Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Virginia
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Virginia Technical Assistance Activities

The Virginia Unit conducts vital research for understanding population dynamics of many bat species, including the red bat.

For assistance, contact:

Terri Waid
Virginia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Administrative Assistant (DOI/USGS)
106 Cheatham Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0321
Phone: (540) 231-4934
Phone: (540) 231-4934

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
provided technical assistance to H. Bell (USFWS) regarding the status of American eel
Angermeier 2005-07-15
participated via telephone in a CALFED ERP Science Board meeting
Angermeier 2005-03-22
assistance to J. Echols (Clean Streams) regarding stream fish responses to metal pollution
Angermeier 2005-06-20
USFWS bat automated identification software testing.
USFWS Region 3,4,5
Ford, Silvis, Thorne 2014-05-01
USFWS Myotis septentrionalis threats assessment team
Chicago Field Office
Ford 2014-08-01
Technical assistance to Snowshoe Mountain Resort/Intrawest on endangered Virginia northern flying squirrel monitoring.
Snowshoe Mountain Resort
Ford 2011-11-04
Study design for collection of hair for DNA sampling, provided to Pocosin Lakes and Alligator River NWRs
Vaughan 2004-06-01
Provided technical assistant to Dr. Debra Bourne of the Royal Veterinary College of London on bear reproductive biology/ physiology.
Vaughan 2007-06-28
Provided technical assistance to W. Hester (USFWS) regarding impacts of major dams on Roanoke logperch.
Angermeier 2005-02-05
Provided technical assistance to R. Slusser (Va DCR) regarding stream restoration.
Angermeier 2007-06-16
Provided technical assistance to R. Abell (WWF) regarding landscape-scale models to predict aquatic species occurance.
Angermeier 2007-06-15
Provided technical assistance to Hank Hristienko, Manitoba Conservation, Wildlife Branch concerning black bear attacks.
Vaughan 2005-09-16
Provided technical assistance to Hank Hristienko with the Manitoba Department of Natural Resouces on cannibalsim in black bears.
Vaughan 2002-10-01
Provided technical assistance to Felipe Cano, USFS, regarding development of IBIs for streams in Puerto Rico.
Angermeier 2005-02-26
Provided technical assistance to Dr. Jim Miller (Mississippi State) on the issue of baiting bears.
Vaughan 2004-11-23
Provided technical assistance to Dave Telesco with the Black Bear Conservation Committee on the process of organizing a Scientific Review Committee.
Vaughan 2005-01-10
Provided technical assistance to Cindy Kane (USFWS) regarding effects of eutrophication on Roanoke logperch.
Angermeier 2005-02-20
Provided technical assistance to Bill Stiver, Smoky Mountains National Park, about radio collars and spacers for yearling black bears.
Vaughan 2007-06-13
Provided rechnical assistance to Harry Reynolds, AK Fish and Game, about cryptorchidism in black bears.
Vaughan 2007-06-27
Provided information to W. Hester (USFWS) regarding distribution of Roanoke logperch
Angermeier 2011-03-15
Provided information and advice on revocery of Roanoke logperch
Angermeier 2003-01-01
Provided data and advice on assessing biotic integrity of low-gradient streams for the MA Division of Fish and Wildlife.
Angermeier 2003-07-01
Provided assistance to the Lincoln Zoo on caring for bears over winter
Vaughan 2003-06-01
Provided assistance to the Florida Fish and Game Department on black bear cub survival.
Vaughan 2003-09-01
Provided assistance to W. Lellis (USGS) regarding river monitoring.
Angermeier 2005-05-05
Provided assistance to VDOT regarding surveys for Roanoke logperch
Angermeier 2005-05-17
Provided assistance to R. Marks (American Rivers) regarding American eel population dynamics.
Angermeier 2005-06-04
Provided assistance to Manitoba Wildlife Department on bear behavior and physiology in relation to a bear attack there.
Vaughan 2003-06-01
Provided assistance to Leo Snead (VDOT) regarding the need for a fish survey in Elliott Creek.
Angermeier, Neves 2004-11-02
Provided assistance to J. Knight (FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) regarding use of electric seines
Angermeier 2005-04-26
Provided advice on surveying and monitoring rare aquatic species.
Angermeier 2003-03-01
Provided Technical Assistance to the Virginia Department of Transportation on requirements and specifications for black bear highway underpass crossings.
Vaughan 2005-03-02
Provided Bob Graham- Virginia Electric Power Company- with information on the James spinymussel and how the comoany could support restoration of the species.
Neves 2003-08-01
North American Bat Monitoring Program - consultation for multi-species status assessment
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Deeley, Ford 2020-03-01
National Park Service T&E Consultation Committee - Assessment of Myotis septentrionalis
National Park Service
Ford 2020-05-15
Membership in and technical assistance provided to USFWS Regions 3,4, and 5 Indiana bat monitoring protocol revisions team. Providing guidance on acoustics, roost-tree monitoring and detection prob.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ford 2011-05-15
Membership and technical assistance to Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative on science advisory team and terrestrial ecology working group.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ford 2011-08-15
Little brown bat ecology review team. This work is to assess ecology and science for the species to begin possible listing as threatened or endangered.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ford 2012-08-01
Information on techniques to determine food preferences of bears, provided to Dr. Mel Hsiu Hwang of Taiwan, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.
Vaughan 2004-07-01
Information on black bear population dynamics, provided to VDGIF on a continuing basis
Vaughan 2004-05-01
Information on bear physiology, provided to Dr. Steven Caldwell, University of Virginia
Vaughan 2004-06-01
Hank Hristienko of the Manitoba Wildlife Branch on (1)incidence of Chronic Wasting Disease in carnivores that feed on infected carcasses and (2)the use of hunting to solve bear-human conflicts.
Neves, Vaughan 2004-10-25
Expert review of the Homosassa shrew status report and management plan
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
Ford 2012-03-01
Determining black bear habitat requirments, assistance provided to Hank Hristinko, Manitoba Department of Conservation.
Vaughan 2004-04-01
Coordinated the collection of mussels from the Middle Fork Holston River, VA and Kentucky Lake, TN for CLiff Starliper at the National Fish Health Lab.
Neves 2002-10-01
Conducted assessment of habitat suitability for Roanoke logperch at three road crossings in Fort Pickett.
Angermeier 2003-06-01
Assisted the US Air Force in developing a biomonitoring program for aquatic systems in Ft. Eglin, FL.
Angermeier 2003-11-01
Assisted VDGIF in ranking fish species with respect to conservation need.
Angermeier 2003-11-01
Assisted USFWS in ranking threats to Roanoke logperch.
Angermeier 2004-08-01
Assisted TNC in ranking threats to aquatic biota in the Roanoke and Chowan river drainages of VA.
Angermeier 2003-10-01
Assisted M. Marshall (NPS) regarding monitoring river-fish communities.
Angermeier 2005-04-13
Assisted J. Schmerfeld (USFWS) regarding distribution of Roanoke logperch relative to a fish kill
Angermeier 2005-04-20
Assisted Heather Bell (USFWS) regarding status of American eel
Angermeier 2005-04-12
Assisted Department of Justice with the Ohio River mussel kill at Marietta, OH.
Neves 2003-04-01
Assisted A. Ernst (USGS) regarding distribution/biology of American eel
Angermeier 2005-04-03
Assist FWS Regions 3, 4 , and 5 with mussel related questions.
Neves 2004-06-01
Assist Department of Justice with NRDA cases on mussels.
Neves 2003-11-01
6 Sep, Staunton, Va – Jamie Roberts and Paul Angermeier met with 15 USFWS staff to brief them on current understanding of Roanoke logperch ecology and conservation.
USFWS, VA staff
Roberts, Angermeier 2012-09-06
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
member of FWC search committee for infectious disease ecologist Angermeier 2017-01-01 2017-04-30
chaired search committee for Unit Leader Angermeier 2009-10-01 2010-04-30
a. Member of FWC search committee to fill Applied Fish Ecologist faculty position Angermeier 2012-09-01 Present
Search committee member, interim mammalogy position, Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech - Assisted department head in interviewing and selecting interim mammalogist for the fall 2011 semester Ford 2011-06-01 2011-08-31
Search committee Mammalogy Instructor, 2012 Ford 2012-04-01 2012-05-31
Member, University Advisory Council for Environmental Sustainability Angermeier 2004-10-01 2008-09-30
Member, Seminar and Orientation Committee Vaughan 2004-08-01 Present
Member, Research Extension and International Affairs Committee Vaughan 2004-08-01 Present
Member, Outreach and Honorifics Committee Neves 2005-08-01 2006-08-31
Member, FiW Faculty Search Committee Angermeier 2004-10-01 2005-03-31
Member, Facilities Committee Neves 2005-08-01 2006-08-31
Member, Facilities Committee Vaughan 2004-08-01 Present
FiW search committee - participated in initial meeting of FiW search committee to fill new fisheries ecology position Angermeier 2010-10-01 2010-10-31
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
Mineland Stewardship Initiative Ford 2012-01-01 Present
Member, Zebra Mussel Advisory Team Neves 2003-01-01 2004-12-31
Member, Virginia's Mollusk Recovery Group Neves 1985-09-01 Present
Member, Virginia Bear Hunters Association Vaughan 1994-01-01 Present
Member, Tennessee's Rare Mollusk Recovery Committee Neves 1988-06-01 Present
Member, Steering Committee, National Conservation Plan for Freshwater Mussels Neves 1993-04-01 Present
Member, Science Advisory Board, CALFED's Restoration of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Ecosystem Angermeier 2002-01-01 2005-05-31
Member, Sand County Foundation's Quality Hunting Ecology Program. Angermeier 1999-05-01 2003-12-31
Member, Research Grade Evaluation Panel, U.S. Geological Survey Vaughan 2003-06-01 2003-06-30
Member, Research Grade Evaluation Panel, U.S. Geological Survey Neves 2003-01-01 2003-04-30
Member, Ohio River Ecosystem Team; Mussel Subcommittee Neves 1996-01-01 Present
Member, National Wild Turkey Federation Vaughan 1982-01-01 Present
Member, Mollusk Recovery Group, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Neves 2002-01-01 Present
Member, Florida Panther Science Review Team, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Vaughan 2002-04-01 2003-11-30
Member, Endangered Species Committee Neves 2001-05-01 2001-12-31
Member, Ecosystem Team for Southern Appalachians Neves 1998-07-01 Present
Member, Dwarf Wedgemussel Recovery Team Neves 2001-08-01 Present
Member, Board of Trustees, Virginia Museum of Natural History. Five year appointment. Neves 2001-03-01 2005-03-31
Member, Advisory Committee for Virginia's Invasive Species Council Neves 2003-12-01 Present
Member, Advisory Board for ORSANCO's Development of a Fish-Based index to assess biotic integrity of Ohio River Angermeier 2002-02-01 2004-12-31
Member, Peer Review Committee, Mussel Mitigation Trust Fund Neves 1997-03-01 Present
Council Member, Important Bird Areas, Audubon Society Neves 2000-01-01 Present
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
traveled to Roanoke, VA to give presentation to Garden City Elementary School on water quality and fishes in Roanoke River Angermeier 2011-05-12
traveled to Roanoke Rapids, NC to discuss ongoing research on aquatic ecosystem services with the Roanoke River Basin Association Angermeier 2011-03-12
traveled to Durham, NC to co-facilitate workshop on aquatic ecosystem services in Albemarle-Pamlico basin for >20 stakeholder groups Angermeier 2011-03-22
interviewed by Dan Sweeney of Channel 7 News, Roanoke, VA regarding Roanoke logperch Angermeier 2011-07-06
contributed to a televised news story (Channel 7, Roanoke, VA) on Roanoke River and Roanoke logperch Angermeier 2011-07-15
assisted Friends of the New River with hosting a luncheon for paddlers participating in the annual New River Expedition Angermeier 2011-07-31
Was interviewed by Christy Straight of Upper Roanoke River Roundtable regarding current research on aquatic ecosystem services. Angermeier 2010-11-15
University Outreach, Co-advised undergraduate female in summer minority program. Neves 2001-07-31
Title- Tech's Neves worls to save endangered freahwater mussels. Spectrum Newspaper 4/15/02 Neves 2002-04-01
Scheduled visits to the captive bear facility by school classes and citizen groups. Five groups attended between March 1, 2001 and April 15, 2001. Vaughan 2001-04-15
Recorded a radio spot on his bear research for the CBS radio program "The Osgood Files". Vaughan 2004-10-29
Recorded a 30-minute TV spot on his bear research for the Virginia Tech Discovery series hosted by Paul Lancaster. Vaughan 2004-10-04
Quoted in recent articles on the mussel restoration program of the Clinch River; Richlands News-Press and Bristol Herald Courier. Neves 2004-11-20
Quoted by Richland News and Bristol Press covering the VDGIF mussel release in Cedar Bluff. Neves 2004-10-15
Quoted In People Magazine (Vol 58: No 4, July 2002) regarding rehabilitation of orphaned black bear cubs. Vaughan 2002-07-01
Provided information to Shery Bithel (Virginia Tech Magazine) for an article on his captive bear research. The article appeared in the Strategist, a Virginia Tech peridodical that goes to alumni. Vaughan 2005-06-23
Provided information on pearls to a reporter for Earth and Sky Radio Program. Neves 2004-02-01
Participated in an interview and site visit of the Center for Bear Research for the Roanoke Times. Vaughan 2005-02-22
Meeting on water issues. Angermeier 2001-08-10
Made by VDGIF of captive bear research for use in Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL) Program. Distributed to the Virginia Department of Education. Vaughan 2002-03-01
Interviwed by P. Lancaster (Va Tech) for a radio news release about American eel. Angermeier 2005-03-09
Interviewed to discuss the release of mussels in 2005 and recovery of mussels killed in 1998 at Cedar Bluff, VA . Neves 2005-06-17
Interviewed by Trina Shultz about his black bear research for an article in the Virginia Tech magazine. Vaughan 2004-10-23
Interviewed by Roanoke Times to discuss the release of mussels in 2005 and recovery of mussels killed in 1998 at Cedar Bluff, VA Neves 2005-06-20
Interviewed by Liza Cross of the Public Library of Science in CA for an article on Florida panthers. Vaughan 2005-05-06
Interviewed by J. Cramer (Roanoke Times) for an article about American eel. Angermeier 2005-03-19
Interviewed by F. Hardy (Virginia Sportsman) for an article about American eel. Angermeier 2005-03-26
Interviewed by Channel 10 News about recent bear poaching arrests in Virginia. Vaughan 2005-09-26
Interviewed by Bristol Herald Courier to discuss the release of mussels in 2005 and recovery of mussels killed in 1998 at Cedar Bluff, VA . Neves 2005-06-19
Interview on biological effects of zebra mussels. Heraldo News, Madrid, Spain. 1/12/02. Neves 2002-01-01
Interview on asphalt spill into Nottoway River. WVTF 7/14/02. Neves 2002-07-01
Interview for Sierra Club video. Neves 2001-07-20
Front page article on mussel restoration in Virginia. Richmond Times-Dispatch 7/13/02. Neves 2002-07-01
Exhibit on mussel conservation at Virginia Tech's Farm and Family Showcase. Neves 2003-09-01
Exhibit at Virginia Tech's Farm and Family Showcase titled "Virginia's Dazzling Darters". Angermeier 2003-09-01
Congressional Natural Resource Committee Staff briefing and tour of bat project at NPS Rock Creek Park in Washington DC. Co-hosted with NPS NCR, USFWS Region 5, USFWS WO and USGS CRU Reston staff. Ford 2016-07-19
Blue Ridge Country Magazine (Vol XV, No 7/8, July/August 2002:31-35) on bear research Vaughan 2002-07-01
Article on use of DNA analysis of hair for wildlife research; Science News (Vol 161:250-252) Vaughan 2002-05-01
Article on bear research; Virginia Tech Yearbook Vaughan 2002-08-01
Article on bear research; Harrisonburg Times Vaughan 2001-12-01
Angermeier, P. L. 2001. Tech should be an environmental leader, not laggard. Roanoke Times, 16 September. Angermeier 2001-09-01
An article titled "Why not the best? How science failed the Florida panther", which drew heavily on the Florida panther Science Review Team's report to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and quoted members of the team, including Mike Vaughan, appeared in the September 2005 issue of Public Library of Science (PLOS) Biology Vaughan 2005-09-05
A Children's Book titled "Russell the Mussel".Conover, A., R. Biggins, and R. Neves. 2002. Russell the Mussel. Virginia Tech Press, Blacksburg, VA Neves 2002-10-01
2 Dec: traveled to Roanoke, VA to give presentation to Upper Roanoke River Roundtable regarding current research on aquatic ecosystem services. Angermeier 2010-12-02