Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: North Carolina
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North Carolina Project

Spawning Movement Behaviors and Run Size of Nanticoke River Atlantic Sturgeon.

September 2020 - April 2022


Participating Agencies


Recovery planning for Atlantic Sturgeon requires abundance estimates for distinct population segments against which to evaluate take, protection of critical habitats, and develop feasible restoration targets. Recently developed analytical approaches integrating side-scan sonar and acoustic telemetry data provide new opportunities to estimate abundance for sturgeon populations. To address these topics, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in collaboration with Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife are conducting an on-going field study collecting side-scan sonar, ARIS (Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar), and acoustic telemetry data in the Marshyhope Creek (Nanticoke River). Here, we will estimate spawning run size for the Marshyhope Creek (Nanticoke River) sturgeon population using an integrated modelling approaches that incorporates side-scan sonar and acoustic telemetry data.