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Long, J.M. 2010. Inventory of fishes at a small national park in North Carolina: Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science 126: 77-83.


A fish inventory in 2004 of Guilford Courthouse National Military Park by sampled three reaches of the two streams that occurred within the park; Hunting Creek and an unnamed tributary. Reaches consisted of a 91 m section in the upper portion of an unnamed tributary, a 183 m section in the lower portion of the unnamed tributary and a 152 m section of Hunting Creek. Summer and winter surveys of each reach were conducted with a backpack electrofishing unit. Overall, a total of 14 species were collected; 542 specimens (11 species) in summer and 359 specimens (14 species) in winter. The most abundant species were Semotilis atromaculatus (Creek Chub), Nocomis leptocephalus (Bluehead Chub), and Lepomis macrochirus (Bluegill Sunfish).