Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Georgia
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Georgia Project

Technical Assistance to Georgia DNR for Nongame Bird Monitoring and Research

October 2017 - September 2021


Participating Agencies

  • GA DNR
  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources

The Wildlife Conservation Section of Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division, which has management authority for a diversity of animal and plant species within Georgia, needs (1) reliable population estimates of nesting Florida Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis pratensis) in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and (2) reliable inferences on demographic parameters of Henslow’s Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii). This work will provide survey design enhancements and analytical models to meet these needs. These two species are of conservation concern to the state, and Georgia DNR already invests heavily in monitoring and obtaining demographic data on them. Georgia DNR is an important cooperator with USGS, and this work addresses its concerns that its efforts could be better aligned with its objectives of understanding these populations. This work is being done in collaboration with Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the University of Georgia. The production of reliable biological information for these two species will help the state of Georgia better target their resources towards actions that conserve these species.