Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Nebraska
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Nebraska Project

Wetlands of Nebraska: An Outreach and Education Project

January 2020 - December 2022


Participating Agencies

  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

There is a strong need and demand from the general public, schools, conservation partners, and community organizations for outreach and education materials specifically relating to Nebraska’s wetland resources. Informing people about Nebraska’s wetland resources and the important services that they provide is a keystone to continuing to develop and refine Nebraska’s wetland program. This project is a collaboration of researchers across multiple organizations and includes the U.S. Geological Survey, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, University of Nebraska, and the Platte Basin Timelapse Project. The objective is to produce and distribute a series of integrated wetland outreach and education products to increase awareness of the importance of wetlands in Nebraska and develop an understanding of the need for wetland conservation. These products will provide up-to-date information about Nebraska’s wetlands, will be aligned with the Nebraska Statewide education standards, and will deliver information in a format that is favorable to today’s audiences.