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Tennessee Project

Behavior of trophy brown trout in an eastern Tennessee reserovir system

September 2009 - December 2011


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  • Frank Fiss
A radio-tagged brown trout being released into the South Fork of the Holston River

Adult brown trout were radio-tracked in an east Tennessee reservoir (Boone Lake) and its headwater rivers to estimate their survival and movements. Annual mortality was fairly high (38%) and was probably influenced by bouts of high water temperatures in late spring and early summer and some catch-and-release mortality. Tagged fish in both headwater rivers exhibited strong site fidelity and most resided in the same pool-riffle sequence except during fall 2010, when most fish undertook spawning migrations. Only two fish were ever located in the main basin of Boone Lake and then for relatively brief periods. Some tagged brown trout occupied the reaches on both rivers governed by special regulations to reduce harvest or protect spawning fish.

Presentations Presentation Date
Mork, M.D., and P.W. Bettoli. 2011. Behavior and thermal ecology of adult brown trout in Boone Lake and its headwater rivers. Annual meeting of the Tennessee chapter of the American Fisheries Society, Montgomery Bell State Park, TN. March 2011