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Northern Pearl Dace population demographics in Sandhills Ecoregion streams

August 2021 - December 2023


Participating Agencies

Quantified evidence of changes to population demographics of small-bodied stream fishes stemming from habitat modification is limited. In order to sustain populations of at risk species through habitat rehabilitation, information is needed regarding demographic responses including survival and movement among the mosaic of habitat patches present in stream systems. A collaborative study with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission was initiated to assess population demographic response of Northern Pearl Dace to stream channelization in the Nebraska Sandhills Ecoregion. This work may benefit decisions regarding needs for habitat rehabilitation within agriculture-dominated landscapes as well as inform species status assessments within State Wildlife Action Plans.

Presentations Presentation Date
Spooner, J., and J. Spurgeon. 2023. Population demographics of Northern Pearl Dace in the Nebraska Sandhills Ecoregion. National Meeting of the American Fisheries Society. Grand Rapids, MI. August 2023. August 2023
Spooner, J., J. Spurgeon, S. Sonsthagen, R. Sonsthagen, T. Huenemann. 2024. Population demography and structure of glacial relict stream fish mediated via anthropogenic alteration. World Fisheries Congress. Seattle, WA. March 8, 2024. March 2024