Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources


Project Completion Date
Assessment of the Invasion of the Asian Swamp Eels in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area 2018-12-31
Moose demography in NE Washington 2017-06-30
Effects of climate and habitat change on structure and function of a high priority montane ecosystem 2017-03-31
Growth Potential and Genetic Diversity of Yellow Perch in South Dakota 2017-11-01
Survival, Distribution and Relative Predation of Naturally-produced Rainbow Trout in the Deerfield Reservoir system 2015-12-30
Determination of geomorphological and landscape factors contributing to diverse Unionoid mussel communities in Missouri River systems, with particular emphasis on the Meramec River Drainage 2019-06-30
Physiology, behavior, and tolerances of Missouri fishes of conservation concern with a focus on Niangua Darter and Topeka Shiner 2018-06-30
Linking Wetland Management Decisions to Distribution, Habitat Use and Nesting Efforts of Secretive Marsh Birds in Missouri 2016-06-30
Linking waterfowl distribution and abundance to spatial and 2016-06-30
CWD Deposition and Environmental Reservoirs 2016-02-28
Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on health of aquatic organisms 2016-12-31
American eel age and growth assessment in the Roanoke River, North Carolina. 2018-06-14
Estimation of Angler Mortality and Development of Live Well Management Procedures to Improve the Survival of the Largemouth Bass 2017-06-30
Development of fish and amphibian rapid assessment protocols 2016-06-30
Science to inform management of floodplain conservation lands under non-stationary conditions 2017-09-30
Identification of Current and Future Conservation Actions Needed to Preserve Lesser Prairie-Chicken Populations in Context of Land Management Practices and Environmental Variation 2017-12-31
Climatic and Anthropogenic Forcing of Wetland Landscape Connectivity in the Great Plains 2017-07-31
Multi-scale examination of the distribution and habitat use patterns of the Regal Fritillary (Speyeria idalia) within the Fort Riley Military Reservation 2016-05-31
RWO 90: A range wide assessment of the influence of landscape and environmental change on lesser prairie-chickens 2017-12-31
OA 75: Influence of wind energy on Swainson's hawk ecology 2017-09-30
Modeling Bat Habitat Use Across Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (BISO): Potential Effects of Prescribed Fire 2016-05-01
Modeling Winter Habitat Use of Whooping Cranes in the Eastern Migratory Population 2016-12-31
Determining the distribution of imperiled mussels in Tennessee waters 2017-06-30
Propagating mussels in the Ohio River 2017-06-30
Endangered species research below Green River Dam 2016-12-31
Intra-guild predator dynamics: the effects of recolonizing gray wolf populations on cougars in northeast Oregon. 2019-06-30
Use of a portable ultrasound to determine sex and maturation status of Lake Sturgeon in the White Rapids section and other portions of the Menominee River 2016-06-01
Invasive Asian Carp in Tennessee Rivers 2016-08-30
Conserving Snake Species of Greatest Conservation Need Threatened by an Emerging Fungal Skin Disease 2015-12-31
Sampling and Managing Catfish Stocks in Tennessee 2016-12-31
Inventory and Monitoring for the Federally Endangered Northern Red-bellied Cooter 2015-12-31
Movements of Coastal Birds in Southern New England 2016-12-31
Conserving Wood Turtles and Associated Riparian Species 2017-06-30
Offshore Movements of Migratory Bats in the Gulf of Maine 2017-12-31
Range-wide migratory connectivity for full-cycle conservation of the golden-winged warbler, climate sensitive songbird of the highest conservation concern 2016-12-31
Marshbird response to invasive cattail control using grazing, mowing, and herbicide application in the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesta 2017-12-31
Delineating sandhill crane populations in Minnesota 2017-06-30
Adaptive Management for Turkey Harvest in Alabama 2020-09-30
2014 Wild Turkey Hunter Study 2016-12-31
Using Qualitative Knowledge of Life History Traits to Predict Taxon Group Response to Levels of Coarse Woody Debris 2017-12-31
A study of diamond darter macrohabitat use and abundance within the lower Elk River. 2017-02-28
Establishing long-term, continuous monitoring of flow, temperature, and macroinvertebrates at reference streams to quantify potential effects of climate change on stream ecosystems 2017-12-01
Microhabitat use of native and nonnative fishes in Kootenai River 2017-01-31
Movement dynamics, distribution, habitat use, and species associations of juvenile burbot in tributaries of the Kootenai River 2017-04-30
Grassland habitat management for diverse taxa and stakeholders 2016-07-31
Klamath Basin S3 Model 2019-09-30
Evaluate the influence of harvest regulations on angler effort using remote car counters 2016-12-30
Evaluation of methods used to estimate population metrics for adult muskellunge in northern Wisconsin lakes 2018-06-30
Biogeography and Conservation of Maine’s Island Amphibians (M.Kinnison, P.deMaynadier, L.Welch, B.Connery collaborators) 2015-12-31
Engaging Maine Blueberry Growers to Develop Tools for Native Bee Use and Conservation (S.Hanes, F.Drummond,K. Collum, B.DuClos, A.Hoshide collaborators) 2015-12-31
Wildlife-Livestock Disease Transmission in a Changing Climate 2018-09-30
Landscape genetic structure of the western continental golden eagle population 2019-07-31
Urbanization and Massachusetts streams: Unpacking the biological effects of impervious cover 2017-06-30
Population characteristics and movements of smallmouth bass in the Menominee River 2019-06-30
Effects of 2, 4-D treatments to control Eurasian Watermilfoil on fish and zooplankton in northern Wisconsin lakes 2017-12-31
Movements of lake sturgeon after upstream passage through two dams on the Menominee River 2017-01-10
Determining stream of origin and spawning site fidelity of salmonids in the Upper North Platte River drainage using otolith microchemistry 2017-12-31
Identification of priority conservation areas for native aquatic species 2016-09-30
Updating Temperature Criteria for Wyoming Surface Waters - DEQ 2017-08-31
Nutritional Carrying Capacity of Wyoming's Ungulates 2017-12-29
Population Dynamics in Moose in the Snowy Range 2018-12-31
Phenology Tracking in Migratory Mule Deer 2018-12-31
Evaluations of Methods to Introduce Mortality in Lake Trout Embryos 2018-01-31
Tenderfoot Creek Bair Ranch Foundation Research Project II 2015-12-31
Small mammal community stability 2016-05-31
Establish & Operated Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research 2017-03-30
Phase II: Monitoring the endangered Tidewater Goby using environmental DNA in water samples: Field tests 2019-06-30
Biotic and abiotic factors related to persistence of a federally-threatened cyprinid 2016-05-31
Understanding the impacts of surface-groundwater conditions on stream fishes under altered base-flow conditions 2018-05-31
Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to assess the presence of cave-fish and crayfish populations in caves of the Ozark Highlands 2018-12-31
Landscape genetics of white-tailed deer to assess population structure for surveillance of chronic wasting disease 2017-06-30
Valuing Wildlife in the US 2015-10-31
Reevaluation of the status of black bears in southeastern Oklahoma 2018-06-20
Investigating impacts of energy development on lesser prairie-chicken reproduction, survival, movement, and habitat use in eastern New Mexico. 2015-12-31
Determining Seasonal Use of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Habitat by the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanachus pallidicinctus) in Eastern New Mexico 2016-12-31
Demography and seasonal movement patterns of band-tailed pigeons in New Mexico. 2016-12-31
Measuring scaled quail demography and seasonal habitat use in response to a shrub reduction treatment in southwestern New Mexico and effect of climate on nest and brood success 2016-12-31
Describing seasonal movement patterns and development of a bioenergetics model to determine carrying capacity of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, NM for wintering sandhill cranes 2017-12-31
Economic Impacts of Feral Hogs on South Carolina’s Agriculture Submitted to the South Carolina Farm Bureau 2016-05-14
Angler behavior in response to management actions on Nebraska reservoirs -- Part 2 2018-12-31
Quantifying habitat selection and predicting habitat use by whooping crane 2016-12-01
Identifying recruitment bottlenecks for walleyes in northern Wisconsin lakes 2018-12-31
Reproductive readiness and behavioral ecology of wild hatchery-reared pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River above Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana 2017-06-30
Evaluation of juvenile bull trout outmigration in Thompson Falls Reservoir 2016-12-31
Population trends and predicted trajectories of American Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in the American Southwest 2016-05-01
Evaluating the effects of shallow-water habitat on age-0 Scaphirhynchus sp prey use and condition 2016-12-31
Developing Non-Invasive Methods to Monitor Burrow-nesting Seabird Populations 2017-01-31
Conservation of the Critically Endangered Chinese Crested Tern: Restoration of a Lost Breeding Colony 2019-03-15
Monitor and Evaluate Caspian Terns and their Impacts on the Survival of Juvenile Salmonids in the Columbia River Estuary 2015-11-30
Mapping Physical Characteristics of the Columbia River Mouth Using Transmittered Diving Waterbirds 2015-12-30
Evaluation of Caspian tern management to reduce predation on ESA-listed salmonids in the Columbia Plateau region 2019-03-31
Synthesis of Measures for Controlling Invasive Mollusks at Hatcheries 2015-12-30
Life History of the Freckled Crayfish Cambarus maculatus in two Missouri Streams 2016-06-30
Development of standardized and validated methods for sampling freshwater mussels in Missouri: Evaluation of factors influencing capture probability, occupancy estimation, and community and population metrics using visual survey approaches. 2016-06-30
Investigating alewife population dynamics and parent-progeny-relationships in the Parker River towards determining landscape effects on productivity 2016-06-30
Resource selection and movements of mule deer and elk on the Jemez Pueblo 2017-03-31
Annual Evaluation and Development of Benchmarks for Lake Trout Suppression in Yelowstone Lake 2018-06-01
Survey for Sensitive Species in Utah 2017-08-31
Utah Natural Heritage Program 2016-06-30
Environmental Determinants of Sex in Fishes: Endocrine Disruptors and Water Temperature 2016-09-30
Robust Redhorse Recovery and Habitat Restoration: Assessing Water Quality Stressors and Food Web Contaminant Dynamics 2017-12-30
Assessing the effects of the National Park Service predator and vehicle management practices on nesting shorebirds at Cape Hatteras National Seashore 2017-11-30
Impacts of Energy Production, Habitat Selection, and Population Size on Resource Selection, Survival, and Recruitment of Lesser Prairie-Chickens in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado 2018-08-30
Lesser Prairie-Chicken Response to USDA Conservation Practices In Kansas and Colorado 2017-09-30
Parasitemia, Health, and Reproduction in a Migratory Waterfowl 2015-12-30
Wildife response to the restoration of tall-grass prairie infested with L. cuneata 2017-12-30
Making decisions in complex landscapes: headwater stream management across multiple agencies 2016-05-01
Demographics and habitat use of Greater Sage-Grouse in wildfire-affected habitats in Oregon. 2021-06-30
Commercial harvest influence on white sucker demographics 2016-08-01
Understanding the St Croix River Food Web 2018-01-01
Assessing flow ecology hypotheses with an emphasis on the Arbuckle Mountains 2016-05-31
CNH: Coupled Climate, Cultivation and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape. 2019-05-30
Movement, mortality, and habitat use of westslope cutthroat trout in the South Fork Clearwater River watershed 2015-12-31
Population dynamics of lake trout in Priest Lake, Idaho 2015-12-31
Sampling designs and population dynamics of burbot in the Green River system: tools for management 2018-12-31
Integrating adaptive management, resilience thinking and optimization 2015-12-31
Dynamics of resilience in complex adaptive systems 2017-12-31
Better soil for birds 2016-05-01
Bat movements across transforming landscapes 2018-06-30
Amphibian Occupancy, Functional Connectivity, and Resilience of Rainwater Basin Wetlands 2018-05-31
Long-Term Logan River Trout Viability Study and Monitoring 2021-09-30
FS: Cutthroat Population Conditions within the Logan Watershed 2017-06-06
FWS: Pyramid Lake Fishery Evaluation to evaluate Lahontan cutthroat trout performance and identify limiting factors for the native fish community 2019-12-31
CPCESU San Rafael Restoration Science 2017-09-17
Assessing Humboldt Marten Prey Availability and Predator Abundance in Advance of Population Restoration 2016-03-31
Assessing Migratory Avifauna Responses to Managed Land Use Practices in a Sagebrush/Grassland System 2017-09-01
Grizzly Bear DNA Study 2015-12-31
Avian conservation in native and afforested habitats of north-central Uruguay 2017-05-15
Influence of Energy Development on Non-Game Sagebrush Birds III 2017-12-31
Linking Habitat Features to Dissolved Oxygen and River Flow in the Lower Osage River, Missouri 2018-06-30
Conservation and Management of Missouri’s Mid-Sized Rivers: Development of Sampling Protocols and Application to Priority Watershed Rivers 2019-06-30
Assessment of Available Missouri Ecological Flow Data. 2016-06-30
A decision support mapper for conserving stream fish habitats of the Northeast Climate Science Center region 2016-06-30
Developing Measures of Vulnerability to Climate Change and Disturbance of Aquatic Communities in Heartland Network National Parks 2017-12-31
Grizzly Bear Population Status in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem 2015-12-31
Assessment of drought impacts on selected fish and wildlife species in the southwestern U.S. 2017-08-31
Ecology of swift fox in Nebraska 2018-12-01
The Gulf of Maine coastal ecosystem survey: an integrated, multidisciplinary effort to map biological hotspots in the waters of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts (Collaborators: C. Loftin, S. McKinney, A. McKnight, A. Allyn, J. Runge, MDIFW, UMass, USFWS, BRI) 2018-12-31
Of Pools and People: Small natural features with large ecosystem functions in urbanizing landscapes (Collaborators: A.Calhoun, M.Hunter, K. Bell, M. Kinnison, C. Loftin, K. Capps, D. Bauer, E. Nelson) 2019-12-31
Occurrence and variation in submersed aquatic vegetation along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico 2020-08-30
Snowshoe Hare Habitat Relationships in Response to Northern Forest Management 2015-12-31
Development of reference reaches for Missouri streams 2016-06-30
Avian Community Response in GTNP 2015-12-31
Sublette Moose Demography and Habitat Use 2016-12-31
Statewide Moose Habitat Project 2018-06-30
Evaluating the Influence of Beetle Kill on Sierra Madre Elk 2019-06-30
Relating Mule Deer Corridors to Sage-Grouse Conservation 2015-11-30
Monitoring Elk Migrations with Remote Photography 2018-12-31
Columbia Spotted Frog Investigations 2016-12-31
Variation and plasticity and their interaction with urbanization in Guadalupe bass populations on and off the Edwards Plateau 2016-12-31
Assess genetic integrity, population status, and long-term viability of isolated populations of shoal bass in the upper Chattahoochee River 2017-12-15
Linking fish health, contaminants, and population dynamics of smallmouth bass populations in the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania 2017-04-30
Upper and Lower Redwood Creek Juvenile Salmon (Smolt) Abundance Project 2017-03-31
Prairie Creek Juvenile Salmonid (Smolt) Abundance Project 2017-03-31
Population viability and reclassification criteria of the listed population of Steller’s Eider in Alaska. 2016-08-15
Salmon in the Redwood Creek Basin 2016-03-31
Deer Density and recriutment 2016-05-31
Habitat decisions in altered landscapes: Behavioral and physiological consequences for long-distance migrants 2015-12-31
Carnivore Occupancy and Intraguild Interactions Across New York State 2020-03-31
Fall harvest rates of female wild turkeys in New York 2017-03-31
Density of Pallid Sturgeon and Food Web Dynamics in the Missouri River 2017-12-31
Environmental and endogenous factors affecting egg quality and caviar yield in farmed sturgeon 2017-07-31
Small and meso mammals and forest community dynamics 2016-06-01
American marten population ecology and role in forest community dynamics 2018-06-01
Deer Hunter Attitudes 2016-12-31
Resource use of arctic peregrine falcons along the Colville River, Alaska 2015-12-31
Statewide evaluation of calcified structures used to estimate ages of largemouth bass and northern pike 2017-06-30
Mule Deer Fitness Nutrition 2016-12-31
Investigating Impacts of Winter Lake Drawdowns on Littoral Ecosystems 2019-12-31
Deer abundance and its relationship to factors that affect forest vegetation conditions 2022-06-30
Long-term Changes in Marine Bird Populations of Prince William Sound, Alaska 2015-12-31
Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River 2019-01-31
Small Mammal (SGCN): The Influence of exotic grassland plants 2016-02-04
Alpine Habitat: Influence of Climate Change on Wildlife 2017-03-31
Wyoming Range Native Fish and Energy Development 2021-06-30
Burbot migration and movement: the impact of a managed flow regime 2015-12-31
Wyoming Migration Initiative 2021-06-30
Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project 2019-12-31
Stable Isotopes to Delineate Seasonal Range Use for Wyoming Ungulates 2019-06-30
Platte Valley Mule Deer Project 2018-06-30
Chinook and coho salmon productivity on the Unalakleet River 2016-12-30
Plum Island Ecosystems LTER 2018-06-30
Developing and Testing a Spatially-Explicit, Science-Based, Decision-Support Tool for Making Riverscape-Scale Management Decisions: How Dams and Culverts Affect a Threatened Native Stream Fish, the Neosho Madtom, and Select Tributary Fish Species 2019-02-28
Identifying Migratory Routes and Wintering Grounds of Burrowing Owls that Breed on DoD Installations in the Western U.S. 2020-09-29
South Carolina Alligator Adaptive Management Strategies: Population Dynamics, Habitat Utilization and Conservation Threats 2019-03-30
Development of decision analysis tools for controlling New Zealand mudsnails in fish hatcheries 2016-09-30
Effectiveness of Forest Restoration Treatments on Demography of a Federally Listed Ground Squirrel 2023-02-28
Research to advance conservation science through application of USGS GAP data 2015-12-01
Assessing the Importance of Wetlands on DoD Installations for the Persistence of Wetland-dependent Birds 2019-12-31
Settling dynamics of breeding ducks in the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region, 1987-2011 2015-12-31
Dynamics of wetland and grassland wetland ecosystems in the Northern Great Plains 2016-09-30
Evaluation of the James River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program 2016-12-31
Evaluating wetland-ecosystem health in the prairie pothole region of South Dakota using real-time nutrient dynamics of waterfowl 2016-06-30
Movement and habitat use of pallid sturgeon in the lower Mississippi River 2017-12-31
Estimating Breeding Populations of Canada Geese in the Midwest – A Model to Predict Canada Goose Breeding Pair Densities Using National Wetlands Inventory Data 2017-09-30
Sage Grouse Genetics 2016-09-15
Grizzly Bear Population Status in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem 2015-12-30
Vulnerability of Hawaiian forest birds to climate change 2016-06-30
Impacts of Surface Water Supply Reservoirs on Stream Flow and Biota 2020-06-30
Landscape-scale management of forest wildlife populations in Wisconsin 2024-07-31
Landscape-scale management of grassland birds in Wisconsin 2022-04-04
Development of stream temperature models for selected Missouri streams 2016-06-30
Eastern Brown Pelicans: Dispersal, Seasonal Movements and Monitoring of PAHs and Contaminants in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 2019-11-30
Developing standard and efficient methods for sampling fish in Oklahoma streams 2016-12-31
Effects of forest management practices in the Acadian Northern Hardwood/Conifer Forests of Maine on forest bird communities, with emphasis on species of regional conservation priority and concern (Collaborators: D. harrison, P. Wood, C. Loftin) 2018-12-31
Assessing Priority Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Areas (PARCAs) and Vulnerability to Climate Change in the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (Collaborators: C. Loftin, P. deMaynadier, K. Barrett, P.Nanjappa) 2019-01-01
Decision Support for Public Alligator Harvesting in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina 2017-06-30
A Spatially Explicit Population Modeling Framework to Support Conservation Decision Making for Gopher Tortoises in Georgia 2017-06-30
Characterization of spatial and temporal variability in fishes in response to climate change 2017-08-31
Micro-habitat Characteristics of Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) Foraging Sites: Relating Structure, Composition and Soils to Habitat Identification, Conservation and Restoration Needs 2015-12-31
White-tailed Deer Impact and Vegetative Response in the Blue Ridge, Ridge and Valley and Appalachian Plateau of Virginia in Relation to Landscape and Land Ownership Characteristics 2015-12-31
Effects of Wetland Management Strategies on Habitat Use of Fall Migrating Rails on Intensively-Managed Wetland Complexes in Missouri 2016-05-31
The social-ecology of an intensively managed ecosystem: pheasants and pheasant hunters in Southwest Nebraska 2019-12-01
The effects of cross-scale interactions on freshwater ecosystem state across space and time 2016-05-15
The demography of Northern Spotted Owls in Oregon and Washington 2023-09-30
Adélie penguin demographic response to climate change at the individual, colony and metapopulation levels. 2025-09-03
Estimation of Wind Farm Mortality: Development of Super Population Approach to Estimate Cumulative Mortality from Carcass Surveys Accounting for Carcass Removal and Non-Detection 2016-09-30
Population Status of Carnivores 2016-08-08
Sicklefin Redhorse Ontogeny, Recruitment, and Priority Habitats in Regulated Rivers. 2017-06-30
Sea lamprey biology and interaction with Atlantic salmon in Maine rivers 2017-01-01
Regional effects of acid and aluminum exposure on Atlantic salmon juvenile development 2016-01-01
Salinity tolerance and the physiology of seawater entry in downstream migrating Atlantic salmon smolts 2016-01-01
Offshore Wind Energy Technology, Environmental Impacts, and Policy 2016-09-01
Understanding downstream migratory survival of Atlantic salmon smolts in the Penobscot River Maine; effects of dams and restoration 2020-09-01
Dam removals in Sedgeunkedunk Stream and the Penobscot River– changes in resident and migratory communities 2017-01-01
Passage of adult Atlantic salmon in the Penobscot River before and after dam removal 2022-01-01
Research and Applications in Support of the National Gap Analysis Program 2016-09-30
Factors influencing native aquatic plant revegetation success for enhanced sport fish habitat in North Carolina Piedmont reservoirs 2016-06-30
Stocked trout survival, behavior, and ecology in North Carolina streams 2015-12-31
A comprehensive examination of endocrine disrupting compounds and intersex fish in North Carolina water bodies. 2016-06-30
Web-Accessible Database of Standard Fish Sampling Data 2022-12-31
Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes 2022-10-30
Habitat Requirements of Larval and Adult Desert Fishes in Cherry Creek, Arizona: Implications for Water Rights Litigation 2016-10-31
Regeneration of Forest Vegetation in Response to Browsing by Moose and Deer: An Experimental Approach Using Exclosures 2027-12-31
Ecology of Urban and Rural Black Bears in Massachusetts 2015-12-31
Cheat Lake Biomonitoring Study 2015-12-01
Reintroduction of Whooping Cranes to Louisiana 2016-12-15
Migration Corridors and Landscape Connectivity Project 2018-06-30
The effectiveness of the Greater Sage-Grouse as an umbrella for non-game sagebrush SGCN 2018-06-30
Determining Ripeness in White Sturgeon Females to Maximize Yield and Quality of Caviar 2017-03-31
Mapping Biodiveristy Metrics 2015-12-31
Responses of large mammals to forest restoration treatments in the southwest Jemez Mountains, New Mexico 2025-09-30
Amphibian use of wetland-limited landscapes (Collaborator: A.J.K. Calhoun, UMaine) 2016-12-31
Pollination Security for Fruit and Vegetable Crops in the Northeast (collaborative project with Frank Drummond, Aaron Hoshide, Sam Hanes, Alison Dibble at UMaine) 2019-05-31
Development of a spatially explicit growth model for larval pallid sturgeon 2015-12-31
Using a Mechanistic Model to Develop Management Strategies to Cool Apache Trout Streams under the Threat of Climate Change 2019-10-01
Enhancing Hatch Rate and Survival in Laboratory-Reared Hybrid Devils Hole Pupfish through Application of Antibiotics to Eggs and Larvae 2016-12-31
Using Remote Videography to Investigate Relationships Between Environmental Conditions and Spawning Behavior in Devils Hole Pupfish 2017-12-31
Assessment of Stonecat (Noturus flavus) populations in the Missisquoi and LaPlatte rivers of Vermont 2016-09-30
Assessing endangered marsh rabbit and woodrat habitat use and feral cat population dynamics using photographic, video, and RFID capture-recapture data 2016-07-31
Evaluating Dynamics of Grassland and Wetland Ecosystems in the Northern Great Plains 2015-12-31
Status and distribution of black bears in east-central and northeastern Oklahoma 2016-06-30
Evaluation of northern bobwhite in western Oklahoma 2017-07-31
Predicting Migratory Bird Responses to Climate Change: 2017-12-31
Estimation of black bear densities in New Mexico using noninvasive genetic analyses 2016-12-31
Distribution and habitat selection/space use of migratory and resident golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in areas with high potential for wind energy development in New Mexico 2016-12-30
Connecticut River Migratory Fish 2018-09-30
Ecology of Smith's Longspurs in Northern Alaska 2015-12-30
Environmental Effect on Harbor Seal Movement & Resource Selection 2017-06-30
Linking resources selection to population dynamics of Mule Deer in Idaho 2016-09-30
Wisconsin's wildlife and a changing climate 2023-09-30
Evaluating the influence of climate and predation on the survival of Rocky Mountain Elk: A regional synthesis across northwestern states. 2016-04-30
Effects of Climate Change on Structure and Function of the High Priority Ecosystem: Trophic Interactions and Population Trajectories in a Montane Riparian Ecosystem". Dated October 27, 2008 2017-12-31
Predicting the effects on endangered mussels from incremental decreases in minimum flows 2015-12-31
Projected effects of climate-induced vegetation changes on caribou (Rangifer tarandus) energetics in northern Alaska 2016-09-30
Causes of Differential Migration in Birds 2023-12-31
Endangered Yellowcheek Darter (Etheostoma moorei) movement and refuge use 2024-05-14
Reconstruction of landscape composition and vegetation characteristics in the Sand Sagebrush Prairie Ecoregion 2023-08-30
Multi-scale response of lesser prairie-chickens to future changes in land use and land cover 2022-12-31
Enhancing the Conservation Potential of the Wood Turtle 2023-12-31
Does a copper-nitrate synergy drive algal blooms and toxicity in Sierra Nevada Lakes? 2024-07-31
Assessing habitat suitability and the spatial design of recovery options for southern mountain caribou in western North America. 2023-09-30
Advancing the knowledge of freshwater mussel conservation: examining the role of manganese on recent mussel die-offs and enigmatic declines 2023-05-31
Impacts of sea level rise and associated salinity changes on at-risk native freshwater mussels and their habitats in Atlantic coastal rivers 2021-12-31
Patterns of greenness (NDVI) in the Southern Great Plains and their influence on reproduction of a declining prairie grouse. 2022-08-30
Lesser Prairie-Chicken 2022-09-28
Using genomics to elucidate local adaptation among isolated populations of the endangered tidewater goby 2022-12-31
Development of environmental DNA assays for Central Valley Chinook salmon ecotypes 2020-12-31
Integration of molecular methods into predator diet analysis to advance understanding of juvenile Chinook salmon predation mortality in the Delta 2022-12-31
Standardizing Environmental DNA methodologies for Coho Salmon 2023-12-31
Development of Environmentally Friendly Methods to Control Harmful Algal Blooms 2021-08-31
An automated analytical system to synthesize environmental data from long-term remote sensors for use in animal migration ecology 2022-09-01
Modeling the density of a parasite impacting salmonids in the Klamath River 2023-11-30
Large wood restoration effectiveness for salmonids in Pudding Creek, California: A before-after-control-impact experiment 2021-06-01
Differential survival of two size classes of Rainbow Trout and the predatory impact of Northern Pike in a high elevation New Mexico reservoir 2022-06-30
Forecasting Aquatic Invasions in Rivers: Using Riverscapes Genetics to Inform Invasive Fish Species Management at Regional Scales 2022-09-29
Assessing variability in fish populations 2022-08-31
Assess the Population of Sicklefin Redhorse in Brasstown Creek 2021-08-31
Impact of extreme events on native and nonnative fauna on Hawaii stream ecosystem 2020-11-30
Identifying Pollinator Habitat Along Power Line Right of Ways in the Georgia Piedmont 2022-09-01
How will changing reefscapes affect the prevalence of ciguatera on Hawaiian reefs? 2022-08-15
OA 95: Nest Survival and Site Selection of Avian Communities in Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands Undergoing Thinning Prescriptions 2023-09-30
OA 91: NWI SWiFT Bird Environmental Study 2020-09-30
OA 92: Pilot study - Guana Island Avian Response to Hurricanes 2021-09-30
Mapping Big Game Migration Corridors - New Mexico 2021-04-30
Identification and characterization of habitat conditions of mule deer, elk and pronghorn migration routes and stopover locations in Northern New Mexico 2023-06-30
Range-wide population viability analysis for the Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) 2021-06-30
Puerto Rican Boa Population Viability Analysis for Species Status Assessment 2022-09-30
Assessing the Precision of Estimates of Population Vital Rates for Polar Bears in Alaska 2021-05-31
Population Modeling to Support Conservation of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales 2021-06-30
Seabird Ecology at Tetiaroa, French Polynesia 2049-12-31
Constructing a Modeling Tool for Wolf Status Review in Washington 2021-08-31
Marine use of Atlantic sturgeon in the Gulf of Maine 2021-09-30
Does predation limit Atlantic salmon recovery? 2023-12-31
Southwestern Species Status Assessment 2020-03-01
Documenting Mule Deer Movements, Season Ranges and Habitat Use in the Bighorn Mountains 2022-06-30
Alligator Snapping Turtle population viability and listing decisions 2022-10-31
Evaluation of the management actions taken in the Lamar River watershed 2023-12-31
Grizzly Bear Recovery: Modeling Movement, Home Ranges, Range Expansion, and Population Connectivity 2021-12-01
State Parks Foundation 2020-11-30
North Sapphire Elk Project Phase II 2023-06-30
Predicting puma densities and distribution 2022-05-31
Preventing Predation: Mechanistic Drivers of and Deterrents in Conflict with Jaguars 2021-05-01
UM Elk Recreation Study 2024-06-30
Mandatory Reporting and Harvest Surveys Evaluation 2021-06-30
Predator use of white-tailed deer, mule deer, moose, and elk and influence on population dynamics. 2021-06-30
Quantify and prioritize lake trout spawning habitat for suppression 2023-12-31
Westslope Cutthroat Trout Project 2021-06-30
UM Pronghorn Movement and Population Study 2024-06-30
Human dimensions of grizzly bear management in MT - Grizzly Bear Social Survey 2020-06-30
Blackfoot Clearwater Elk Study 2022-06-30
Grizzly Bear Integrated Population Modeling and Interface Development 2020-12-31
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Sage Grouse Grazing Project PhD Student 2022-06-30
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Proactive Changes To Aid Success of Unit Cooperators in a Changing World. 2023-12-30
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Lower Blackfoot Bear Stress Study 2024-09-22
Structuring Governance to Achieve Landscape-scale Conservation Outcomes 2024-01-01
Role of study length and life-history traits on the reliability of management recommendations 2023-09-15
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Large Downed Wood as Post-fire Refugia for Terrestrial Salamanders in Pacific Northwest Forests 2023-08-31
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Using engineered DNA to assess spatial and temporal variation in eDNA as a measure of the temporal and spatial variation of biodiversity 2022-12-31
Integration of molecular methods into predator diet analyses to advance understanding of juvenile Chinook salmon predation mortality in the Delta 2021-06-01
New York Breeding Bird Atlas 2025-04-30
New York Mammal Atlas 2023-04-30
Parasitic Threats to Moose and Moose Juvenile Survival 2025-05-31
Wild Turkey Harvest Modeling 2025-05-31
Fisher Harvest Modeling 2025-05-31
Occupancy of spotted lanternfly using detection dogs 2022-07-01
Closing the loop: characterizing habitat requirements, movements, and life stage linkages of river herring in Massachusetts watersheds 2022-12-31
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Context-Dependent Deep Learning for Bird Recognition in Drone Survey Imagery 2021-06-30
Living in a gradient: The influence of water temperature variation on development, settling time and survival of Pallid Sturgeon larvae in the Missouri River 2022-12-31
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Scale, Space, and Time: A Unifying Approach to Aquatic Invasions 2026-12-31
Why do turtles "bask" at night? 2021-12-30
Global horizon scan to assess U.S. invasion risk of terrestrial and freshwater vertebrates in trade 2022-09-30
Quantifying the impacts of climate change on fish growth and production to enable sustainable management of diverse inland fisheries 2022-08-31
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Intrusion of bigheaded carps into major oxbow lakes of the Lower Mississippi River 2022-06-30
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Effect of current and future climate on Endangered Yellowcheek Darter (Etheostoma moorei) growth, survival and refuge use 2023-09-11
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