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Dr. Jane Rogosch

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Assistant Unit Leader
Phone: (806) 834 - 8414
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  • Ph D University of Washington 2019
  • MS Kansas State University 2015
  • BS University of New Mexico 2009


Jane Rogosch received her PhD from the University of Washington and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Missouri. She joined the Texas Unit in 2020.

Research Interest

Jane's research is centered around the ecology and conservation of freshwater fishes with emphasis on the influence of altered flow conditions, invasive species, and other aspects of environmental change.

Research Publications Publication Date
Trentman, M.T., Dodds, W.K., Fencl, J.S., Gerber, K., Guarneri, J., Hitchman, S.M., Peterson, Z., and Rüegg, J. 2015. Quantifying ambient nitrogen uptake and functional relationships of uptake versus concentration in streams: a comparison of stable isotope, pulse, and plateau approaches. Biogeochemistry 125(1). doi:10.1007/s10533-015-0112-5. June 2015
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Creamer, David

Presentations Presentation Date
Rogosch, J.S., J.D. Olden, J.D. Tonkin, D.A. Lytle, D.M. Merritt, L.V. Reynolds “Hydrologic drought favors non-native fishes in a changing climate“, Desert Fishes Council. San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. Nov 15-19, 2017<br><br> November 2017
Rogosch, J.S., Archdeacon, T.P., and S. Davenport. 2021. Population trends and trade-offs in long-term dynamics of a prairie stream fish community. American Fisheries Society, Annual Meeting. November 6-10, 2021 November 2021
Rogosch, J.S. and J.D. Olden. “Trophic ecology along a gradient of invasion,” Desert Fishes Council. Death Valley, California, USA. Nov 14-18, 2018 November 2018
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