Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources


PENDING Mather (and 9 Co-PIs). 2023. NRT-HDR-FW-HTF: Building interdisciplinary connectivity and convergence: an integrated research and management plan to promote biologically-involved sustainability. ($2,997,328).

July 2024 - December 2029


Participating Agencies

Our mission of adding strong interdisciplinary understanding, statistics, policy, and a more diverse workforce to established technical disciplinary expertise is a critical strategy towards addressing society’s environmental goals. Through identification of meaningful connections among distinct, established academic disciplines that play a consistent role in BIS projects and are regularly funded at land grant universities, we will develop novel integrated, education, training and research directions that will intellectually inform and conceptually advance environmental problems which are commonly encountered by state, federal, or industry environmental organizations.

This project is a high priority for the University cooperator.

The Provost of the university (second highest administrator at Kansas State University writes
“I write this letter to indicate both strong and enthusiastic institutional support from Kansas State University (KSU) for the… grant proposal, ….which enhances the university mission. ….The university will benefit from visionary ideas and first-class capacity building in interdisciplinary research. New (research and teaching) resources will enhance our graduate educational programs, our interdisciplinary research capacity, and solutions for the complex environmental and biologically-involved sustainability issues facing Kansas and beyond.

The Dean of the Graduate School said of this grant
“ proposed …grant. is one of the initiatives that has the potential to strategically change how we prepare our workforce. . The proposed grant can be a game changer in how we approach interdisciplinary graduate education. The Graduate School is thrilled about this proposal and ready to provide all the support it needs.”