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Pennsylvania Project

North American interdisciplinary chronic wasting disease research consortium: NCDC234

September 2019 - September 2024


Participating Agencies

  • Cornell University Subaward from Michigan Department of Natural Resources

NCDC234: North American interdisciplinary chronic wasting disease consortium: Research across multiple disciplines is needed to fully address the complexities of CWD and acquire the knowledge needed to limit or eliminate its spread. Research programs are emerging and maturing at multiple universities and government agencies. These are developing in parallel with little coordination. For example, within institutions of higher education located in the Midwest alone, three large studies have been initiated within the last two years to investigate the role of movement behavior in shaping epidemiological models of CWD. Our intent is to form a multistate consortium designed to improve information exchange among universities and researchers with common goals, but different backgrounds and knowledge bases. Increased collaboration would improve research quality and avoid duplication of work at a critical time when effective solutions are needed quickly.