Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Montana Wildlife
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Montana Wildlife Education Activities

Mother grizzly at Yellowstone National Park. Credit: Frank van Manen

Title Instructor(s) Start Date End Date
Topics in Habitat Selection Martin 2004-01-20 2004-05-15
Thesis Research Martin 2003-01-20 2003-05-15
Research Design Mitchell 2009-09-01 2009-12-10
Research Design Mitchell 2008-08-25 2008-12-06
Research Martin 2002-01-20 2002-05-15
Graduate Seminar Wildlife Biology Martin 2005-01-28 2005-05-13
Graduate Research Seminar Mitchell 2009-08-20 2018-05-16
Graduate Research Seminar Mitchell 2007-01-15 2007-05-10
Graduate Research Seminar Mitchell 2006-02-03 2006-05-05
Decision making in natural resources Mitchell 2014-01-15 2014-05-07
Conducting strong inference science Martin 2011-08-25 2011-12-14
Conducting strong inference science Martin 2009-09-01 2009-12-18
Conducting strong inference science Martin 2008-09-01 2008-12-18
Conducting strong inference science Martin 2007-09-01 2007-12-31
Conducting strong inference science Martin 2006-08-28 2006-12-31
Conducting strong inference science Martin 2005-09-01 2005-12-31
Application of the Scientific Method to Current Graduate Research Martin 2004-01-22 2004-05-17
Training Provided Instructor(s) Completion Date
Using radiotelemetry to answer habitat and population questions. International workshop on wildlife research techniques in rugged mountainous Asian landscapes. Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Enivronment, Bhumtang, Bhutan. Mitchell, Rich 2010-05-23
USFWS/USGS Structured Decision Making Workshop Mitchell, Irwin, Cochrane 2010-09-17
Training US students in field research techniques for studying population biology of birds. Martin 2009-06-30
Training US and Malaysian students in field research techniques for studying population biology of birds. Martin 2009-03-31
Train U.S. students in field research techniques Martin 2008-06-03
Train U.S. students in field research techniques Martin 2007-06-05
Train Latin American and North American students in field research techniques. Martin 2005-05-19
Train Latin American and North American students in field research techniques Martin 2008-03-30
Train Latin American and North American students in field research techniques Martin 2007-04-01
Train Latin American and North American students in field research techniques Martin 2006-04-02
Train Latin American and North American students in field research techniques Martin 2005-04-02
Structured decision making in fisheries management. Annual meeting, Montana chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Mitchell 2010-02-09
Structured decision making for setting harvest quotas for wolves II Mitchell 2010-04-07
Structured decision making for setting harvest quotas for wolves I Mitchell 2010-03-09
Structured decision making and adaptive management for setting harvest quotas Mitchell 2009-08-13
Structured Decision Making Workshop held at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Zale, Guy, Mitchell 2010-02-09
Title and Location Speaker Date
Using Technical Assistance to Maintain and Strengthen Science Partnerships
Presented to: Cooperative Research Units New Scientist Orientation
Caldwell, Mitchell, Grand 2020-01-16
Reporting LIVE from the trenches of the wolf wars
Presented to: Iowa State University
Mitchell 2017-11-10
Powell, R.A., and M.S. Mitchell. 2006. What is a home range? Home range and animal movements workshop.
Presented to: Idaho State University
Mitchell 2006-09-15
New hypothesis on world wide life history variation in birds.
Presented to: Oxford University
Martin 2004-04-04
New hypothesis on world wide life history variation in birds.
Presented to: Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Martin 2004-10-06
My continuing confusion with home ranges, habitat, and carnivores: it's all Roger's fault.
Presented to: North Carolina State University
Mitchell 2009-09-04
Life history variation of birds along latitudinal gradients from the tropics to temperate
Presented to: Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigations
Martin 2005-04-15
Life history differences between the tropics and north temperate
Presented to: University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Martin 2006-01-12
Geographic variation in life history strategies across 3 continents
Presented to: Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
Martin 2005-11-15
Geographic variation in embryonic development and parental care
Presented to: Iowa State University, Ames
Martin 2005-12-01
Effects of nest predation on habitat selection, community structure and life history strategies
Presented to: Texas Tech University, Lubbock
Martin 2006-11-15
An ecologist’s plea for more sociology in wildlife science: Lessons learned from structured decision making
Presented to: Montana State University
Mitchell 2020-09-17
A new view of avian life history evolution
Presented to: Percy Fitzpatrick Research Institute, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Martin 2002-09-03
Title Presenter Date
The future for wolf research in Montana Mitchell 2008-12-01
Structured decision making, for Undergrad capstone course Mitchell 2011-02-03
Structured decision making Mitchell 2010-02-04
Research and management careers in government agencies Mitchell 2007-10-16
Parental care and life history evolution Martin 2001-02-23
Fitness landscapes, patches and polygons Mitchell 2006-02-28
Ecology and management of black bears, for Big Game Management Mitchell 2011-04-26
Careers in natural resource management Mitchell 2010-04-13
Student (Degree) Advisor Start Year End Year
Zimova, Marketa (MS) Mitchell 2010 2013
Zaman, Iftikhar (MS) Mitchell 2006 2008
Williams, Carin (PhD) Martin 2007 Present
Webb, Lindsey (MS) Mitchell 2011 2011
Walker, Brett (PhD) Martin 2001 2008
Tucker, Jody (PhD) Mitchell 2008 2013
Tshering, Tempa (PhD) Mitchell 2012 2017
Trillo, Paula (PhD) Martin 2000 2008
Tack, Jason (MS) Mitchell 2007 2009
Swett, Meredith (PhD) Martin 2005 2007
Stetz, Jeff (PhD) Mitchell 2010 2017
Stetz, Jeff (PhD) Mitchell 2009 2017
Steenweg, Robin (PhD) Mitchell 2011 2016
Sprague, Rachel (PhD) Martin 2006 2009
Smith, Sonja (MS) Mitchell 2008 2011
Smith, Rebecca (MS) Mitchell 2010 2013
Slauson, Keith (PhD) Mitchell 2010 2017
Short, Karen (PhD) Martin 2000 2003
Short Bull, Ruth (MS) Mitchell 2007 2010
Sells, Sarah (MS) Mitchell 2015 2020
Sells, Sarah (MS) Mitchell 2011 2014
Sarah, Bassing (MS) Mitchell 2015 2017
Rich, Lindsey (MS) Mitchell 2008 2011
Quamen, Frank (PhD) Martin 2002 2007
Polfus, Jean (MS) Mitchell 2008 2010
Peterson, Collin (MS) Mitchell 2017 2020
Patterson, Stephen (PhD) Martin 2006 Present
Parson, Elliot (PhD) Martin 2005 Present
Oteyza, Juan (MS) Mitchell 2010 2016
Nyce, Leslie (MS) Mitchell 2009 2011
Newby, Jesse (MS) Mitchell 2005 2011
Mumford, Peter (MS) Mitchell 2020 Present
Mullen, Lindy (MS) Martin 2006 2009
Moody, Allison (PhD) Mitchell 2009 2012
Miller, Clay (MS) Mitchell 2009 2012
Miller, Christine (PhD) Martin 2001 2007
Merkle, Jerod (MS) Mitchell 2008 2011
McCall, Barbara (MS) Mitchell 2007 2009
Loonam, Kenneth (MS) Mitchell 2017 2020
Kroll, A. (PhD) Martin 2000 2000
Kittson, Brandon (MS) Mitchell 2019 Present
King, Ashley (MS) Martin 2005 2009
Khan, Niaz (MS) Mitchell 2006 2008
Keever, Allison (PhD) Mitchell 2015 2020
Johnson, Heather (PhD) Mitchell 2005 2010
Jimenez, Ben (MS) Mitchell 2007 2012
Janousek, William (PhD) Mitchell 2014 2019
Jackson, Brandon (PhD) Martin 2003 2009
Hitch, Bruce (PhD) Mitchell 2006 2006
Hierro, Jose (PhD) Martin 2000 2003
Henderson, Charlie (PhD) Mitchell 2014 2019
Henderson, Charles (MS) Mitchell 2011 2015
Heers, Ashley (PhD) Martin 2008 Present
Hayes, Teagan (MS) Mitchell 2017 2020
Hammond, Chris (MS) Mitchell 2006 2008
Forshee, SHannon (MS) Mitchell 2015 2019
Fierro, Karolina (PhD) Mitchell 2011 2017
Feltner, Jennifer (PhD) Mitchell 2016 Present
Fannin, Barbara (MS) Mitchell 2010 2010
Eneas, Kari (MS) Mitchell 2017 2020
Edmo, Kenneth (MS) Mitchell 2020 Present
Doherty, Kevin (PhD) Mitchell 2005 2008
Derbridge, Jonathan (MS) Mitchell 2008 2010
Dendup, Tashi (MS) Mitchell 2017 2019
Dekelaita, Daniella (MS) Mitchell 2011 2013
Crandell, Kristen (PhD) Martin 2009 Present
Christensen, Sonja (PhD) Mitchell 2012 2012
Chloe, Wright (MS) Mitchell 2016 2018
Carson, Steve (MS) Mitchell 2006 2006
Brodie, Jedediah (PhD) Martin 2002 2007
Borg, Nathan (MS) Mitchell 2010 2013
Biancucci, Luis (MS) Mitchell 2008 2009
Beston, Julie (PhD) Mitchell 2006 2010
Benson, Aubree (MS) Mitchell 2007 2009
Belt, Jami (MS) Mitchell 2008 2010
Battazzo, Angie (MS) Mitchell 2005 2007
Barker, Kristin (MS) Mitchell 2015 2018
Baker, Lorie (MS) Mitchell 2010 2011
Ausband, Dave (PhD) Mitchell 2011 2016