Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Tennessee
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Tennessee Technical Assistance Activities

Silver Carp below Barkley Dam on the Cumberland River

As part of our mission, Tennessee Unit scientists provide technical assistance ranging from data analysis support, literature reviews, reviewing reports and proposals, and consultations on a variety of natural resource issues affecting citizens of Tennessee and throughout North America.

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
Worked with the Nature Conservancy on the progress of a conservation flow regime for a flood control dam.
The Nature Conservancy
Layzer April 2003
Worked with the Nature Conservancy on the development of a conservation flow regime for a flood control dam.
Layzer November 2001
Worked with the Nature Conservancy on the development of a conservation flow regime for a flood control dam.
Layzer January 2002
Worked with the Nature Conservancy on the development of a conservation flow regime for a flood control dam.
Layzer December 2001
Worked with the Nature Conservancy on the development of a conservation flow regime for a flood control dam.
Layzer April 2002
Using eDNA to inform potential presence of Slender Chub in Tennessee.
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Rogers, Paine January 2020
Through seminars and workshops I am helping my state cooperators revamp their long-running reservoir creel survey program
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Bettoli August 2012
The Endangered Species Act requires USFWS to conduct periodic 5-year reviews on the conservation status of listed species. I provided a literature search and review for a second round 5- year review for the Oyster Mussel. The Service will use the comments to evaluate whether the current listing status and recovery priority number assigned to the oyster mussel are appropriate.
Tennessee Ecological Services Field Office
Rosenberger September 2017
Technical Expert for TVA structured decision making process for a programmatic environmental assessment for installing barriers on the Tennessee River to impede invasive carps
Tennessee Valley Authority
Rogers, Post van der Burg, Cupp, Chapman August 2020
Technical Assistance Expert Advice for KDWPT on Oxytetracycline Marking for Largemouth Bass
Mather, Bettoli March 2011
Summarized previous research and provided that information to Assistant Chief of Fisheries regarding trout stocking schemes in Tennessee tailwaters.
Tennessee Wildlife Resoures Agency
Bettoli January 2014
Steering Committee Member, Tennessee River Basin Network. 3-year commitment, involving a 1-hour conference call each month, and other business as it arises.
Tennessee River Bain Network
Rosenberger January 2024
Reviewed fish marking protocols employed unsuccessfully by Kansas biologists to mark large batch of largemouth bass fingerlings; advised the Unit Leader at the KCFWRU on how best to help her State cooperators solve their problems.
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Bettoli May 2011
Ran computer simulations and provided editorial comments and feedback on a white bass management manuscript that State Cooperators were preparing for publication.
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Bettoli September 2014
Provided training to State biologists on how to surgically implant ultrasonic tags into lake sturgeon.
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Bettoli November 2010
Provided model layer describing fundamentally suitable mussel habitat for component of the Meramec River Drainage.
The Nature Conservancy
Key, Rosenberger, Lindner October 2017
Provided literature and advice to South Carolina DNR biologist on how to measure survival of stocked trout in reservoir tailwaters
Bettoli, Harris April 2005
Provided feedback and advice to a TWRA program manager regarding long-term lake sturgeon restoration efforts and stocking schemes
Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency
Bettoli January 2014
Provided a technical review of a final report prepared by Iranian and Russian biologists on the status of Caspian Sea sturgeon stock and submitted to the U.S.F.W.S., Office of Scientific Authority.
Bettoli September 2003
Proposal reviewer for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on bluemask darter and boulder darter RFP submissions.
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Rogers October 2017
Participating in the process of drafting a Five-Year Strategic Plan for Reservoir Fisheries Management in Tennessee.
Tennessee Wildlife Resources agenc
Bettoli July 2012
Participated in a committee investigating how to best address ongoing Species Status Assessment Issues in the Southeast with the Fish and Wildlife Service.
Fish and Wildlife Service
Rosenberger January 2018
Participate on the Tennessee River Acoustic Telemetry Team to monitor and increase understanding of Asian Carp invasion.
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Rogers August 2016
Participate in a team to improve estimates of total inland fish capture to support the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rogers January 2016
Participant in the Snail Darter Technical Team that is reviewing status and recovery success.
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Rogers November 2016
Met with auditors with the State of Tennessee to provide technical explanations of recent research on paddlefish commercial fishing regulations.
Tennessee State Comptrolelrs Office
Bettoli September 2009
Invited organizer and host for USGS Southeast Climate Adaptation Center annual review in New Orleans. Was moderator for a session on inland fisheries and habitats and invited guest speakers to the session.
U.S. Geological Survey
Rogers October 2019
Expert panel member for Tennessee Valley Authority programmatic environmental assessment for establishment of Asian carp movement deterrents
Tennessee Valley Authority
Rogers July 2020
At the request of the Statewide Coldwater Program Manager, I prepared a summary of recent literature on the relationship between CR mortality of trout and elevated water temperatures.
Tennessee Wildlife Resoures Agency
Bettoli November 2009
At the request of the Chief of Fisheries (TWRA), mathematically modeled the likelihood recruitment overfishing with a change in size limits for sauger. Performed analyses, created graphics and tabular data, and prepared written summary of the findings.
Tennessee Wildlife Resoures Agency
Bettoli October 2009
Assisted the Tennessee Valley Authority in the evaluation of the mussel fauna in the Cherokee Dam tailwater.
Layzer July 2002
Assisted Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency biologists in preparing a manuscript on efficacy of different fish sampling gears.
Bettoli August 2003
Assisted North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission in the evaluation of the mussel fauna in a regulated stream.
Layzer August 2003
Appointed position by state agency partners to work on this team regarding regional invasive carp data
Rogers September 2023
Advised a district biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on how to perform catch-curve analysis on a reservoir fishery database.
Bettoli January 2006
Advised a district biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on how to design an annual sampling program for saugers.
Bettoli January 2006
Advised TWRA biologists on the likelihood of growth overfishing or recruitment overfishing occurring if harvest regulations for saugers in the Tennessee River were liberalized.
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Bettoli October 2010
Advised ESPN producers and B.A.S.S. tournament organizers on legal and ethical techniques for anesthetizing largemouth bass that were implanted with radio tracking devices.
Bettoli April 2006
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
Women and Gender Studies (WGS) Committee - Serve on WGS Committee Rosenberger January 2020 Present
Water Center Director Search Committee - Serve and be a voting member of the search committee for a new Water Center Director at Tennessee Tech University. Rogers January 2023 Present
Supervisor, College Bass Fishing Team, Tennessee Tech University - Mentoring and administration to support the college fishing team. Rogers January 2018 December 2022
Promotion Committee - Evaluate and vote on requests for promotion within Biology Department. Rosenberger August 2023 Present
Member, Women and Gender Studies Bettoli August 2006 June 2010
Member, Space Committee, Biology Department, Tenn Tech University - Coordinate with the Department on space use and manage CRU offices along with their needs. Rogers August 2018 Present
Member, Search Committee, Fish Ecologist Assistant Professor, Tennessee Tech University - Member of search and screen committee for tenture-track fish ecologist faculty position Rogers August 2017 May 2018
Member, Promotion Committee, Biology Department, Tennessee Tech University Layzer July 1995 Present
Member, Graduate Policies Committee, Tennessee Tech University Rogers January 2016 Present
Member, Dailey Endowment Award Committee, Tennessee Tech University - Review applications and vote on award recipient. Rogers July 2016 Present
Member, Caplenor Outstanding Researcher Award Committee - Reviewed dossiers submitted by faculty colleagues to determine who was the most worthy recipient of the University's highest award for research and scholarship Bettoli January 2006 December 2009
Hiring Committee, Water Center Director - Help with the hiring process for a Water Center director Rosenberger March 2024 Present
Faculty Advisor, BGSS - I serve as the faculty advisor for the Biology Graduate Student Society (BGSS) at Tennessee Tech University. I represent student concerns at faculty meetings and provide guidance and advise when needed. Rosenberger July 2018 Present
Committee to hire Water Center Director - ​Participated in the ​selection and interviewing committee for the Water Center ​Director for TN Tech University and represented the TN Tech Fishery Research Unit in ​the process. Rosenberger May 2024 July 2024
Committee to develop recommendations for Water Center genetics facility - Help develop proposal for molecular facility on TN Tech campus Rosenberger April 2024 Present
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
Tennessee River Lake Sturgeon Working Group Bettoli January 2007 December 2011
Reviewer - North American Journal of Fisheries Management Rogers June 2017 June 2017
Reviewer - Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management Rogers October 2016 October 2016
Reviewer - Fisheries Research Rogers December 2016 May 2017
Proposal Reviewer - Great Lakes Fishery Commission Rogers July 2017 August 2017
Member, Tennessee Rare Aquatic Mollusk Committee Layzer December 1987 Present
Member, Scientific Advisory Committe for the Cumberland Habitat Conservation Plan Layzer July 2008 Present
Member, Native Mussel Committee, MICRA Layzer January 2004 Present
Member, Lake Sturgeon Restoration Committee Layzer November 1997 Present
Member, Bluemask Darter Technical Team. Layzer June 2012 Present
Member, Barrens Topminnow Task Force Bettoli January 2003 June 2005
Manuscript review, Freshwater Science Rosenberger October 2017 October 2017
Manuscript Reviewer for Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Rosenberger June 2024 June 2024
Manuscript Review, Aquatic Ecology Rosenberger April 2024 April 2024
Cooperative Research Unit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Rosenberger September 2019 Present
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
Visited an elementary school to exhibit and tell about crayfish in Tennessee Rogers, Schrum December 2017
Update on Asian Carp research to biologists from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama at their tri-state biologists meeting. Rogers August 2017
Taught a class for ULLI, a continuing education program for senior citizens at the Uplands Retirement Community. Rosenberger May 2023
Talking to kids about becoming an aquatic ecologist at annual Career Day at TN Tech University. Representing the Water Center. Rosenberger October 2023
Take a Kid Fishing, Jamiaca Plain, MA Layzer August 2012
Spoke to the Tennessee Striped Bass Association, Norris, TN. Discussed current management activities and stress in striped bass. Bettoli June 2001
Spoke to the Tennessee Striped Bass Association, Halls, TN, on "Factors regulating hooking mortality in striped bass". Bettoli June 2001
Spoke to the Elk River Chapter of TU, Tullahoma, TN on "Recent Research Findings on the Elk River Trout Fishery". Bettoli July 2001
Spoke to Cumberland Chapter, Trout Unlimited, Nashville, TN, on recent economic and human dimensions research in Tennessee rivers managed for trout. Bettoli July 2003
Spoke at the Upper Cumberland (TN) Veterinary Association's monthly dinner meeting, on paddlefish conservation in the Tennessee River. Bettoli November 2004
Spoke at a public luncheon hosted by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, on conservation of paddlefish in Tennessee. Bettoli October 2004
Spoke about trout research in tailwaters of the state to the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Norris, TN. Bettoli April 2007
Responded to TWRA request to take fish genetics samples at a major fishing tournament, describe the science to the public, and provide a report on results. Rogers October 2017
Research update to the Chattanooga Bass Association Rogers August 2017
Requested to assist the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and Tennessee Valley Authority with their public outreach booths at the Bassmaster Classic in 2023. Over 100,000 attendees across 3 days. Rogers March 2023
Radio interview on paddlefish conservation issues aired on the not-for-profit program "Our Ocean World". Bettoli August 2005
Provided the Cookeville Earth Day a presentation on freshwater mussel diversity, life history, and the history of use and conservation in the United States. Rosenberger April 2018
Provided Asian Carp updates for the southeast to USGS EMA for Congressional Briefing in Kentucky Rogers July 2018
Presented preliminary findings on the accidental take of pallid sturgeon in a commercial fishery for shovelnose sturgeon to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission. Bettoli June 2007
Presented paddlefish research findings at three public meetings with commercial fishing interests in Chattanooga, Nashville, and Jackson, TN, June 16-18, 2005. Bettoli June 2005
Presented findings on tournament mortality of largemouth bass to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission. Bettoli August 2007
Presented findings of paddlefish research to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission. Bettoli April 2005
Presented findings of paddlefish research to annual retreat of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency biologists. Bettoli May 2005
Presented additional findings on the accidental take of pallid sturgeon in a commercial fishery for shovelnose sturgeon to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission. Bettoli September 2007
Presentation to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission, Nashville, TN. Human dimensions and economic value of Tennessee's tailwater trout fisheries. Bettoli August 2003
Presentation to the Cumberland Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Human dimensions and economic value of Tennessee's tailwater trout fisheries, with special reference to the Caney Fork River. Bettoli July 2003
Outreach activity to highlight extraordinary diversity, fascinating ecology, and ecosystem services of freshwater mussels of the Duck River. Rosenberger, Sallack October 2023
On World Water Day (22 March 2013) I accepted an invitation to man a booth at the Tennessee Aquarium and demonstrate how fisheries sceintists use modern telemetry techniques to study and conserve fish populations Bettoli March 2013
Largemouth bass research updates for my work in Tennessee Rogers August 2018
Invited expert. Tennessee Valley Authority public meeting on Asian Carp controls in the Tennessee River for a Programmatic Environmental Assessment. One of 2 USGS invited experts. Rogers July 2020
Interviewed for USFWS public article/press release on Asian Carp titled "War in the Water" Rogers March 2018
Interviewed by the host of Tennessee Outdoors, a radio program carried by WPLN in Nashville, Tennessee, regarding recent topics in sport fish research in Tennessee. Bettoli September 2007
Interviewed by a reporter for the Charlotte-Observer (NC) newspaper, for an article on trout biology in Tennessee rivers. Bettoli October 2005
Interviewed by a reporter for Wine Spectator (London, UK) for an article on caviar and paddlefish conservation, which appeared in its online magazine. Bettoli July 2005
Interviewed by a reporter for Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment for a story on paddlefish conservation and management, which appeared in volume 9(3). Bettoli November 2005
Interviewed by Natioanl Public Radio for a piece on paddlefish conservation, which aired nationwide. Bettoli October 2005
Interviewed by BASSMASTER magazine for article on Asian Carp in Kentucky Reservoir, one of my study areas. Rogers July 2018
During a regularly scheduled public meeting I briefed the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission on recent and current research conducted by the Tennessee Unit and how such research finidngs are used by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency biologists and supervisors. Bettoli January 2012
Assisted a junior bass fishing tournament by leading weigh in and assisting with fish health care. Rogers April 2018
A contributing editor for the magazine "Musky Hunter" wrote an article about our published research on the thermal ecology of muskellunge in a Tennessee reservoir. The article "Just Right" appeared in ther Research Corner section of the April/May issue of the magazine, pages 20-22. Bettoli April 2015
"Cyber-bass" article in the Kingsport Times-News, regarding a project funded by TWRA and Tennessee Tech University, on the tracking habits, movement and preferences of smallmouth bass through the use of radio transmitters. Bettoli April 2002