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The role of risk perception and social trust on coyote-sheep predation in California

June 2016 - December 2023


Participating Agencies

This research focuses on understanding how human risk perceptions and social trust influence human-wildlife conflict. In empirical studies, I combine techniques in wildlife ecology with the social sciences. In this series of projects funded by California DFW investigating the socio-ecology of coyote-sheep conflict, I showed that participatory maps improved ecological models of risk and addressed previously unreported issues of selection bias. In a subsequent study I co-led, we combined rancher interviews with an ecological experiment to show that the level of trust ranchers have for managers and scientists plays an important role in their interpretation of scientific data. In both of these studies, I shared findings in stakeholder workshops and through popular media. When this research was put into practice by ranchers, they witnessed dramatic declines in livestock predation. Simultaneously, California DFW has used our research to guide stakeholder engagement and conflict mitigation efforts. Stakeholder workshops provided novel insights into the ecological drivers of conflict, and, in research I co-led, these insights led to a novel framework and a highly cited publication that has improved conflict prediction and mitigation.

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