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Mississippi Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Oxbow lakes in the MAV provide outstanding recreation opportunities

Mississippi is home to oxbow lakes, abundant fisheries and wildlife resources, and enthusiastic recreationists. The Cooperative Fish and wildlife Unit was formed to conduct a research program to specifically address problems of state, regional and national importance regarding aquatic and terrestrial riparian ecosystems in Mississippi and adjacent states.

One of these ecosystems is bottomland hardwoods. Bottomland hardwood ecosystems are being subjected to tremendous stress, primarily through agricultural development, including timber and range uses, navigational and flood control, urbanization, and highway developments, with consequent impact on fish and
wildlife resources.

USGS faculty and graduate students conduct a wide range of applied and basic research projects designed to improve or at least avoid, minimize or mitigate fish and wildlife losses resulting from natural resource development and associated human population increases.

This research program has successfully trained hundreds of students who are now leaders in the wildlife and fisheries natural resource fields. Please explore our pages and find out more about the research, students, and discoveries we are making to keep Mississippi's wildlife and fisheries resources plentiful for future generations.

Mississippi Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Federal Staff

L.E. (Steve) Miranda
Miranda, Leandro
Unit Leader

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