Use, Movement, and Connectivity in Massachusetts 2019-12-31
Massachusetts Residents' Attitudes Toward Black Bears and Black Bear Management 2019-12-31
Conservation status and genetic management of imperiled species along the US-Mexico border 2018-06-30
Working with rural students to document swift fox on Nebraska Ranches 2018-07-01
Use and satisfaction of public hunting opportunities 2018-12-01
Climatic constraints on bobwhite quail populations along their northern extent 2019-12-01
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Managing Red Cedar Invasion of Nebraska Grasslands- Part I 2021-01-31
Invasion, Cost-share, and Private Landowners: Resolving the Challenges of Scale with Managing Juniperus Virginiana on Nebraska's Rangelands 2018-12-31
Implementing the North American Bat Monitoring Program Through Citizen Science in Nebraska 2018-11-30
Global Change, Vulnerability and Resilience: Management Options for an Uncertian Future 2019-01-31
Generation Novelty in Complex Systems 2019-12-31
Evaluating Wetland Condition Across Nebraska 2018-08-31
Modeling with long-term datasets to inform management of National Park grasslands 2018-12-31
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Program 2019-12-31
Monitoring, Mapping and Risk Assessment and Management of Invasive Species in Nebraska 2019-12-31
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Tayra occupancy and carnivore co-occurrence dynamics in the Ecuadorian Andes 2018-09-30
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Wildlife Monitoring in the U.S. National Parks with Cell Phones 2023-09-30
YY-Male Brook Trout as an Eradication Tool of Wild Brook Trout Populations in New Mexico 2022-06-30
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Farmed and CREP Wetland Amphibian Populations in the Des Moines Lobe of Central Iowa 2016-12-31
Deterrence of Asian Carp in the UMR 2019-05-01
Evaluation of Controls, Impacts and Behaviors of Asican Carp in the Lower UMR 2019-10-01
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Boreal Aquatic Ecosystem Vulnerability to Fire and Climate Change 2022-05-31
Genetic and landscape level threat assessments and status review of the Candy Darter (Etheostoma osburni) 2020-08-31
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Changed in patterns of estuarine use by diadromous fishes such as American shad and American Eel 2019-12-31
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Flow-ecology relationships of Red River stream fishes 2019-05-15
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Coop Unit Administrative Support from CPW 2022-06-30
Development of eDNA metabarcoding methods to identify invasive species and examine community structure 2020-06-30
Fire refugia in late-successional forests: Predicting habitat persistence to support land management in an era of rapid global change 2021-06-30
Greater Sage Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) Response to Habitat Restoration Efforts in the Devils Garden Plateau of Northern California and Southern Oregon 2020-12-31
Genetic assessment of Boardman River fish populations prior to dam removal 2020-08-31
Using genomic tools to investigate adaptive diversity in great lakes cisco 2019-12-31
Barred owls in the Pacific Northwest: using an experimental removal project to understand predator-prey interactions of a non-native raptor. 2021-08-14
Temperature and Winter Duration Requirements for Reproductive Success in Johnny Darter, Etheostoma nigrum (Percidae), in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado 2021-06-30
Response of Greater Prairie-Chickens to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbance on Fort Riley 2021-12-31
Rapid assessment of geographic distribution and habitat conditions of the critically endangered Puerto Rico Sharp-shinned Hawk Accipiter striatus venator following Hurricane Maria 2018-12-30
A GIS-based rapid assessment of geographic distribution and habitat conditions of the endangered Puerto Rico Plain Pigeon Patagioneas inornata wetmorei after Hurricane Maria 2018-12-30
A rapid assessment method to estimate the distribution of juvenile Chinook salmon in an interior Alaska river basin 2016-08-30
The Maine Geospatial Institute--A statewide collaboration for workforce development, education, and research to facilitate economic growth 2020-12-31
Using the submerged aquatic vegetation likelihood of occurrence model to inform restoration 2019-05-14
Development of monitoring and adaptive management plans for restoring the gulf coast 2019-02-14
Blue Sucker movement and population demographics in rivers of the southern plains 2018-08-30
Assessing the spawning movement and habitat needs of riverine Neosho smallmouth bass 2019-12-31
Assessing the distribution and habitat needs of the least darter and sympatric species of the Ozark Highlands and Arbuckle Mountain ecoregions 2020-09-30
Movement and flow-recruitment relationships of Prairie Chubs: an endemic Great Plains cyprinid 2021-06-30
Effects of sucker gigging on riverine fish populations 2023-12-31
Assessing the effects of Stocked Rainbow Trout on Native Fishes 2021-08-01
Development of predictive models for identifying priority Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Coastal North America migratory stopover areas used by Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus plexippus). 2020-12-31
Identification, characterization, and threat assessment of groundwater dependent ecosystems in the northeastern United States with an integrated GIS- and field survey-based approach 2023-09-30
Laying the groundwork for science-based management of colonial waterbirds 2020-12-31
Literature review and meta-analysis of rights-of-way management for native insect pollinators with focus on application in Maine and the northeastern U.S. 2020-12-31
Estimating population size of Sicklefin Redhorse in the Hiwassee River system 2019-06-30
Assess the recovery of westslope cutthroat trout and Arctic ... 2021-06-30
Preliminary analysis of paddlefish data from the Missouri River above Ft. Peck Reservoir with a focus on population abundance and survival 2019-06-30
Habitat use and survival of Columbian Black-tailed deer in Western Oregon 2020-12-31
Bull Trout Emigration Study 2021-12-31
Quantifying spawning locations and habitat use by adult lake trout in Swan Lake, Montana 2022-10-31
Spawning readiness, spawning location(s), and habitat use of pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River above Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana 2020-06-30
Wetland management impacts to Pecos sunflower (Helianthus paradoxus), Wrightâ¿¿s marsh thistle (Cirsium wrightii) and Leoncita false-foxglove (Agalinis calycina). 2021-06-30
Managing Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands For Sustainability in the Face of Sea Level Rise 2020-11-30
Assessment of angler use and catch during 2018 at Sutherland Reservoir, Nebraska 2019-01-31
Public Opinions of Native Fishes in the Black Hills 2019-09-30
Dwarf Wedgemussel Propagation and Restoration in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern US 2021-05-31
Restoring Aquatic Habitats through Dam Removal 2020-06-30
Conservation of the Kirtland's Warbler 2019-09-30
Biological Evaluation of Federally Funded Erosion Control Measures in Mississippi Streams 2021-07-31
Demography of Black-footed and Laysan Albatross: Kilaua Point & Tern Island Populations 2020-09-30
Impacts of translocation on a cooperatively breeding bird in Ocala National Forest 2020-06-30
Overwintering survival of shorebirds on Florida's Panhandle 2020-12-31
Habitat Suitability Development for Fishes of the Middle Verde River 2022-09-30
Moose Ecology, State of Colorado 2019-06-30
Large Mammal Predator-Prey modeling dynamics 2019-07-01
Black Bears & Bobcats Integrated Population Models 2018-12-31
Conservation finance for fisheries 2018-12-31
Testing the feasibility of acoustic sensors to estimate sardine biomass to facilitate science-based fishery management in the Philippines 2018-12-31
Managing for long term sustainability of seafood production from bottomtendered wild capture fisheries: evaluating tradeoffs between spatial closures versus gear modification 2019-01-01
Characterizing the ecological niche of round goby 2019-06-01
What role to invasive round goby have in the contaminant cycle? 2019-08-01
Lake Ontario salmonid management risk assessment: refinement of predator-prey models 2021-12-31
Quantifying coregonid habitat-use across space and time to inform assessment and restoration 2022-06-01
Bobcat population dynamics on Cumberland Island National Seashore 2020-12-31
Fawn survival and predator abundance in Pennsylvania 2020-06-30
Woody Plants on the Move 2021-09-30
An Integrated Approach to Using YY Technology and Mechanical Control Methods for Invasive Fish Control 2022-08-21
Black bass angler harvest and opinions in relation to stream size, access, and fish diversity 2020-06-30
Determining factors associated with paddlefish restoration success in reservoirs 2021-06-30
Assessing Distribution of Yaqui Catfish in the Rio Yaqui Drainage, US-Mexico 2021-12-31
Tracking Coho Salmon using eDNA 2019-12-31
Using genetic tools to inform conservation of Wisconsin’s native brook trout 2019-06-30
Managing Coastal Wetlands for Wildlife and Sustainability in the Face of Sea Level Rise 2021-08-31
Landscape genetics, connectivity, and dispersal: predicting impacts of a top predator (Esox lucius) on salmonids in Southcentral Alaska 2018-09-30
Effects of habitat complexity on Rocky Mountain Brook Trout Populations 2016-02-29
Distribution & Impacts of Gill Lice in Colorado 2017-03-31
Wildlife Corridor Identification 2016-01-01
Spatial Risk Factors 2018-08-31
Adaptive Monitoring and Modeling of Sea Otters 2020-09-30
Fish Population Models 2021-12-31
Movement of Pinnipeds 2017-06-30
Graphics and Analysis for Marine Mammal Research 2018-07-31
Statistical Method to Estimate Boundaries 2018-12-31
Spatial Data for Gunnison Sage grouse 2017-06-30
The spatial distribution and impacts of endocrine disrupting compounds in the South Platte River basin, CO. 2017-06-30
Investigating Bacterial Coldwater Disease in Salmonids 2021-06-30
Inferences on the Status of Raptors 2018-01-08
Stonecat Ecology in St. Vrain Creek, CO 2017-06-30
Inferences on the Status of Raptors 2017-06-30
Lynx & Cougar Movement 2017-06-30
Survival of rainbow trout fry in the wild: a comparison of two whirling disease resistant strains 2017-06-30
Colorado Plains Fish Optimal Monitoring 2016-06-30
RadSEQ to assess behavior ecology genomics for pumas on the Uncompahgre Plateau of Colorado 2018-12-31
Preliminary evaluation of Santa Ana Sucker responses to Waste Water Treatment Plant Effluent in the Santa Ana River. 2019-06-30
Breeding Ecology of Cinnamon Teal Within the San Luis Valley, CO 2019-12-31
Asian Tapeworm in an Endangered Southwestern Fish: Assessing Infections Using a Non-lethal Molecular Screening Tool. 2017-07-31
Gila National Forest Stream Temperature and Intermittency Monitoring Network for Species of Special Interest 2018-12-31
Impacts of Drought on Southwestern Cutthroat Trout: Influences of Changes in Discharge and Stream Temperature on the Persistence of Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Populations 2019-12-30
Abundance and Habitat-related Use of White Sands Pupfish 2019-11-30
Natal Source and the Influence of Environmental Bottlenecks on Largemouth Bass Recruitment in Elephant Butte Reservoir 2019-06-30
Influence of stream temperature, intermittency, and nonnative fishes on the current and future distribution of native fishes in the Gila and Mimbres drainages 2019-12-31
Resilience Landscapes: Influence of fire and forest restoration on spatial and temporal distribution of fish and invertebrate communities 2020-06-01
Assessment of temperate-breeding Canada goose management in Kansas 2020-12-31
Survival, Movement, and Resource Selection of Male Mule Deer and White-tailed Deer in Western Kansas 2022-12-31
A multi species approach to managing the effects of weather and land use on upland game birds 2019-07-01
Assessment of pollinator diversity and abundance on National Wildlife Refuges and other private and public lands in the lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley of Arkansas to integrate pollinators and native emergent wetlands/moist soil management areas into a decision making context 2017-01-15
Integration, Validation and fusion of Small Unmanned Aircraft systems 2019-08-01
RWO 100: Changes in Avian and Plant Community Composition and Structure Following Prescribed Thinning in Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands. 2021-09-30
Travel Support for Stakeholder Involvement in “Differential effects of climate- mediated forest change on the habitats of two ungulates important to subsistence and sport hunting economies” 2019-12-01
Connectivity for Landscape Conservation Design and Adaptation Planning 2019-11-21
How does current management of water quality align with ecological health and human well-being? A preliminary study of Virginia 2017-06-30
Relating fine sediment dynamics and best management practices (BMPs) to instream habitat conditions for priority fishes and mussels in the Copper Creek drainage 2018-12-31
Demographic status and population genetic differentiation of Candy Darter populations in Virginia 2020-04-30
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BLM: Utah Geospatial Data Layers and Web Interface for Satellite Monitoring of Wildlife Habitat in Utah 2021-09-30
FS: Uinta-Wasatch Cache Rare Plants 2020-04-30
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USFS: Fire and Fish-Twitchell Canyon Fire 2018-09-30
USFS: Evaluating the satisfaction and distribution of anglers within the Logan River Basin 2019-09-30
Maximizing the capture of lake sturgeon and other species in the fish elevator on the Menominee River 2019-12-31
Evaluation of car counters and trail cameras for estimating angler effort on Wisconsin lakes 2019-12-31
Predicting abundance of adult muskellunge in northern Wisconsin 2020-06-30
Yellow Lampmussel Restoration Initiative 2020-01-31
Development of a Rapid Assessment Protocol for Aquatic Passability of Tidally Influenced Road-Stream Crossings 2017-09-30
Comparison of lake sturgeon growth rates estimated from fin rays and mark-recapture 2018-06-30
Determining Optimal Elevation for Restoration of an Island Used by Rare Colonial Nesting Waterbirds 2019-06-30
Developing a high-throughput SNP panel for walleye in Wisconsin and Minnesota 2019-08-31
Development of a genetic linkage map for cisco to facilitate integrated studies of adaptive managment 2018-03-30
Spawning site contribution and movements of lake whitefish in northwestern Lake Michigan 2021-06-30
Evaluation of muskellunge habitat use and suitability in Green Bay and tributaries 2021-06-30
Evaluating methodologies for estimating age and growth of lake sturgeon 2019-08-31
Interannual Variation in Juvenile River Herring Productivity and Responses to Dam Removal 2020-06-30
Population Ecology of Moose in Vermont 2024-06-23
Understanding Common Loon Distribution and Abundance in Washington 2019-12-31
Improving conservation status of arctic grayling; assessing and increasing landscape connectivity benefits of denil fishways in the Big Hole River 2019-12-31
Reproductive indices of hatchery-origin white sturgeon in the lower Columbia River, Canada 2020-06-30
Private Landowner Participation in the Walk-In Access (WIA) 2018-09-15
Lake Roosevelt burbot maturation study 2019-01-31
Evaluating nest-site selection of Arctic peregrine falcons in the Colville River Special Area 2019-07-25
Assessing the functional equivalency of Hawaiian fishponds r... 2019-05-15
Effects of Imidacloprid on Soil Macrofauna within Riparian Hemlock Forests 2020-05-30
Effects of Imidacloprid Treatment of Hemlocks on Aquatic Ecosystems: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? 2019-09-30
Effect of water velocity and temperature on energy reserves of larval Pallid Sturgeon 2019-09-30
Influence of mink predation on Brown Trout in Rapid Creek, SD 2019-12-31
Evaluation of cover crops for grassland nesting waterfowl in Eastern South Dakota 2020-06-30
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Distribution and movement of wild and hatchery steelhead: interactions among populations and overlap with angling effort 2018-12-31
Life history characteristics, distribution, and habitat use of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the St. Maries River basin 2019-03-31
Effects of air exposure on the survival and fitness of Yellowstone cutthroat trout exposed to catch-and-release angling 2018-12-31
Population dynamics, life history, and scenarios for managing smallmouth bass in the lower Snake River basin 2018-12-31
Cause of low nesting success and recruitment of Clark's and Western Grebes in Idaho 2019-12-26
Effects of Surveying and Habitat Characteristics of the Endangered Spruce-Fir Moss Spider 2018-12-10
Distribution and Ecology of the Eastern Spotted Skunk 2019-12-30
Factors affecting demography of songbirds in tropical rainforests 2021-03-31
Gulf of Mexico Marine Assessment Program for Protected Species 2021-12-31
2017 Survey of King Rails in Arkansas Delta 2017-09-01
Basal Hollow Roost Selection 2019-06-30
Prairie Creek Coho Salmon Life Cycle Monitoring 2020-03-31
Monitoring threatened Coho Salmon populations in Humboldt Bay tributaries 2020-09-30
Monitoring Chinook Salmon in Redwood Creek to assess the impacts of a modified estuary 2020-06-30
Towards a better understanding of Blue Suckers: validation of age determination methods & estimating the influence of temperature on aerobic scope & swimming performance 2019-08-15
Impacts of CWD on white-tailed deer populations in Wisconsin 2022-06-30
Common carp suppression in Lake Spokane, Washington. 2018-12-31
Evaluation of white sturgeon monitoring practices 2020-10-30
Sage Grouse & Grazing Study 2018-10-15
Population Dynamics and Modeling - Cougars 2019-12-31
Linking predation mortality to predator density and survival for out-migrating Chinook Salmon and steelhead in the lower San Joaquin and South Delta 2018-12-31
Montana Resident - Wolf Hunt Analysis 2017-06-30
Songbird Grazing 2020-06-30
Statewide Mule Deer Study 2021-02-28
Influence of Energy Development and Climatic Variability on Sagebrush Songbirds 2021-06-30
Snowy Range Moose II 2019-06-30
Bighorn Moose 2020-12-31
How many cooks in the kitchen? Evaluating the potential of DNA mixture models to infer counts from fish and wildlife genetic samples 2016-10-01
Climatic variability and the productivity of non-game sagebrush birds 2019-08-30
Brook Floater Research and Conservation 2021-09-30
Genetic Diversity of Caracara in Florida 2021-12-31
Developing SNP Markers in Pumas for Genome-Wide Association Study and Population Genetics 2015-12-31
Research on Bobcats and Urbanization in the Tucson Mountain District, Saguaro National Park 2016-12-31
Jaguar Surveying and Monitoring in the United States 2016-12-31
Genetics Sampling Method to Estimate Black Bears Population Size in Arizona 2016-12-31
Arizona Jaguar and Ocelot Grantwriting Project 2016-12-31
Conservation Genetics of the Tiger Rattlesnake 2017-12-31
Evaluating the Use of Molecular Scatology for Monitoring Mammalian Species Diversity in National Parks 2015-12-31
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Conservation Genetics and Population Dynamics of Black Bears in Arizona 2017-12-31
Assessment of Abundance and Diet of Felids at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge 2017-12-31
Effects of Fragmentation of Desert Habitat in Baja California Sur, on Population Genetics 2017-12-31
Determine Genetic Variability Within Wild and Captive Populations of Sonoran Pronghorn 2017-12-31
Assessment of Population Size and Prey Selection Patterns of Mexican Gray Wolves on the San Carlos Apache and Fort Apache Indian Reservations, Arizona 2017-12-31
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Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Taxonomy and Population Connectivity 2018-12-31
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Investigation into the Phylogeography and Species States of the Desert Tortoise and its Application to Conservation 2017-12-31
Population Genetic Diversity and Structure in Yellow-Billed Cuckoos (Coccyzus americanus) 2017-12-31
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Taxonomy of Anodonta Mussels in Arizona and Mexico Using Genetic Markers 2017-12-31
Functional Genomics of the Endangered Florida Panther 2017-12-31
Determine Relatedness of Certain Mexican Races of Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) 2018-12-31
Genetic Diversity and Structure for Arizona Bald Eagles 2017-12-31
Evolution of the Ocelot in Arizona 2017-12-31
Genome Approach for Noninvasive Diet Assessment of Mule Deer from Scat 2017-12-31
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Use of Citizen Scientists to Monitor Cameras for Jaguar and Ocelot Detection 2025-01-01
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Evolution of the Jaguar in Arizona, US and Sonora, Mexico 2017-12-31
High-Definition Videography Presentation of Gila Chub at Sabino Canyon Recreation Center to Increase Public Awareness and Conservation 2017-12-31
Can Incentives Help Overcome Landowner Concerns About Endangered Species Critical Habitat? A Rancher Case Study from the Southwestern United States 2016-08-31
Jaguar Critical Habitat Designation Causes Concern for Southwestern Ranchers 2016-08-31
Providing Data to Educators to Support Increased Teaching of the Concept of “Carrying Capacity” in Core Curriculum. 2016-12-31
Videography Presentations to Educate the Public about Arizona Trouts 2018-12-31
Use of High-Definition Video Technology to Acquaint the Public with Cryptic Desert Fishes of the Southern Nevada/Death Valley Region 2020-12-31
Development of Low-Cost, High Definition Videography Methods for Documenting Underwater Flora and Fauna and Creating Education Presentations 2020-12-31 A Simple Web-Accessible Tool to Compare Standard Fish Sampling Data 2017-12-31
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Construction of a Mesocosm Re-Creation of Devils Hole 2016-07-30
Captive Rearing and Propagation of Critically Endangered Moapa Dace 2020-12-31
Environmental Conditions Utilized by Endangered Moapa Dace While Spawning 2020-12-31
Habitat Suitability Criteria for Northern Crayfish 2017-12-31
Habitat Suitability Criteria for Apache Trout 2017-12-31
Can Ultrasonic Imaging Be Used in Remote Field Environments? A Case Study in Grand Canyon 2017-07-01
Use of Ultrasonic Imaging to Evaluate Egg Maturation of Humpback Chub Gila cypha in Grand Canyon 2017-07-01
Characterizing Marine Faunal Community Composition Across the Gulf of California Using Next-Generation Sequencing of Environmental DNA 2018-12-31
AFS Standard Fish Sampling Techniques and Environmental DNA (eDNA) for Characterizing Fish Relative Abundance, Biomass, and Species Composition in Small Standing Waters (< 23 ha) 2018-07-01
AFS Standard Fish Sampling Techniques and Environmental DNA (eDNA) for Characterizing Fish Relative Abundance, Biomass, and Species Composition in a Large Reservoir 2018-12-31
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Habitat Suitability Criteria for Non-Native Fishes in Intermediate-Sized Arizona Rivers 2021-12-30
Habitat Suitability Criteria for Native Fishes in Intermediate-Sized Arizona Rivers 2021-12-30
The Role of Riparian Vegetation and Instream Habitat on Fish Communities in Intermediate-Sized Arizona Rivers 2018-12-30
Relationship between native and nonnative fish presence and components of the hydrograph in streams of the Mogollon Rim Emphasis Area, Arizona 2021-12-30
Assessing Modified Prepositioned Areal Electrofishing Devices (PAEDs) for Surveying Fish Habitat Use in Desert Streams 2018-12-31
Humboldt Bay Invertebrate 2019-08-31
Characterizing the foraging ecology of marbled murrelets in coastal waters adjacent to old growth redwoods 2018-06-30
Sapphire Elk Herd Research Technician 2017-06-30
Linking Exposure to Sub-lethal Stressors to Individual Vital Rates and Population Abundance 2021-09-29
Boom, bust: linking patterns of rural land-use change and wetland condition to trends in greater sandhill crane demographics 2017-06-30
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Black Rail ecology to inform effective survey design and support population modeling 2020-09-30
Assessment of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in the Upper Conasauga River, Georgia 2018-09-30
Multi-scale examination of the distribution and habitat use patterns of the Regal Fritillary (Speyeria idalia) within the Fort Riley Military Reservation - II 2016-12-31
Response of Lesser Prairie-Chickens to Patch Burn Grazing in the Red Hills, Kansas 2017-08-31
Historical Trends of the Landscape Structure of Plant Communities of Sand Shinnery Oak Prairie in the Southern High Plains 2017-08-31
Composition, distribution and ecology of the Nature Coast sea turtle assemblage 2020-08-14
D. Duke Conservation Scholars Program Partnership Through UF 2020-09-30
Analysis of bird population count data 2018-12-31
Monitoring success of Farm Bill programs in conserving avian wildlife 2018-12-31
Evaluating sediment and nutrient contributions from unpaved forest roads to headwater streams 2019-09-30
Statistical analyses to direct conservation and restoration priorities for the yellowstone cutthroat trout in the context of climate change 2017-08-31
Identifying the threats of smallmouth bass to yellowstone cutthroat trout in the Yellowstone River 2019-05-31
Lake trout population modeling and annual assessment of suppression netting 2021-08-31
Mobile tracking of lake trout on Yellowsttone Lake 2019-08-31
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, global warming, and reproductive health in fishes 2018-08-31
Assessing the risk of dreissenid mussel invasion in Texas based on lake physical characteristics and potential for downstream dispersal 2017-09-01
Inventory and Classification of Oxbow Lakes in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley 2019-07-31
Establishing vegetation in reservoir mudflats 2019-07-31
Reservoir fish habitat management 2016-12-31
Review, revision and development of new monitoring protocols 2018-12-31
Invasive species effects, population status and population genetics of crayfish species of greatest conservation need (Orconectes marchandi, Orconectes eupunctus, and Cambarus hubbsi) in the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas and Missouri 2016-12-19
Quantification of hydrologic alteration and relationships to biota in Arkansas streams: Development of tools and approaches for un-gaged streams 2016-12-15
Spatial Ecology of Brown Pelicans in the South Atlantic Bight 2021-12-31
Restoration of elk to northeastern Minnesota 2019-06-30
Effects of Large Scale Climate Patterns (PDO, ENSO, AO) on Calving Ground Location, Forage Availability, and Calf Survival of the Porcupine Caribou Herd 2019-10-01
Spectacled Eider Listing Status 2018-03-01
Sustainable Forest Communities: Integrated Land Stewardship Strategy for Native American Land Claims 2018-09-30
An investigation into the role of groundwater as a point source of emerging contaminants to smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna River basin 2018-03-31
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A macrosystems ecology framework for continental-scale prediction and understanding of lakes 2021-09-30
An assessment of neonicotinoid exposure on USFWS high diversity grasslands in the Prairie Pothole Region 2020-03-31
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Amphibian Occupancy and Effects of Habitat Use on Chemical Exposure in Northern Leopard Frogs (Lithobates pipens) in Iowa Prairie Pothole Wetlands 2018-12-31
Factors Affecting Mercury Concentrations in Iowa Fishes 2016-12-31
Habitat Improvement Projects for Stream and Oxbow Fish of Greatest Conservation Need 2018-06-30
Boone River Watershed (BRW) Stream Fish and Habitat Monitoring, IA 2018-12-31
Asian Carp population ecology in tributaries of the upper Mississippi River 2018-12-31
Monitoring protocol for otter and bobcat in Iowa 2020-12-31
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Grassland bird and invertebrate response to grassland diversity in restored plantings in northwestern Iowa 2017-08-31
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Safe operating space for walleye: adapting inland recreational fisheries for climate change 2022-05-30
Brook trout movements in the west branch of the Wolf River, Wisconsin 2018-06-30
RWO 99: Winter Abundance and Habitat Associations of Golden ... 2017-05-31
RWO 98: Structure and Connectivity of Mid-Continental Snowy ... 2020-09-30
Development of eDNA techniques for detection of endangered purple cat's paw pearlymussel and snuffbox 2018-12-31
RWO 97: Assessment of Surveys for Golden Eagles and Other Ra... 2017-01-31
RWO 96: Understanding the Role of Muleshoe National Wildlife ... 2018-12-31
TPW 34: Understanding the Ecology of Lesser Prairie-Chickens... 2018-08-31
OA81: Pilot Study - field testing data collection methods an... 2017-03-31
Bottomland Hardwood Composition Change as Controlled by Regeneration and Hydrologic Processes 2019-06-30
Impacts of Rabbit Hunting on Northern Bobwhite Demographics and Behavior 2021-08-31
Environmental Stressors and Priority Plant Communities on Jekyll Island, Georgia 2020-05-31
Adaptive Management of Federal Investments to Great Lakes Restoration Activities 2020-06-30
Accelerating Conservation of At-Risk Species in the Longleaf System 2020-08-31
Assess Field- and Landscape-Level Effects of NRCS Conservation Practices on Gopher Tortoise Habitat 2020-08-31
Demographic Estimation and Conservation Modeling for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle 2020-06-30
Assessing neutral and adaptive differentiation in cisco populations across Wisconsin using RAD-sequencing 2017-06-30
Investigating the relationship between gill lice prevalence and genetic diversity in brook trout across Wisconsin 2017-06-30
Evaluation of representative bird species Landscape Capability models 2018-01-31
Comprehensive evaluation of the Nebraska outdoor enthusiast 2019-01-31
Assessment of angler use and catch during 2016 at Sutherland Reservoir, Nebraska 2017-01-31
Habitat suitability modeling and island-wide rapid assessment for presence of the endangered Broad-Winged Hawk Buteo platypterus brunnescens and Sharp-shinned Hawk Accipiter striatus vennator in Puerto Rico. 2017-09-30
Genetic assessment of seven fish species above and below the Wisconsin River Dam at Prairie du Sac 2018-06-30
Corridor H stream monitoring project 2018-05-31
Early Spawn and Natural Spawn Age-0 Largemouth Bass: Food Habits and Habitat Use Evaluation 2017-03-31
Kirtland AFB mountain lion study 2019-11-30
An assessment of the genetic structure of an urban Cooper's hawk population 2019-09-01
RWO 224: Application of an Integrated Ecosystem Model: A multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary effort to understand potential landscape, habitat and ecosystem change in Alaska and Northwest Canada. 2021-08-31
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Mule Deer Project 2020-07-31
Migration Assessment 2020-12-31
Baggs, Wyoming Mule Deer Project 2020-06-30
Effectiveness of Roundup© Ready Alfalfa for Nesting Habitat and Seedbed Preparation 2016-12-31
Insecticide exposure risk for grassland wildlife on public lands 2019-12-31
Development of methods to assess lake sturgeon populations in Lake Champlain 2021-12-31
Assessment of Prey Consumption and Body Condition of Missouri River Age-0 Scaphirhynchus Sturgeon 2021-01-31
Yellowstone cutthroat trout hybridization in the North Fork Shoshone River 2018-06-30
Statistical Support for NPS Southeast Region I&M Networks 2019-07-01
Develop Adaptive Management Framework for Robust Redhorse 2020-12-31
Assessment of Trout Management in Georgia 2019-12-31
Integrating Metapopulation Ecology and Landscape Ecology for Improved Population Viability Analysis and Conservation Decision-Making 2017-12-31
Great Lakes Cisco spawning habitat assessment 2019-12-31
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Effects of Asian Carp Invasion on the Food Web of a Mussel Biodiversity Hotspot in Tennessee 2018-06-30
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Movements and Lock and Dam Passage of Asian Carp in the Tennessee River 2021-06-30
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Wolverine monitoring analysis and reporting 2018-03-31
Rangewide Giant Kangaroo Rat Surveys & Monitoring Optimization 2018-12-31
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Migration Trends for King and Common Eiders and Yellow-billed Loons Past Point Barrow in a rapidly changing environment 2018-12-30
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Dispersal behavior of Yuma Ridgway's Rail 2020-09-30
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A global review of freshwater crayfish thermal ecology 2016-07-01
A strategic path forward for mussel conservation in the state of Missouri 2025-07-01
Stakeholder-led science: engaging resource managers to identify science needs for long-term management of floodplain conservation lands 2016-09-30
Changes in fish communities in arid rivers under climate change 2016-12-31
Evaluation of grassland restoration efforts on invertebrate communities in Missouri 2018-06-30
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Bat occupancy patterns as a function of wildlife and forest restoration activities 2019-12-31
Determine the distribution of state-endangered Longnose Darter through niche model transferability 2018-12-31
Estimation of mountain lion density in New Mexico 2020-06-30
FY16 ADFG Wildlife Base Funding 2016-06-30
Development of an Alaska based research framework for migratory waterfowl 2018-06-20
Differential effects of climate-mediated forest change on the habitats of two ungulates important to subsistence and sport hunting economies 2016-06-30
Social Ecological Systems on the Kenai Peninsula 2017-06-30
Bioenergetic Modeling of Chinook and Coho Salmon Associated with a Proposed Dam on the Susitna River 2015-12-30
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Broad Whitefish (Coregonus nasus) Ecology, Habitat Use and Potential Impacts of Climate Change in Arctic Alaska 2020-12-30
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Use of Horseshoe Crab Eggs by Migratory Shorebirds 2016-12-31
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Long-term Monitoring Protocol for Greater Sage-Grouse within National Parks 2016-09-30
Effects of spring cattle grazing on demographic traits of greater sage-grouse 2020-12-21
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Development and Application of an Integrated Ecosystem Model 2016-08-31
Population Status and Genetic Structure of the Carolina Madtom 2018-07-31
Lake trout otoliths as indicators of past climate patterns and growth in Arctic lakes 2016-05-31
Establishing a strategy for assessing risk of endocrine-disrupting compounds to aquatic and terrestrial organisms 2019-09-29
Using Genomics to Understand Population Dynamics and Enhance the Management of Canada Lynx Populations in the Contiguous United States 2019-12-31
Comparative Ecology and Conservation of Bears in North and South America 2020-12-31
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Density estimation of moose in New York State: investigations into the apparent decline 2019-08-31
Increasing parameter accuracy of an agriculturally focused, spatially-explicit bee abundance model 2019-05-31
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Minnesota waterfowl hunters 2016-01-29
Minnesota northern pike regulations 2016-06-30
Landowner attitudes toward elk 2016-12-31
Long-term research and monitoring of human dimensions information on fisheries and wildlife management issues in Minnesota. 2016-12-31
Visitor use of Wildlife Management Areas 2016-12-31
Assessing the preferences of stakeholders and waterfowl management professionals to inform the implementation of the NAWMP Action Plan 2018-09-30
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A spatially explicit examination of the relationship between grasslands, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) enrollments, and Greater Prairie-chicken populations in Minnesota 2017-06-01
Develop an Adaptive Management Framework to Reduce the Impact of Invasive Phragmites in the Great Lakes Basin 2020-06-30
Uncertainty and the Entanglement of Habitat Loss and Fragmentation Effects in the Management of Northern Bobwhites and Eastern Meadowlarks 2016-02-28
Nutritional Carrying Capacity and Interactions with Disease in Bighorn Sheep 2018-12-31
Deer-Elk Ecology Project (DEER PRoject) 2020-07-01
Fawn Survival - WY Range Mule Deer 2019-07-31
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Wild juvenile salmonid abundance and outmigration in Wisconsin tributaries to Lake Michigan 2018-12-30
Resource selection, area requirements and monitoring of bighorn sheep in northwest Nebraska 2016-04-30
Validating Gopher Tortoise Habitat and Population Predictions for Georgia 2016-12-31
Landscape Level Population Modeling as a Decision Support Tool for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken 2017-09-30
Integrated Forest Ecosystem Assessment to Support Sustainable Management Decisions in a Changing Climate 2019-09-30
Advancing Adaptive Management of Harvested Animals with R 2019-06-30
Advancing Adaptive Management in the Riverside East Solar Energy Zone 2020-01-01
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Response of desert bighorn sheep in the Mojave National Preserve to respiratory disease. 2017-09-30
Effects of Dam Removal on Stream Ecosystems 2018-01-30
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Creation and Development of Early Successional Habitat and Wildlife Utilization 2020-12-30
Social and Economic Impact of Fishing in Selected Small Lakes and Impoundments in Soth Dakota 2019-08-31
Human Dimensiosn of Habitat Loss in the Plains & Prairie Pothole Region 2018-08-31
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Boreal Toad Habitat Selection and Survival in Relation to Grazing Intensity and Disease Prevalence 2017-12-31
Determine concentrations and persistence of imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam in terrestrial agricultural settings on Missouri public areas 2019-06-30
Prevalence of neonicotinoid insecticides on MDC intensively managed wetland areas and surrounding landscapes with a focus on impacts to aquatic invertebrates 2019-06-30
Identification of summer habitat of the federally endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) and three other bat species of special concern within the Ozark - Central Recovery Unit; with application for landscape distribution use. 2016-12-31
Which geese are being harvested? Body condition of lesser snow (Chen caerulescens caerulescens) and Ross’s Geese (C. rossii) harvested by different methods during the light goose conservation order. 2019-12-30
A spatial assessment of the status and risks to mussel concentrations in the Meramec drainage 2019-06-30
Fish Community Response to Stream Flow Alterations in Wadeable Missouri Streams 2020-06-30
Determining Electrofishing Immobilization Thresholds of Smallmouth Bass, Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish: A Critical Step to Develop a Standardized Sampling Protocol 2020-06-30
Missouri Cooperative Research Unit Agreement 2016-06-30
Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Global Inland Fisheries 2019-12-31
Post WNS bat ecology in the eastern United States 2023-12-31
LaBarge Creek Cutthroat Trout Investigations 2018-12-31
Conservation and Recovery of Hornyhead Chub 2018-06-30
Population trajectories and extinction probabilities for populations of large ungulates 2018-12-31
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Assessment and monitoring at TPWD public river access leases to guide sustainable management 2017-07-31
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Evaluating the effects of drought and anthropogenic influences on the growth of stream fishes on the Edwards Plateau 2016-08-31
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Buffalo Bill Reservoir walleye suppression 2018-06-30
Fort Peck water chemistry analyses 2016-08-31
Seasonal movements of rainbow trout, brown trout, and mountain whitefish in the Smith River, Montana 2019-01-01
Prairie Stream Inventory 2019-06-30
Freshwater Predation on Chena River Juvenile Chinook Salmon 2016-03-31
Regionwide songbird response to Marcellus gas well and infrastructure development 2018-08-15
Pollinator communities on native and managed emergent wetlands in the lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley of Arkansas 2017-06-01
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Reproductive success of arctic-breeding shorebirds in a changing climate 2015-12-30
Productivity of Black Oystercatchers in southwest Alaska 2018-12-30
Assessing shorebird use of lagoons in Cape Krusenstern National Monument 2018-12-30
Kokanee population dynamics, mysid-kokanee interactions, and sampling techniques in Idaho lakes 2019-02-28
Yakima Basin Reservoir Food Webs 2015-09-30
Quantifying Pelagic Food Web interactions in Lake Tahoe-In search of a niche for re-introduction of Lahontan Cutthroat trout 2015-09-30
Upper Lewis River reservoir Food Webs & Anadromous salmon introductions 2015-09-30
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Puget Sound Marine Survival-Size-selective mortality and critical growth periods for juvenile Chinook & Coho 2016-01-31
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Montana Wolf Monitoring Study 2020-12-31
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Linking resource selection to population dynamics of mule deer in Idaho 2016-12-31
Evaluating occupancy estimation and abundance relationships as an alternative method for ungulate abundance surveys 2017-06-30
Townsend's Big-Eared Bat Statewide Assessment 2017-12-31
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Assessing the potential for rainbow trout reproduction in tributaries of the Mountain Fork River below Broken Bow dam 2016-06-30
Modeling potential habitat for pheasant population restoration 2017-12-31
Export of Invertebrate Drift From Headwater Streams 2018-06-30
Can plasticity protect populations from rapid environmental fluctuation? 2018-05-31
An estimate of abundance and an assessment of the efficacy of sterilization techniques for the control of wild burro populations 2018-03-30
The ecological web contributing to a sarcoptic mange epizootic in coyotes of the Mojave Desert, Fort Irwin, California 2018-03-30
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Assessment of nutrition and predation as limiting factors for mule deer in New Mexico 2018-12-31
Landscape Conservation in the Choco-Andean Biological Corridor 2016-12-30