Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Florida
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Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

The Florida unit is actively engaged in research on nesting Loggerhead turtles.

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Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

University of Florida
Box 110485
Gainesville FL 32611-0485
Phone: (352) 846-0534
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The Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit was established in 1979 as one of the first three combined units. The purpose of the Florida Unit is to provide for active cooperation in the advancement, organization, and conduct of scholarly research and training in the field of fish and wildlife sciences principally through graduate education and research at the University of Florida.

The Florida Unit has the mission to study wetland ecosystems within the state. Florida is a low relief, sub-tropical peninsula that is ecologically fragile. Specifically, this Unit conducts detailed investigations of aquatic-terrestrial ecosystem interfaces and their component fish and wildlife resources.

Past and present unit scientists include Unit Leaders Richard Gregory (1979-1985, Fisheries), Wiley Kitchens (1985-1997, Fisheries), Franklin Percival (1998-2015, Wildlife), Abby Powell (2015-present, Wildlife), and Assistant Unit Leaders Franklin Percival (1981-1998, Wildlife), Carol McIvor (1988-1993, Fisheries), Wiley Kitchens (1997-2014, Ecology), and Ray Carthy (1996-present, Wildlife).