Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Utah
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Utah Technical Assistance Activities

Photo of Cache Valley Wetlands

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
Scientific Expert, Lake trout Suppression Workshop II. “The Yellowstone Lake Crisis: Confrontong a Lake Trout Invasion. An Interim Scientific Assessment. Chico Hot Spring Resort, MT, June 14-16, 2011 .
National Park Service- Yellowstone
Budy 2011-05-15
Scientific Expert and Panelist on the US Fish and Wildlife Service Bull Trout Science Panel
Thiede 2005-05-24
Science Panel Member and Invited Presenter, Comparative Survival Study (Columbia River Salmon - Hydrosystem) Workshop, Silverton, OR, July 26-28, 2011.
Comparative Survival Study
Budy 2011-06-01
Provided advice and technical assistance to the Director, FWS R1, on whether the marbled murrelett should be de-listed.
Edwards 2004-03-01
Member, USGS Alaska Science Climate Change Program Review Team, 2009-2010 Team reviewed and prioritized proposals for climate change research efforts to be directed out of the Alaska Science Center.
Alaska Science Center
Edwards 2009-11-01
Member, Steering Committee USGS Biology Wildlife Review Team, 2009-2010 Team organized and ran the 2009-2010 review of the USGS Biology program.
Edwards 2009-03-31
Member, Pioneering Performance Measures for Wildlife Conservation – State Wildlife Action Plans, Bureau of Land Management and The Heinz Center This workshop is intended to inform the continued development of the State Wildlife Action Plans and enhance the management of important wildlife habitats on BLM lands.
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Edwards 2010-07-01
Lead, USGS Biology Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellows Program, 2009-2010 Directed the effort led to the integration of USGS Biology into the USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellows Program. Also organized the proposal submission and review process for the 2009-2010 competition.
Edwards 2009-05-01
Lead, Subject Matter Expert Reviewer for Landscape Ecologist position, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center, 2010 Subject matter expert Lead Reviewer for Landscape Ecologist position at the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center.
Southwest Biological Science Cente
Edwards 2010-09-01
Invited Expert External Review. NFWF Stream Restoration Review of “Promoting Successful Restoration through Effective Monitoring in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Draft Report prepared for National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. May 15 – June 1, 2011.
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Budy 2011-05-15
Co-Lead, USGS Colorado Plateau BLM Regional Ecosystem Assessment Team, 2010-current Co-lead of effort that is reviewing the Colorado Plateau BLM Regional Ecosystem Assessment plan. Review coordinated out of the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center.
Edwards 2010-04-01
Bull Trout Recovery Monitoring and Evaluation Group.
Budy 2003-04-01
ACF Striped Bass Committee
Adair 2013-10-29
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
Chair, Admissions committee, Forest, Range, and Wildlife Sciences Department Bissonette 2004-09-01 2008-05-31
East Gateway Districk Plan Faculty Committee - Assist with the East Gateway District Planning Budy 2017-06-01 Present
USU Chemical Hygiene Committee - Serve on the Chemical Hygiene Committee for USU Budy 2017-06-01 Present
USU Honors Application Review Committee Budy 2015-09-01 Present
USU Honors Application Review Committee - Reviewing student applications for the Honors Program. Budy 2015-01-01 Present
USU Quinney College of Natural Resources, Undergraduate Scholarship Commitee - Review and select those who have applied for undergraduate scholarships. Budy 2015-01-01 Present
USU, QCNR Faculty & Staff Academic Awards Committee - Review and help select annual awards. Budy 2011-01-01 Present
USU, New Faculty Teaching Academy, Teaching Mentor for: Patrick Belmont, 2010. Budy 2010-09-01 Present
USU, Watershed Sciences, Aquatic Geographer Faculty Search Committee (2010). Budy 2010-02-01 Present
Asst. Director, Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation and Restoration, Utah State University - Asst. Director, Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation and Restoration, Utah State University Budy 2006-09-01 Present
Assistant Director, Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation and Restoration, Utah State University, Logan, UT, 2006 – 2011. Budy 2006-01-01 Present
USU, Dept of Watershed Sciences, Undergraduate Degree and Curriculum Revision Committee Budy 2015-09-01 2016-05-31
USU, New Faculty Teaching Academy, Teaching Mentor for: Joeseph Wheaton, 2009. Budy 2009-09-01 2010-08-31
USGS, CRU 2009 Award Nominating Committee (2010). Budy 2010-01-01 2010-02-28
USU, New Faculty Teaching Academy, Teaching Mentor for: Karin Kettering, 2008. Budy 2008-09-01 2009-08-31
USU, Watershed Sciences, Ecohydrologist Faculty Search Committee (2009). - USU, Watershed Sciences, Ecohydrologist Faculty Search Committee (2009). Budy 2009-01-01 2009-05-31
USU, Watershed Sciences, Spatial Ecologist Faculty Search Committee (2008). - USU, Watershed Sciences, Spatial Ecologist Faculty Search Committee (2008). Budy 2008-01-01 2008-06-30
USU, Watershed Sciences, Watershed Scientist Faculty Search Committee (2009). - Department of Watershed Sciences Representative, College of Natural Resources New Faculty Search Committee (Wetland Scientist), Utah State University Budy 2007-07-01 2007-12-31
Member, USU, College of Natural Resources, Search Committee for new Dean of Natural Resources (2005) Budy 2004-01-01 2005-01-31
Member, USU, Department of Aquatic, Watershed, and Earth Resources, Search Committee for GIS/Ecologist faculty position in AWER (2004) Budy 2004-01-01 2005-01-31
Member, USU, Water Initiative Seminar Series Committee (2003-2005). Budy 2003-01-01 2005-01-31
Member, USU, College of Natural Resources, Graduate Fellowship Advisory Committee (2002-2004) Budy 2002-01-01 2004-01-31
Member, USU, Department of Aquatic, Watershed, and Earth Resources, Graduate Academic Review Committee (2001-2004) Budy 2001-01-01 2004-01-31
Chair, Graduate Studies Committee, Department of Wildland Ressources, Utah State University Edwards 2007-07-01 2012-08-31
Search Committee, Assistant Professor Wildlife Ecology, Department of Wildland Resurces, Utah State Univerity Edwards 2010-09-01 2011-04-30
Ecology Center Seminar Speaker Committee, Ecology Center, Utah State University - Find, schedule, invite, and manage travel and visitation activities for the Ecology Center Seminar Speaker Series. McLaren 2020-01-01 2021-01-31
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
USU Chemical Hygiene Committee Budy 2017-01-01 Present
UDOT Utah Transportation Research Committee Bissonette 2008-04-01 Present
National Science Foundation, Research Experience for Undergraduates Budy 2016-01-01 Present
Member, Newfoundland Marten Recovery Team Bissonette 1990-01-01 2002-12-31
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
‘Evaluating the effectiveness of stream bank and riparian protection in restoring the water quality, stream habitat, and fish community of an important trout, spawning stream: Spawn Creek, Utah’. Presentation to: Public as invited and coordinated by the Utah Watershed Coordinating Council. Phaedra Budy, Eriek Hansen, and Gary Thiede, March 19, 2008. Budy 2008-03-19
Trout Unlimited- Cache Anglers. Annual presentation on the ecology of Logan River native trout, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Budy 2007-02-01
The Native American Summer Mentorship Program- 25 Undergraduates from the Navajo Tribe. Field Trip to USU. Lab visit to Budy Fish Ecology Lab: 1) explained the lab and structure: what do we do, fish and ecology research studies, 2) described some projects in Utah: some hands on items (pelican puke, PIT tags), and 3) described undergrad opportunities in detail: technician work, undergraduate research. 9 May, 2016. Budy 2016-05-09
Testing the Waters. The Herald Journal, Logan, Utah. Friday, 15 August 2008 Budy 2008-08-15
Shocking (for) Results. The Herald Journal. Logan, Utah. Friday August 17, 2007. Budy 2007-08-17
Science outreach booth at Fremont Indian State Park on July 23rd, 2016. Displayed scientific sampling equipment, live native fish, and answered questions about USU?USGS research project. Finch 2016-07-23
Research Brief – Utah: USGS Coop Catch-Up Newsletter: “Curbing the chub: usu aquatic ecologist works to restore balance” Issue 68 Budy 2015-03-15
Research Brief – Utah: USGS Coop Catch-Up Newsletter: “The Twitchell Canyon Fire”. November, 2014. Budy 2014-11-01
Proposed Beaver Holding Facility In Millville, Utah. Broadcast on Utah Public Radio. Leavitt 2018-09-07
Piute Farms Waterfall On Lower San Juan - A Tributary of Lake Powell. Broadcast on Utah Public Radio Leavitt 2018-08-09
Pechacek, P., Ph.D. 2005. External Reviewer to the Evaluation Committee for the Postdoctoral Habilitation Thesis: How do animals use their habitat. Behavioral studies as the basis for conservation biology. Albert Ludwigs Universität (Universität Freiburg), Freiburg Germany (Supervisor: I. Storch). Bissonette 2005-11-15
McCallum, I. 1993. M.Sc.F. Long-term Effects of Timber Management on Marten Habitat Potential in an Ontario Boreal Forest. MScF thesis, Faculty of Forestry, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ontario (supervisor: Peter Duinker). Bissonette 1993-07-15
Lead a field trip and presented field stream-side presentation to the Spawn Creek Passive Restoration and Research Study Site located in Logan Canyon,UT for the Trout Unlimited (TU) national convention, held at Snowbird, UT (September 11-14, 2008). Budy 2008-09-12
Kaufmann, Cynthia K. 2000. M.Sc. F. Analysis of Spatial Harvest Constraints on Ecological (Wildlife Habitat) versus Economic (Timber Harvest) Objectives. M.Sc.F. Thesis, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ontario Canada (Supervisor: Rob Remple). Bissonette 2000-06-15
Jansson, G. 1999. Ph.D. External opponent to conduct defense of Ph.D. dissertation "Landscape composition and birds in managed boreal forest. Ph.D. Dissertation, Swedish Agricultural University, Upsalla Sweden (supervisor: Hendrik Andren). Bissonette 1999-12-01
Invited Presentation, Cache Anglers Chapter of Trout Unlimited. 2011. Saunders, W.C., P. Budy, G. Thiede. Brown trout demographics in the Logan River: effects of mechanical removal and potential for biotic resistance limit brown trout expansion. Logan, UT. January 19, 2011. Budy 2011-01-19
Invited Presentation to UDWR –Three Species Annual Conservation Team. 2010. “Four Years of Study on the San Rafael: where have we come and where are we going?” Budy. P. , G.P. Thiede, and A. Dean. UDWR, Salt Lake City, UT. October 27, 2010. Budy 2010-10-27
Invited Presentation to UDWR –Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Range-Wide Coordination Group. 2010. Saunders, W.C., P. Budy, and G. Thiede. 2010. Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Restoration in the Logan River. Invited Presentation, Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Recovery Team, Salt Lake City, UT, November 3, 2010. Budy 2010-11-03
Invited Presentation to UDWR –Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Range-Wide Coordination Group. 2010. Budy. P. , G.P. Thiede, and A. Dean. “An evaluation of the relative performance of diploid and triploid trout with consideration of the effects of lake morphology and fish density” UDWR, Salt Lake City, UT. November 3, 2010. Budy 2010-11-03
Invited Presentation to UDWR --Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council. 2011. “Long term monitoring of trout on the Logan River: why is monitoring important?” UDWR, Salt Lake City, UT. March 10, 2011. Budy 2011-03-10
Invited Presentation to NGO as part of an environmental film series. “Challenges for conserving and protecting Utah’s fishes”. Presented at SwanerEco Center, Park City, UT, July 15, 2009. Budy 2009-07-15
Invited Presentation to Cache Anglers, Local Chapter of Trout Unlimited. “Eight years of trout research on the Logan River: what have we learned? Options for BCT restoration” Presented in Logan, UT, June 10, 2009. Budy 2009-06-10
Four years ago a group set out to protect a local stream... The Herald Journal, Logan, Utah, Friday, 11 July 2008. Budy 2008-07-11
Forsey, E. S. 1998. M.S. A study of mammalian activity in riparian habitats prior to and immediately following forest harvesting in the Copper Lake Watershed, Newfoundland. M.S. Thesis, Memorial University, St. John's Newfoundland Canada (supervisor: Bill Montevecchi). Bissonette 1998-06-01
Featured on UDWR Facebook/Blog: “Trout vs. chub”. Budy 2015-07-15
Featured on UDWR Facebook/Blog: “The Twitchell Canyon Fire” Budy 2014-11-14
Featured on UDWR Facebook/Blog: “Mapping the Tushar mountain streams from above” Budy 2015-02-15
Featured on UDWR Facebook/Blog: Pelican predation on cutthroat trout research at Strawberry Reservoir: Budy 2014-07-11
Featured in USU Magazine: Arctic Research and Lab undergraduate researcher: Budy 2016-02-01
Exhibited native fishes of southern Utah and talked about conservation and management of aquatic resources in the face of climate change and fire. Discussed sampling methods and future research goals, as well as restoration of a blue-ribbon trout fishery. Finch, Budy 2015-07-24
Earth Day Environmental Explorations. On the Watershed Sciences Department at Utah State University conducted an Earth Day activity involving environmental explorations for two Cache Valley high schools. As part of the Earth Day event, the Fish Ecology Lab of the Utah Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit, demonstrated fish sampling techniques including electrofishing, stomach pumping for stomach content analysis and fish tagging. We then discussed the information we gained from sampling, answered questions, and discussed a few bigger picture issues about the environment in general. We interacted with seven groups of between 5-8 students (April 22, 2008). Budy 2008-04-22
Devine, D. 1998. Ph.D. Habitat Patch Dynamics of Desert Bighorn Sheep Ovis canadensis nelsoni in the Eastern Mojave Desert. Ph. D. Thesis, University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV (Supervisor: Charles Douglas). Bissonette 1998-06-08
Common Ground Outdoor Adventures. Took disabled people to view spawning kokanee salmon and provided interpretive natural history information. Budy 2002-09-01
Common Ground Outdoor Adventures. Assisted in fish print making for mentally and physically disabled persons Budy 2002-10-01
Bonneville cutthroat trout conservation video. Produced by the Quinney College of Natural Resources and also showed on UDWR Facebook page, where it reached >20,000 people on May 9 Budy 2016-05-09
Bonneville cutthroat flourish in the Right-Hand Fork of the Logan River Budy 2018-08-16
Bluehead Suckers & Bonneville Cutthroat Trout This video describes the work being done for the Weber River Bluehead Suckers and Bonneville Cutthroat Trout fish populations, which Utah Coop Unit (Phaedra Budy's lab) helped with. Budy 2017-06-30
Bissonette, J. A. Utah Unit, Leader. External Examiner for M.Sc. F. Analysis of Spatial Harvest Constraints on Ecological (Wildlife Habitat) versus Economic (Timber Harvest) Objectives. Bissonette 2000-01-18
Birch Creek Restoration Leavitt 2018-08-06
Bear River Watershed Festival, American West Heritage Center, April, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007. Booth with a live exhibit of native and introduced fishes of the Bear River, undergraduate poster presentation of the fishes of the Bear River and Fish Jeopardy Games for children. Budy 2007-04-01
Bear River Watershed Celebration. Exposed children to native fishes of the Bear River Basin through the use of live specimens and games. Budy 2002-03-01