Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: New York
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

New York History

Research conducted by the New York Unit helps to inform management of wild turkey.

The New York Cooperative Research Unit was established in 1961 as the New York Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit. It was led by Dr. Dan Thompson. In 1963, the New York Cooperative Fishery Research Unit was established under the leadership of Dr. Al Eipper. The wildlife and fishery units were combined in 1984 to form the current New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. Dr. Milo Richmond led the combined unit.

The New York Unit has employed six wildlife scientists: Daniel Q. Thompson (1961-1975), Milo E. Richmond (1968-2008), Richard A. Malecki (1978-2008), Angela K. Fuller (2009-present), Mitchell J. Eaton (2011-present); and seven fishery scientists: Alfred W. Eipper(1963-1975), Henry A. Regier (1964-1966), Clarence A. Carlson (1966-1972), John G. Nickum (1973-1980), Steven P. Gloss (1978-1987), Mark B. Bain (1991-2003), and William L. Fisher (2008-present).

Name Position Start Year End Year
Bain, Mark Assistant Unit Leader 1986 2003
Fisher, William Unit Leader 2008 2013
Fuller, Angela Unit Leader 2014 Current
Fuller, Angela Assistant Unit Leader 2009 2014
Grodsky, Steve Assistant Unit Leader 2020 Current
Malecki, Richard Assistant Unit Leader 1977 2008
Richmond, Milo Unit Leader 1968 2008
Sethi, Suresh Assistant Unit Leader 2016 Current