Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Mississippi
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Mississippi Project

Migration ecology of North American Turkey Vultures Cathartes aura wintering in the Neotropics: spatial and population dynamics

January 2018 - December 2020


Participating Agencies

  • Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
  • Mississippi State University

We are using a database of > 60 vultures radiomarked with satellite transmitters during the last decade. Our objectives in this research is to fill knowledge gaps focusing on three North American Turkey Vulture populations: Cathartes aura aura, C. a. meridionalis, and C. a. septentrionalis across North America. Our research will test ecological hypotheses on migration strategies, migratory connectivity, space use, resource selection and survival of these vulture populations and the influence that multi-resolution landscape characteristics, anthropogenic disturbance and weather conditions play in the life cycle of this North American raptor.

Research Publications Publication Date
Naveda-Rodriguez A., K.L. Bildstein, D.R. Barber, J.F. Therrien, M.L. Avery, B.M. Kluever, S.A. Rush, and F.J. Vilella. 2023. Turkey Vulture survival is reduced in areas of greater road density. Ornithological Applications 125:duad024. | Abstract | Download July 2023