Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Alabama
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Alabama Project

Puerto Rican Boa Population Viability Analysis for Species Status Assessment

December 2017 - September 2022


Participating Agencies

  • USGS National Grants Branch

Working USFWS biologists and partner agencies and researchers we are developing viability models using available information to support classification decisions for Puerto Rican Boa and Eastern Black Rail.

Research Publications Publication Date
Tucker AM, McGowan CP, Mulero E, Angeli N, Zegarra JP. 2020. A demographic projection model to support conservation decision making for an endangered snake with limited monitoring data. Animal Conservation 24 (2): 291-301. October 2020
McGowan, C.P., Angeli, N.F., Beisler, W.A., Snyder, C., Rankin, N.M., Woodrow, J.O., Wilson, J.K., Rivenbark, E., Schwarzer, A., Hand, C.E. and Anthony, R., 2020. Linking monitoring and data analysis to predictions and decisions for the range-wide eastern black rail status assessment. Endangered Species Research, 43, pp.209-222. October 2020
Presentations Presentation Date
McGowan CP, Angeli N, Weist W. et al. 2019, Eastern Black Rail Dynamic Occupancy and Patch Persistence Modeling to Predict Future Redundancy and Resiliency.The Wildlife Society Conference, Reno NV, October 2019. September 2019
McGowan CP et al. 2020 Eastern Black Rail Dynamic Species Status Assessment using Occupancy and Patch Persistence Modeling. North American Ornithological Congress, Virtual Meeting, August 2020. August 2020