Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: California
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

California Education Activities

The Alsea River. Credit: Sarah Beldin, USGS

Interested students are encouraged to review the research interests of the unit scientist, Dr. Mark Henderson by visiting his individual web site. To express interest in a graduate student position with the unit please send a letter or email describing your background and interests, as well as a resume that includes your GPA and contact information for academic and professional references. Formal application is made through College of Natural Resources and Sciences, Natural Resources Graduate Program. Acceptance is contingent upon approval by the Fisheries Department at Humboldt State University, availability of funding and space, as well as upon assessment of your academic potential and matching of research interests.

Title Instructor(s) Start Date End Date
Salmon Population Assessment Henderson January 2017 May 2017
River Fish Restoration Ecology Henderson August 2021 December 2021
River Fish Restoration Ecology Henderson August 2019 December 2019
Ecological Modeling Henderson January 2018 May 2018
Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling Henderson January 2021 May 2021
Student (Degree) Advisor Start Year End Year
Suarez, Bobbie (MS) Henderson 2019 Present
Solinger, Laura (MS) Henderson 2017 2018
Ramos, Max (MS) Henderson 2018 Present
O'Keefe, Chris (MS) Henderson 2019 Present
Keel, Dylan (MS) Henderson 2021 Present
Halloran, Maddie (MS) Henderson 2018 Present
Grezlik, Max (MS) Henderson 2018 Present
Ghrist, Grace (MS) Henderson 2017 2019
Foster, Brendan (MS) Henderson 2016 2018
Ficycz, Natasha (MS) Henderson 2021 Present
Cahill, Josh (MS) Henderson 2019 Present