Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources


Project Completion Date
Assessment of the Invasion of the Asian Swamp Eels in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area December 2018
Determination of geomorphological and landscape factors contributing to diverse Unionoid mussel communities in Missouri River systems, with particular emphasis on the Meramec River Drainage June 2019
Physiology, behavior, and tolerances of Missouri fishes of conservation concern with a focus on Niangua Darter and Topeka Shiner June 2018
American eel age and growth assessment in the Roanoke River, North Carolina. June 2018
Intra-guild predator dynamics: the effects of recolonizing gray wolf populations on cougars in northeast Oregon. June 2019
Intra-guild predator dynamics: the effects of recolonizing gray wolf populations on cougars in northeast Oregon. June 2019
Adaptive Management for Turkey Harvest in Alabama September 2020
Movement dynamics, distribution, habitat use, and species associations of juvenile burbot in tributaries of the Kootenai River December 2024
Klamath Basin S3 Model September 2019
Evaluation of methods used to estimate population metrics for adult muskellunge in northern Wisconsin lakes June 2018
Wildlife-Livestock Disease Transmission in a Changing Climate September 2018
Landscape genetic structure of the western continental golden eagle population July 2019
Population characteristics and movements of smallmouth bass in the Menominee River June 2019
Population characteristics and movements of smallmouth bass in the Menominee River June 2019
Population Dynamics in Moose in the Snowy Range December 2018
Phenology Tracking in Migratory Mule Deer December 2018
Phase II: Monitoring the endangered Tidewater Goby using environmental DNA in water samples: Field tests June 2019
Understanding the impacts of surface-groundwater conditions on stream fishes under altered base-flow conditions May 2018
Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to assess the presence of cave-fish and crayfish populations in caves of the Ozark Highlands December 2018
Reevaluation of the status of black bears in southeastern Oklahoma June 2018
Angler behavior in response to management actions on Nebraska reservoirs -- Part 2 December 2018
Identifying recruitment bottlenecks for walleyes in northern Wisconsin lakes December 2018
Conservation of the Critically Endangered Chinese Crested Tern: Restoration of a Lost Breeding Colony March 2019
Evaluation of Caspian tern management to reduce predation on ESA-listed salmonids in the Columbia Plateau region March 2019
Annual Evaluation and Development of Benchmarks for Lake Trout Suppression in Yelowstone Lake June 2018
Impacts of Energy Production, Habitat Selection, and Population Size on Resource Selection, Survival, and Recruitment of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado August 2018
Demographics and habitat use of Greater Sage-Grouse in wildfire-affected habitats in Oregon. June 2023
CNH: Coupled Climate, Cultivation and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape. May 2019
Sampling designs and population dynamics of burbot in the Green River system: tools for management December 2018
Bat movements across transforming landscapes June 2018
Amphibian Occupancy, Functional Connectivity, and Resilience of Rainwater Basin Wetlands May 2018
Long-Term Logan River Trout Viability Study and Monitoring September 2021
FWS: Pyramid Lake Fishery Evaluation to evaluate Lahontan cutthroat trout performance and identify limiting factors for the native fish community December 2019
Linking Habitat Features to Dissolved Oxygen and River Flow in the Lower Osage River, Missouri June 2018
Conservation and Management of Missouri’s Mid-Sized Rivers: Development of Sampling Protocols and Application to Priority Watershed Rivers June 2019
Ecology of swift fox in Nebraska December 2018
The Gulf of Maine coastal ecosystem survey: an integrated, multidisciplinary effort to map biological hotspots in the waters of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts (Collaborators: C. Loftin, S. McKinney, A. McKnight, A. Allyn, J. Runge, MDIFW, UMass, USFWS, BRI) December 2018
Of Pools and People: Small natural features with large ecosystem functions in urbanizing landscapes (Collaborators: A.Calhoun, M.Hunter, K. Bell, M. Kinnison, C. Loftin, K. Capps, D. Bauer, E. Nelson) December 2019
Occurrence and variation in submersed aquatic vegetation along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico August 2020
Statewide Moose Habitat Project June 2018
Evaluating the Influence of Beetle Kill on Sierra Madre Elk June 2019
Monitoring Elk Migrations with Remote Photography December 2018
Carnivore Occupancy and Intraguild Interactions Across New York State March 2020
American marten population ecology and role in forest community dynamics June 2018
Investigating Impacts of Winter Lake Drawdowns on Littoral Ecosystems December 2019
Deer abundance and its relationship to factors that affect forest vegetation conditions June 2026
Deer abundance and its relationship to factors that affect forest vegetation conditions June 2026
Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River January 2019
Wyoming Range Native Fish and Energy Development June 2021
Wyoming Migration Initiative December 2023
Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project December 2019
Stable Isotopes to Delineate Seasonal Range Use for Wyoming Ungulates June 2019
Platte Valley Mule Deer Project June 2018
Plum Island Ecosystems LTER June 2018
Developing and Testing a Spatially-Explicit, Science-Based, Decision-Support Tool for Making Riverscape-Scale Management Decisions: How Dams and Culverts Affect a Threatened Native Stream Fish, the Neosho Madtom, and Select Tributary Fish Species February 2019
Identifying Migratory Routes and Wintering Grounds of Burrowing Owls throughout North America September 2024
Identifying Migratory Routes and Wintering Grounds of Burrowing Owls throughout North America September 2024
South Carolina Alligator Adaptive Management Strategies: Population Dynamics, Habitat Utilization and Conservation Threats March 2019
South Carolina Alligator Adaptive Management Strategies: Population Dynamics, Habitat Utilization and Conservation Threats March 2019
Effectiveness of Forest Restoration Treatments on Demography of a Federally Listed Ground Squirrel February 2025
Assessing the Importance of Wetlands on DoD Installations for the Persistence of Wetland-dependent Birds December 2019
Impacts of Surface Water Supply Reservoirs on Stream Flow and Biota June 2020
Landscape-scale management of forest wildlife populations in Wisconsin July 2024
Landscape-scale management of grassland birds in Wisconsin April 2022
Eastern Brown Pelicans: Dispersal, Seasonal Movements and Monitoring of PAHs and Contaminants in the Northern Gulf of Mexico November 2019
Eastern Brown Pelicans: Dispersal, Seasonal Movements and Monitoring of PAHs and Contaminants in the Northern Gulf of Mexico November 2019
Effects of forest management practices in the Acadian Northern Hardwood/Conifer Forests of Maine on forest bird communities, with emphasis on species of regional conservation priority and concern (Collaborators: D. harrison, P. Wood, C. Loftin) December 2018
Assessing Priority Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Areas (PARCAs) and Vulnerability to Climate Change in the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (Collaborators: C. Loftin, P. deMaynadier, K. Barrett, P.Nanjappa) January 2019
The social-ecology of an intensively managed ecosystem: pheasants and pheasant hunters in Southwest Nebraska December 2019
The demography of Northern Spotted Owls in Oregon and Washington March 2023
Long-term meta-population demographics of Adélie penguins on Ross island, Antarctica September 2025
Understanding downstream migratory survival of Atlantic salmon smolts in the Penobscot River Maine; effects of dams and restoration September 2020
Passage of adult Atlantic salmon in the Penobscot River before and after dam removal January 2022
Web-Accessible Database of Standard Fish Sampling Data December 2024
Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes October 2023
Regeneration of Forest Vegetation in Response to Browsing by Moose and Deer: An Experimental Approach Using Exclosures December 2027
Migration Corridors and Landscape Connectivity Project June 2018
The effectiveness of the Greater Sage-Grouse as an umbrella for non-game sagebrush SGCN June 2018
Responses of large mammals to forest restoration treatments and wildfire in the southwest Jemez Mountains, New Mexico April 2025
Pollination Security for Fruit and Vegetable Crops in the Northeast (collaborative project with Frank Drummond, Aaron Hoshide, Sam Hanes, Alison Dibble at UMaine) May 2019
Using a Mechanistic Model to Develop Management Strategies to Cool Apache Trout Streams under the Threat of Climate Change October 2019
Connecticut River Migratory Fish September 2018
Wisconsin's wildlife and a changing climate September 2023
Feeding the world in 2050: Building resilience in global fisheries and food systems December 2024
Diverse portfolios: investing in tributaries for restoration of large river fishes in the 1 Anthropocene December 2023
Creation of statewide framework for ecological limits of hydrologic alteration based on aquatic community classification June 2023
Quantifying the impacts of climate change on fish growth and production to enable sustainable management of diverse inland fisheries December 2023
Development of a flexible mid-sized river habitat sampling protocol to complement fish protocols June 2027
Factors affecting Lake Sturgeon reproduction: the next step in recovery and management June 2027
Private Lands Conservation December 2024
Absaroka Fence Initiative: Fence Inventory and Associated Analysis December 2024
Integrating multiple data sources to develop climate adaptation strategies for inland fish and recreational fishing September 2028
Identifying effects of weather and land use on autumn and winter waterfowl distribution dynamics in the 21st century June 2023
Quantifying King Rail habitat suitability in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley December 2025
Evaluating toxicity implications of wetland sediment insecticide concentrations on benthic aquatic insects and temporal changes in aquatic invertebrate communities in Missouri wetland ecosystems September 2026
Assessment of native bee responses to Farm Bill pollinator plantings in Missouri. September 2026
Linking wetland inundation and habitat selection to Blue-winged teal survival throughout the full annual cycle June 2025
Development of a nationally scalable monitoring and assessment protocol for ACEP-WRE wetland program December 2026
Effects of Spotted Bass on Shoal Bass and Largemouth Bass in the Flint River December 2025
Habitat Modeling and Disease Risk Assessment for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep on the Jicarilla Apache Nation May 2025
Quantifying freshwater mussel abundance and composition in two prairie rivers of northern Oklahoma with the aid of side scan sonar to identify novel habitat patches June 2025
Evaluating landscape permeability and connectivity for pronghorn in southwestern New Mexico December 2025
Targeted surveillance for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in wildlife October 2025
Waterfowl Habitat Selection in Arid Landscapes December 2025
Assessing angler opinions and perceptions about non-native freshwater fishes in Florida June 2024
Near Real Time Acoustic Monitoring of Imperiled Birds on DoD Installations December 2026
WildSNaP: Biodiversity in Solar through Native Planting March 2026
FLAKES: A multi-organization dataset to investigate invasive plant management impacts in Florida lakes December 2024
The effects of harvest on wolf dispersal July 2026
Occupancy status of Northern Spotted Owls in southern Oregon. August 2027
Methods to evaluate and increase survival of razorback sucker stocking in the Verde River and Horseshoe Reservoir Arizona. January 2026
Leveraging passive acoustics to improve aquatic species monitoring in the Hudson River estuary October 2024
Desert birds and solar energy September 2027
Caney Mountain Cave Crayfish Habitat August 2023
SARS-CoV-2 at the human–wildlife interface: Understanding wildlife as potential reservoirs for COVID-19 across urban-rural gradients February 2023
Invasion ecology of Round Goby in the Hudson River December 2024
PFAS Bioaccumulation in Coastal Seabirds December 2024
Taxonomy of Longnose Darter May 2023
Identification of Landscape Thresholds and Patch Dynamics for Lesser Prairie-Chickens December 2025
Movements, Space Use, and Vital Rates of Mourning Doves September 2025
Thermal ecology of two imperiled crayfishes December 2022
A comprehensive understanding of mussel populations in the Duck River, Tennessee for their conservation and to establish ecological flows for ongoing water withdrawals and water management January 2030
An analysis of habitat use and suitability of Abrams Creek for reintroduction of the Blo tchside Logperch (Percina burtoni) to complement ongoing genetic studies January 2023
Creation of a Statewide Freshwater Mussel Database for the State of Tennessee January 2030
A re-survey of the mussel fauna and a habitat assessment of the Wolf River, Tennessee January 2024
Assessment and Modeling of the Freswhater Mussel Distributions and Habitat Preferences in the Hatchie River, Tennessee January 2026
Update to Tennessee Status Assessments and Recovery Plans for Listed Mussel Species January 2025
Update to Tennessee Status Assessments and Recovery Plans for Listed Mussel Species January 2025
Environmental DNA Surveillance of Rare species January 2025
Space Allocation in State Conservation Magazines August 2023
Novel Sediment Compaction Sampling Methodology May 2023
Distribution of Threatened Endemic Crayfishes of the St. Francis River Drainage, MO and Spread of the Invasive Woodland Crayfish June 2024
Distribution of Threatened Endemic Crayfishes of the St. Francis River Drainage, MO and Spread of the Invasive Woodland Crayfish June 2024
Crayfish Movement Ecology December 2024
Inventory of Freshwater Mussels at Ozark National Scenic Riverways December 2024
Conservation and Management of At-Risk and Listed Species in Missouri December 2026
Big Piney River Aquatic Organism Passage Assessment September 2027
Mule deer in changing forests August 2024
Development of a basis for allocation of fish production between management needs and double-crested cormorant predation within their nesting range September 2022
Using stock assessment information to inform harvest policy in data-limited fisheries December 2022
Midwest Tribal Wild Rice Coordination and Planning in Partnership with the Center for Cooperative Ecological Resilience March 2024
Inter-agency planning for St. Marys River (MI) coastal wetland resiliency May 2023
Developing a holistic approach to evaluate and communicate natural resource assets and management actions for Michigan’s large rivers: Focus on the Au Sable River March 2023
OA 99: Avian community response and focal species survival to treatment of pinyon-juniper woodlands. April 2024
Using flow-ecology relationships to inform the state water planning in South Carolina July 2024
An Atlas and Registry for Seabird Colonies and Associated Habitats in the Northern Gulf of Mexico December 2023
Socio-ecological of predator, prey, and human interactions December 2024
Environmental Justice and Wildlife Conservation December 2024
California Grizzly Reintroduction Socio-ecology December 2024
Novel methods for studying human-wolf interactions in Washington December 2024
Proactive development of CWD outreach, education, and policy to guide disease management in Washington August 2023
Assessing Perceptions of Risk and Uncertainty during Adaptive Management: A Case Study of the Washington State Forest Practices Habitat Conservation Plan June 2023
Salmon habitat and shoreline vulnerability to recreational boat wakes in Big Lake, Alaska September 2024
Development of an Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the ACEP-WRE Program October 2026
Role of study length and life-history traits on the reliability of management recommendations September 2023
North Sapphire Elk Project Phase II June 2023
Structuring Governance to Achieve Landscape-scale Conservation Outcomes January 2024
UM Pronghorn Movement and Population Study June 2024
Sage-grouse Synergies: Community Responses to Wetland Restoration in the Northern Great Plans September 2024
Fish Creek Recreation Planning June 2023
Preventing Predation July 2024
Nongame Project Impacts March 2023
Grizzly Connectivity Modeling December 2022
Elk Recreation Study June 2024
Predator use of Prey June 2024
From Beavers to Bats: Assessing the Importance of Beaver and Beaver-based Restoration to Riparian Communities in Prairie Systems December 2027
The Next Frontier: D&E Tools to estimate density via cameras to examine population impacts of CWD/Effects of Management June 2023
A Framework for guiding management decisions for amphibians July 2023
US FWS-UM Collaboration to Support Native American Graduate Students in Wildlife Biology July 2024
Wolverine Survey Analysis June 2024
Wolverine Survey Analysis September 2022
Moose Population March 2024
Sage Grouse-Songbird Bug Grazing June 2024
Pollinator monitoring and research in the eastern United States May 2024
Techno-ecological impacts and synergies of floating solar July 2024
At-Risk Species Conservation in the Connecticut River August 2024
At-Risk Species Conservation in the Connecticut River August 2024
Advancing conservation and restoration of Brook Floater and associated freshwater mussels December 2024
Review of Georgia reservoir fish monitoring data and sampling procedures June 2024
[GADNR] DMAP Camera Trap Image Classification August 2022
[GADNR] DMAP Camera Trap Image Classification August 2022
[GADNR] Entry of Point-Count Data for Sandhill Restoration Project October 2022
Development of point-of-use invasive species eDNA screening approaches September 2024
Impact of climate driven water-level fluctuations on recreational fisheries in the Northern Glaciated Plains September 2025
Movement and distribution of Lake Sturgeon in the Coosa River May 2024
Evaluation of Contaminant Stressors to Endangered and At-Risk Freshwater Mussel Health in the Conasauga River Basin May 2024
Continuation of Sicklefin model development for GA DNR. June 2023
Spot-tailed earless lizard status assessment December 2022
Research and development of a suitable method for estimating weekly-stratified abundances of migrating juvenile salmonids in the absence of mark-recpature experiments January 2026
Water Management to support endangered species in the ACF river basin September 2022
Developing communities of expert practice (COEP) to apply intergenerational expertise to challenging aquatic conservation problems. PI: M. E, Mather, Collaborators: Sean Hitchman, Joseph Smith, Dan Shoup, Quinton Phelps, John Dettmers, Kristen Faull-Chestnut. 2021-2025. December 2025
Native Fish Conservation Assessment in Desert Rivers of the IMW. January 2022
Efficacy of Conservation Actions for Imperiled Colorado River Fishes in the Grand Canyon, Arizona April 2022
Linking annual waterfowl productivity and Louisiana hunter-harvest to natal / molt origins using stable isotope ecology June 2026
Using a Bayesian belief network to structure Species Status Assessments of data-deficient species: a case study with Piebald Madtom August 2026
Big game migration mapping - developing methods for atypical migrants September 2027
Using adaptive genetic variation to improve genetic stock assignment in Lake Erie September 2024
Wildlife species data acquisition and analysis for understanding the influence of habitat degradation on sportfishes in SD impoundments June 2025
Invasive carp population modeling: ecosystem impacts of control methods December 2025
Modeling host behavior and environmental transmission of chronic wasting disease July 2027
Development of New Generation ‘Mixture-Aware’ Stock Analysis Models Based on Catch-at-Age Data for Lake Whitefish in Lake Michigan December 2023
Advancing broodstock selection to optimize brook trout stocking in Wisconsin December 2024
Evaluating Potential Factors Limiting Lake Sturgeon Reproductive Success in the Upper Fox River December 2023
Understanding smallmouth bass recruitment in relation to nest fishing along Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula October 2024
Understanding smallmouth bass recruitment in relation to nest fishing along Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula October 2024
American bullfrog control in southeast Arizona December 2024
Walleye fisheries bright spots in a changing climate December 2026
Walleye fisheries bright spots in a changing climate December 2026
Assessing anthropogenic threats and predation/competition from coyotes on Cascade red fox combining spatial capture-recapture methods and historical Indigenous knowledge September 2025
Optimizing sampling efforts for estimating urban and rural coyote density and determining coyote diet using a noninvasive framework March 2022
Assessing threats to critical seabird foraging habitat in the Salish Sea September 2024
Maximizing the value of Salish Sea aerial surveys for sea duck management June 2024
Factors Influencing Detection and Occurrence of Plains Spotted Skunks in Oklahoma December 2025
Assessment of Prairie Gray Fox Population Distribution, Dynamics, and Genetics in Oklahoma June 2027
Evaluation of Cougar Predation and Bear Kleptoparasitism on Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico June 2025
Targeted surveys to prevent the extinction of Slender Chub Erimystax cahni October 2023
Identification of larval darters collected near Niagara Dam on Roanoke River December 2022
Developing population viability models for eastern indigo snakes December 2026
Eastern indigo snake population monitoring in north-central Florida September 2023
Investigating the Role of Host Behavior and Environmental Transmission in CWD Dynamics September 2025
Statistical model development to inform disease management in Montana June 2027
Highland's Sheep Project December 2027
How will methods to suppress an invasive fish affect Yellowstone Lake water quality? December 2025
Building a modeling framework for understanding and predicting dynamics of diseases in wildlife: WNS surveillance as a case study July 2024
Implications of Stream Fragmentation for Climate Change Resilience of Northern Prairie Fishes December 2025
Application of systems modeling to identify novel approaches for wildlife health management September 2025
Mitigating the Effects of Prescribed Fire on Eastern Box Turtle Populations July 2026
Assessing effects of Tilapia on Largemouth Bass and Bluegill reproduction, recruitment, and growth June 2025
Strategic confiscation and placement of illegally collected turtles for maximizing conservation outcomes July 2024
Applications of structured-decision making to disease systems February 2027
Limiting Factors for Declining Loggerhead Shrikes in Western Wyoming June 2025
Understanding and mapping mule deer migration across Utah. December 2025
Demography, Movement, and Population Dynamics of White Pelicans on the Great Salt Lake December 2023
Chronic Wasting Disease in Utah – development of a risk based CWD surveillance system with updates for the statewide CWD management plan June 2022
Infection rates and effects of ectoparasites on declining sagebrush songbirds June 2023
Integrating Population Modeling for Laysan and Black-Footed Albatross July 2023
Evaluation of Cripple Creek (mule deer herd D16) and Wet Mountain (mule deer D34) Demographics (Auction and Raffle funded M.S. project) March 2024
Burrowing Owl population assessment on Colorado's black tailed prairie dog colonies December 2024
Resource selection and movements of mule deer and pronghorn: responses to Kermit overland conveyor March 2026
Invasive carp distribution in MAV July 2024
Evaluating tiger muskellunge as a multi-purpose management tool: protecting native fish species from multiple conservation threats June 2026
latitudinal gradients in clutch size June 2023
Coop Unit Administrative Support from CPW June 2027
Enhancing Capabilities of CPW's Statewide Aquatic Toxicology Program June 2023
Quantitative Assessment of Pelagic Fishes in Colorado Reservoirs June 2027
Assessing living shoreline development in an estuarine lake May 2024
Develop genomic markers to select stressor tolerant oysters January 2024
Cumulative Effects Assessment September 2024
Assessing multiple stressors on oysters January 2025
Edisto River Flow Effects on Summertime Water Temperatures: Are Thermal Tolerances of SWAP Fishes Exceeded at Low Flows? December 2027
Assessment of white sturgeon recruitment in John Day reservoir August 2024
Winter space use and habitat selection of migratory-subadult Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrystaetos) in Wyoming April 2023
An assessment of the limiting factors for boreal toads in the La Barge Creek watershed June 2025
Quantifying restorable wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region of Eastern South Dakota June 2025
Assessing reintroduction efforts and evaluating recovery goals of trumpeter swans in Iowa using an integrated population model December 2023
Blanding's Turtle conservation in Iowa December 2024
Evaluating Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Conservation Efforts to Inform Site-Specific Management Actions December 2024
Using new transmitter technology to evaluate the effects of environmental change and disturbance on shorebird breeding phenology, behavior, and nest success September 2024
Automated Real-Time Analysis of Bald Eagle Nest Camera Imagery Using Machine Learning: with applications for investigating food resource use and nesting ecology in urbanized landscapes. December 2022
Trophic phenotypes as eco-evolutionary mediators of resilience to climate change July 2026
Wetland ecology of Northeastern lowland forests August 2024
Effects of Alewife Reintroductions August 2026
Investigating trends in turtle abundance from REEF data December 2025
Assessing the role of turbidity on foraging by pre-rostral juvenile Paddlefish December 2022
Assessing Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Communities in Ephemeral Ponds December 2024
Gopher tortoise conservation through translocations June 2024
Population Dynamics of Kootenai River Burbot November 2022
Diversity and Access to Wildlife Opportunities June 2024
Guiding present and future native fish restoration using a strategic planning process, literature synthesis, database analysis, field protocol development/testing, and adaptive management. To PI: M. E. Mather, 2020-2024, $428,358, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism – Ecological Services (Grant #: F20AF00207, Mod. #1; # T-59-R-1). June 2025
Mather (and 9 Co-PIs). 2022. NRT-HDR-FW-HTF: Building interdisciplinary connectivity and convergence: an integrated research and management plan to promote biologically-involved sustainability. PENDING ($2,997,328). August 2027
Historical analysis of Yellowstone cutthroat trout growth in Yellowstone Lake December 2025
Age-structured model of the Missouri River trout fishery April 2025
Georgetown Lake diet study December 2024
Spatial Analysis of Trends in Tufted Puffin (Fratercula cirrhata) Breeding Habitat on the Oregon Coast September 2023
Evaluating a habitat suitability index for Bluenose Shiner populations in peninsular and panhandle Florida rivers December 2024
Ecology and conservation of endangered Smalltooth Sawfish December 2024
Retrospective recruitment analysis of bigheaded carp in the Upper Mississippi River. October 2024
Retrospective recruitment analysis of bigheaded carp in the Upper Mississippi River. October 2024
Incorporating climate, disease and invasive species into the conservation of a First Food, Klamath redband trout September 2024
Post wildfire wildlife monitoring in Western Oregon June 2024
Reconciling range-wide uncertainties in alligator Snapping turtle population viability using expert elicitation August 2024
Inferring Rosy-Finch demography and breeding distribution trends from long-term wintering data in New Mexico December 2026
Adaptive monitoring for salmonids in Yellowstone River June 2023
Putting the sampling design to work: enhancing monitoring programs for improved management and inference of ecological responses to changes in climate. December 2025
Risk assessment for Giant Salvinia in Arkansas waters June 2023
Evaluating reproduction, harvest, timing of season, connectivity, and spatial ecology of wild turkeys in Nebraska December 2026
Evaluating reproduction, harvest, timing of season, connectivity, and spatial ecology of wild turkeys in Nebraska December 2026
Impacts of Wild Hogs on Birds December 2024
Northern Mexican gartersnake demographics and movement ecology December 2022
Predicting from the past - identifying characteristics of invasion-resistant and invasion-prone waterbodies to aid horizon scanning December 2024
Improving outcomes for hatchery-reared Chinook salmon through microbiome monitoring and enhancement January 2024
Characterization of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout Below the Little Red River Tailwater June 2025
Brown Trout Movement in Little Red River tailwater June 2025
Caribou recovery September 2023
Population Dynamics of Burrowing Owls on Naval Air Station Lemoore September 2025
Effects of aircraft noise on greater sage-grouse December 2024
Multi-scale habitat needs of at-risk fishes in Nebraska February 2025
Identifying environmental and demographic drivers of American kestrel population declines to inform conservation actions June 2024
Eastern Black Rail Species Distribution Model September 2021
Central Alaska aquatic inventory & monitoring data synthesis May 2023
Assessment of Silver Carp and Bighead Carp in the Platte River, Nebraska: emphasis on distribution, population demographics and reproduction January 2024
Steelhead Run Reconstruction August 2024
Yellow Perch in Lake Cascade December 2022
Effects of agricultural pesticides on migrating shorebirds June 2024
Patterns and processes in multi-predator dynamical systems June 2024
Habitat Use and Survival of Reintroduced Juvenile Bolson Tortoises May 2025
Habitat Use and Survival of Reintroduced Juvenile Bolson Tortoises May 2025
Grouper Moon: Conservation of Groupers in The Cayman Islands December 2028
Investigating Biodiversity and Abundance of Reef Predators in The Bahamas using Baited Remote Underwater Video Surveys December 2024
Development of a Mississippi River Basin Invasive Carp Population Assessment Team December 2021
Assessing Nesting Status of Black-capped Petrels Following Acute Disturbance Events December 2023
Assessing Nesting Status of Black-capped Petrels Following Acute Disturbance Events December 2023
TCU 438: Evaluating resilience and vulnerability of fish assemblage structure to intermittent flow August 2024
Assessment of angler use and catch during 2022 at Sutherland Reservoir, Nebraska March 2023
Analysis of bald eagle demographic data December 2023
Analysis of bald eagle demographic data December 2023
Heavy Metals in Cape Krusenstren National Monument June 2024
Burrowing Owl population assessment on Colorado's black tailed prairie dog colonies June 2022
Modeling and Decision Analysis for Plague in Prairie Dog Colonies February 2023
Integrated Ecosystem Modeling Fish In the Grand Canyon September 2024
Beaver Ecology and Relocation Ecology March 2025
Contribution of Different Spawning Strategies and Locations to Lake Whitefish Fisheries in Southern Green Bay December 2025
Assessment of movement of prions across the captive-wild interface August 2023
Modeling the risk of West Nile virus to ruffed grouse populations June 2022
Muskrat ecology and disease August 2023
Parturition timing and calf survival in Pennsylvania elk June 2023
Uinta Mule Deer Survival, Movement, and Habitat Use January 2025
Can ribbed mussels augment coastal restoration projects in a world of rising seas? July 2023
Inventory of models to support decision making to address oyster restoration May 2021
Model Updates and Improvements: ICM-HSIs June 2020
Gear Comparison Study for Sampling Nekton in Barataria Basin Marshes December 2020
Assessment of NRDA Funded Oyster Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico September 2026
Avian species resilience to habitat degradation December 2024
Bumble bee habitat relationships and distribution models December 2024
Molt Timing and Sample Collection for Future Derivation of Harvest for Purple and Common Gallinules in Louisiana December 2022
Rail and Gallinule Movements in Coastal Louisiana August 2024
Rail and Gallinule Movements in Coastal Louisiana August 2024
Distribution and Habitat Characteristics of Secretive Marshbirds in Southeastern Louisiana August 2024
Comparison of Avian Communities and Hydrological Characteristics on Restored and Natural Marshes in Coastal Louisiana August 2024
Post delisting Surveys of Virginia northern flying squirrels and spruce restoration December 2022
An Evaluation of Factors Limiting Plant Establishment at Malheur Lake May 2023
Quantifying the Effect of Instream Flow on Larval Fish Abundance in the Edisto River Basin December 2021
Distribution and Habitat Associations of Snowshoe Hares in Pennsylvania June 2025
Observing Flight Initiation Distances of Florida Chelonia mydas in the Crystal Bay Area October 2022
Investigating Drivers of Cisco Recruitment January 2024
Growth Assessment of Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tunas February 2021
AquaPV Ecological modelling support September 2024
The Impact of Future Climate Variability on Shorebirds and Their Wetland Habitats in the South-Central U.S. December 2022
A collaborative organizational network analysis of the Cooperative Research Units program August 2024
Pilot test for treating mange in wild canids and felids in the Santa Monica Mountains, California December 2023
Mesocarnivore survey in southern Idaho December 2023
AGFC State base funds June 2021
REU: Site: assessment and sustainable management of ecosystem services at the nexus of food, energy, and water systems August 2025
The role of drought on taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity of fishes August 2021
The role of drought on taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity of fishes August 2021
Winter stonefly distribution, habitat requirements, life history, and population status in Arkansas June 2023
Landscape- and local-scale habitat influences on distribution and abundance of the crayfish Faxonius eupunctus, Faxonius wagneri and Faxonius roberti in the Spring River, Strawberry River and Eleven Point River drainages June 2025
Mesopredator Density Along an Urban to Rural Gradient December 2024
Woody debris export to large rivers following wildfire September 2022
Upland Habitat Use by Crawfish Frogs December 2024
Collaborative Research: RAPID: lake ecosystem responses to fire along gradients of burn characteristics and hydrologic connectivity February 2024
A rapid mapping tool for quantifying grassland management outcomes August 2024
Abiotic and biotic factors affecting fish occurrence, abundance, and growth in sixty Florida lakes June 2026
Using long-term monitoring data to evaluate Largemouth Bass and Black Crappie population dynamics amid environmental change December 2023
Informing invasive species management amid climate and land-use change to build social-ecological resilience June 2026
Enhancing Capabilities of CPW's Statewide Aquatic Toxicology Program June 2022
Exploitation and Catch of Shoal Bass in the Lower Flint River Basin and Angler Use, Effort, and Economic Impact of This Fishery June 2024
Integrated population modeling to improve forecasting for coho salmon and steelhead returns and the status of their habitat in Oregon June 2024
Characterizing the fish assemblage of the Lake Powell forebay: identifying the potential for non-native fish escapement and entrainment into Glen Canyon Dam and potential for establishment in the Glen, Marble, and Grand Canyon. September 2023
Using non-native vegetation to enhance in-stream habitat for native fishes. September 2023
Estimating ecosystem production across gradients of river alteration in the Colorado River basin; could contemporary productivity be a limiting factor for native fishes? December 2024
Aquatic food web changes to invasive Flathead Catfish along an invasion gradient January 2024
Understanding the drivers and limiting factors of Tui chub in Pyramid Lake, NV as the most important food source for recovering Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. September 2024
Comparing beaver translocations before and after passive stream restoration projects to determine the most effective strategies for beaver translocation in the Price and San Rafael Rivers, Utah (Phase II) May 2023
RWO 102: TCU 436 Development of an Effective Survey Methodology for Detection and Monitoring of Texas Kangaroo Rats May 2024