Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: California
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

California Education Activities

The Alsea River. Credit: Sarah Beldin, USGS

Interested students are encouraged to review the research interests of the unit scientist, Dr. Mark Henderson by visiting his individual web site. To express interest in a graduate student position with the unit please send a letter or email describing your background and interests, as well as a resume that includes your GPA and contact information for academic and professional references. Formal application is made through College of Natural Resources and Sciences, Natural Resources Graduate Program. Acceptance is contingent upon approval by the Fisheries Department at Humboldt State University, availability of funding and space, as well as upon assessment of your academic potential and matching of research interests.

Title Instructor(s) Start Date End Date
Stream Biological Monitoring Duffy 2001-01-22 2001-05-14
Salmonid Behavior Wilzbach 2006-01-12 2006-05-17
Salmonid Behavior Wilzbach 2004-01-20 2004-05-14
Salmon Population Assessment Henderson 2017-01-17 2017-05-19
River Fish Restoration Ecology Henderson 2019-08-26 2019-12-20
River Fish Restoration Ecology Duffy 2013-01-22 2013-05-17
Restoring River Fishes (On-line) Duffy 2007-08-20 2007-12-14
Restoration Ecology of Riverine Fish Duffy 2007-08-17 2007-12-18
Restoration Ecology of Riverine Fish Duffy 2005-08-17 2005-12-20
Restoration Ecology Riverine Fish Duffy 2012-01-17 2012-05-11
Restoration Ecology Riverine Fish Duffy 2010-01-13 2010-05-14
Research Methods Duffy 2002-08-26 2002-12-23
Introduction to Fisheries Duffy 2011-01-18 2011-05-13
Fish Bioenergetics Duffy 2009-01-14 2009-05-20
Fish Bioenergetics Duffy 2005-01-13 2005-05-18
Fish Bioenergetics Duffy 2004-01-23 2004-05-10
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2016-08-22 2016-12-22
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2015-08-25 2015-12-18
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2014-08-18 2014-12-19
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2013-08-19 2013-12-23
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2012-08-20 2012-12-14
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2011-08-23 2011-12-16
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2010-08-17 2010-12-22
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2009-08-17 2009-12-17
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2008-08-18 2008-12-22
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2007-08-17 2007-12-18
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2006-08-17 2006-12-19
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2004-08-20 2004-12-20
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2003-08-20 2003-12-20
Ecology of Running Waters Wilzbach 2002-08-26 2002-12-23
Ecological Modeling Henderson 2018-01-16 2018-05-11
Training Provided Instructor(s) Completion Date
Use of program MARK in fish and wildlife research Duffy 2001-01-18
Provided training on the use of validation monitoring protocols developed for use in assessing watershed restoration. Duffy 2003-11-12
Motorboat Operator's Certification Course (MOCC), U.S. Department of the Interior Duffy 2008-08-22
Motorboat Operator's Certification Course (MOCC), U.S. Department of the Interior Duffy 2006-03-16
Motorboat Operator's Certification Course (MOCC), U.S. Department of the Interior Duffy 2001-06-22
Introduction to R for fisheries biologists Henderson 2016-09-29
Biomonitoring of streams and rivers, Michigan State University, short course Wilzbach 2002-05-17
Title and Location Speaker Date
The importance of estuaries to juvenile Coho and Chinook salmon growth and survival
Presented to: Oregon State University
Henderson 2020-01-27
Stream ecosystem response to light enhancement and salmon carcass introduction
Presented to: USDA Forest Service, Redwood Sciences Laboratory
Wilzbach 2002-06-07
Status of salmon and steelhead in coastal rivers of California
Presented to: California State Legislature Staff
Duffy 2005-06-15
Riparian management and fish productivity.
Presented to: National Council of Air and Stream Improvement, Portland, OR.
Wilzbach 2005-09-29
Riparian habitat conditions for optimum salmon growth: light and nutrient requirements for the food that salmon eat
Presented to: California Licensed Foresters Association
Wilzbach 2002-10-10
Riparian canopy opening and salmon carcass additions to increase salmonid growth.
Presented to: Western Forestry Conference on the Science and Policy of Wildlife and Salmon.
Wilzbach 2005-09-15
Restoration of salmon in California
Presented to: University of California - Davis
Duffy 2004-04-05
Research partnerships with the forest products industry
Presented to: Humboldt State University Business Partners
Wilzbach 2005-03-29
Relative effects of salmon carcass addition and light enhancement on salmonid biomass and growth
Presented to: Oregon State University
Wilzbach 2004-05-26
Predicting prey availability for stream/river salmonids
Presented to: National Council for Stream and Air Improvement
Wilzbach 2002-07-18
Juvenile Chinook salmon mortality in different habitats during migration from freshwater to the ocean
Presented to: University of Southern Mississippi
Henderson 2019-04-11
How environmental conditions influence fish habitat preferences and mortality rates in various ecosystems
Presented to: Humboldt State University
Henderson 2017-09-14
Defining fish habitat
Presented to: Northern California Counties Planning Meeting
Duffy 2003-09-24
Central Valley Chinook salmon smolt outmigration mortality in freshwater and estuarine habitats
Presented to: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Henderson 2019-12-05
Title Presenter Date
Wetland detrital cycles Duffy 2009-10-14
Wetland dependent fisheries Duffy 2009-03-09
Stream ecosystem response to salmon carcass additions and increased light Wilzbach 2003-03-13
Stream Invertebrate Drift Wilzbach 2007-04-17
Smoltification in Salmon Duffy 2006-03-15
Salmonid Physiology During Smolt Transformation Duffy 2004-04-10
Recent advances in methods of tagging fish Duffy 2005-09-14
Recent advances in methods of tagging fish Duffy 2004-09-15
Population status of coastal cutthroat trout in California. Duffy 2007-10-04
Perspectives on a Career in Fisheries Wilzbach 2008-03-14
Perspectives on Pursuing a Career in Fisheries Wilzbach 2007-04-15
Opportunities and Challenges to Women Pursuing Careers in Fisheries Wilzbach 2007-05-15
Light and nutrients in stream ecosystems Wilzbach 2004-11-19
Landscape perspective in fish ecology Wilzbach 2005-04-25
Introduction to fish bioenergetics Duffy 2004-11-17
High Tech Fish Tagging Methods Duffy 2006-09-15
High Tech Fish Tagging Methods Duffy 2004-03-13
High Tech Fish Marking Duffy 2008-10-15
Food supply considerations in salmonid restoration. HSU Fish 580 Wilzbach 2005-11-11
Food Supply Considerations in Salmonid Restoration Wilzbach 2006-11-15
Fisheries Communication Wilzbach 2002-10-16
Fish habitat use from headwaters to estuaries Wilzbach 2001-05-10
Fish Bioenergetics Duffy 2008-11-10
Fish Behavior Wilzbach 2005-02-21
Estimating survival with mark-recapture data Henderson 2016-04-22
Establishing a career as a fishery scientist Henderson 2018-09-24
Energy flow in freshwater ecosystems Wilzbach 2005-04-04
Effective communication Duffy 2004-10-13
Ecology of Freshwater Bivalves Duffy 2007-04-14
Biomonitoring of Streams and Rivers: Fishes Wilzbach 2000-05-17
Bioenergetics of Fish Duffy 2006-11-15
Bioenergetics of Fish Duffy 2005-11-15
Bioenergetics of Fish Duffy 2004-04-14
Student (Degree) Advisor Start Year End Year
Wright, Katrina (MS) Wilzbach 2005 2011
Wright, Katrina (MS) Duffy 2004 2011
Wiley, Wendall (MS) Duffy 1999 2004
Wick, Alexander (MS) Wilzbach 2015 2016
Wheeler, Michele (MS) Duffy 2002 2009
Vogel, Heidi (MS) Wilzbach 2005 2005
Van Vleet, Nicholas (MS) Wilzbach 2015 Present
Tussing, Steve (MS) Duffy 1999 2004
Suarez, Bobbie (MS) Henderson 2019 Present
Stephen, Zipper (MS) Duffy 2009 Present
Sparkman, Michael (MS) Duffy 2000 2004
Souza, Stephanie (MS) Duffy 2005 2007
Solinger, Laura (MS) Henderson 2017 2018
Sirkin, Kasey (MS) Wilzbach 2001 2004
Roddam, Christine (MS) Wilzbach 2011 2014
Rizza, Samuel (MS) Wilzbach 2011 2015
Reisberger, Bethany (MS) Wilzbach 2000 2005
Ransom, Benjamin (MS) Duffy 2000 2007
Ramos, Max (MS) Henderson 2018 Present
Parthree, Debra (MS) Wilzbach 2000 2004
O'Keefe, Chris (MS) Henderson 2019 Present
Moore, Tancy (MS) Duffy 2011 2014
Metheny, Mathew (MS) Duffy 2009 2012
Meaders, Marlene (MS) Wilzbach 2005 2008
McLaughlin, Katherine (MS) Duffy 2007 2009
McLaughlin, Katherine (MS) Wilzbach 2004 2009
McCoy, Barbara (MS) Duffy 2007 2008
McCoy, Barbara (MS) Wilzbach 2005 2005
London, Mason (MS) Wilzbach 2016 Present
Lee, Jang-Won (MS) Duffy 2002 2004
Krall, Michelle (MS) Wilzbach 2013 2016
Justice, Casey (MS) Duffy 2005 2007
Jensen, Lara (MS) Wilzbach 2016 Present
Hollis, Jonathan (MS) Wilzbach 2015 Present
Hodge, Brian (MS) Wilzbach 2007 2010
Hernandez, Oswaldo (PhD) Wilzbach 2001 2009
Hannelly, Erin (MS) Wilzbach 2006 2009
Halloran, Maddie (MS) Henderson 2018 Present
Grezlik, Max (MS) Henderson 2018 Present
Gough, Steven (MS) Duffy 2002 2010
Gorman, Molly (MS) Wilzbach 2014 2017
Gonzales, Eric (MS) Duffy 2004 2006
Gonzales, Eric (MS) Wilzbach 2001 2006
Goin, Jon (MS) Wilzbach 2004 2009
Ghrist, Grace (MS) Henderson 2017 2019
Fuller, Josh (MS) Wilzbach 2004 2011
Frazey, Sharon (MS) Duffy 2001 2005
Foster, Brendan (MS) Henderson 2016 2018
Ferrell, Emily (MS) Wilzbach 2013 2015
Feola, Jennifer (MS) Duffy 2004 2007
Evenson, Danielle (MS) Duffy 2000 2001
Engle, Rodney (MS) Duffy 2002 2005
Drobny, Peter (MS) Wilzbach 2014 2016
Dockham, Andrea (MS) Wilzbach 2013 2016
Deibner-Hanson, John (MS) Wilzbach 2013 Present
DeVault, Brooke (MS) Wilzbach 2005 2011
DeVault, Brooke (MS) Duffy 2005 2008
Corum, Susan (MS) Wilzbach 2002 2005
Cahill, Josh (MS) Henderson 2019 Present
Bryant, Russ (MS) Duffy 2012 Present
Brakensiek, Kyle (MS) Duffy 1999 2001
Bliesner, Kasey (MS) Duffy 2001 2005
Benson, Scott (MS) Wilzbach 2008 2013
Bell, Ethan (MS) Duffy 1999 2001
Beeseley, Sarah (MS) Duffy 2004 2006
Baldwin, Donald (MS) Duffy 2002 2008
Anderson, Colin (MS) Wilzbach 2005 2011
Alvarez, Justin (MS) Wilzbach 2014 2017
Alvarez, Dawn (MS) Wilzbach 2006 2008