Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Tennessee
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Tennessee Project

A comprehensive understanding of mussel populations in the Duck River, Tennessee for their conservation and to establish ecological flows for ongoing water withdrawals and water management

January 2020 - January 2030


Participating Agencies

  • Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
  • Fish and Wildlife Service

This is a comprehensive research program that is intended to provide guidance to natural resources agencies in TN tasked with the protection and use of its water resources, in particular, the Duck River, in response to increased demand for water withdrawal. It is intended as a multi-year, multi-step research program with individual research projects that, together, will provide this guidance. Our overarching goal is to provide an assessment of the ecological impacts of water quantity withdrawals on the Duck River that can inform a science-based policymaking on water management for this critically important watershed. If completed, this framework can be used elsewhere in Tennessee and the Southeastern United states to proactively manage water withdrawals in locations of high conservation priority and growing human populations.

Presentations Presentation Date
Rosenberger, A.E. and Womble, K.I. 2023. The history of freshwater mussels in the Duck River, Tennessee. Presentation to the Duck River Agency Annual Meeting, Henry Horton State Park, TN. December. December 2023
Rosenberger, A.E. 2023. Direction of mussel research in Tennessee: A strategic approach and instream flow. Tennessee River Basin Network Annual Meeting, Florence, Alabama. August 2023. August 2023
Rosenberger, A.E. 2022. Development and implementation of instream flow requirements to preserve the biotic integrity and resilience of the Duck River. Duck River Agency Annual Meeting, December 2022. December 2022
Theses and Dissertations Publication Date
Bajo-Walker, B. 2022. Modeling Potentially Suitable Freshwater Mussel Habitat Using Remote Data for the Duck River Drainage, Tennessee." MS Thesis, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville. August 2022