Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Oregon
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Oregon Project

Occupancy status of Northern Spotted Owls in southern Oregon.

September 2022 - December 2027


Participating Agencies

  • Region 6, FS

The Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) is listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act, primarily because of the loss of old growth forest habitat due to timber harvest. The impact of management activities that may remove or modify spotted owl nesting, roosting or foraging habitat on federal lands is required because of the federally threatened status of the northern spotted owl. The purpose of this study is to conduct surveys to locate resident spotted owls and identify owl territories that might be affected by a proposed management activity in the Fremont-Winema and Rogue Siskiyou National Forest in southern Oregon. These data will continue to be used to understand trends in occupancy status of northern spotted owls and barred owls and increase our understanding of owl ecology and habitat use within the region.