Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Wyoming
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Wyoming Education Activities

A Wyoming Coop student uses telemetry to locate a study animal.

The Wyoming Unit’s primary responsibility at the University of Wyoming is to enhance the training of graduate students. The Unit Leader (1) and Assistant Unit Leaders (2) are USGS employees, but hold full faculty appointments in the Department of Zoology and Physiology. In this capacity they supervise graduate students in the Department and serve on graduate committees for students in several UW departments.
As part of our mission, Unit scientists teach graduate level courses, mentor graduate students, and provide continuing education for our cooperators. By combining teaching, research and technical assistance, the WY Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit provides students not only with an opportunity to pursue a graduate degree, but also receive unparalleled scientific training and applied work experience. By training the next generation of natural resource scientists, we enable the sound management of the nation's natural resources.

Title Instructor(s) Start Date End Date
Writing and Reviewing Science Chalfoun August 2020 December 2020
Readings in Habitat Ecology Kauffman September 2007 December 2007
Predator Functions Kauffman January 2007 May 2007
Issues in Fisheries Management Hubert January 2001 May 2001
Habitat Selection Chalfoun August 2021 December 2021
Habitat Selection Chalfoun August 2019 December 2019
Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Practices Hubert January 2005 May 2005
Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Practice Hubert January 2003 May 2003
Ecology as a Research Discipline Walters August 2019 December 2019
Ecology as a Discipline Walters August 2017 December 2017
Ecological effects of climate change Walters January 2012 May 2012
Advanced Topics in Stream Ecology Walters January 2017 May 2017
Advanced Topics in Stream Ecology Walters January 2014 April 2014
Advanced Fisheries Managment Walters January 2019 May 2019
Advanced Fisheries Management Walters January 2021 May 2021
Advanced Fisheries Management Walters January 2016 May 2016
Advanced Fisheries Management Walters January 2013 May 2013
Advanced Fisheries Management Hubert January 2009 May 2009
Advanced Fisheries Management Hubert January 2007 May 2007
Advanced Fisheries Management Hubert January 2006 May 2006
Advanced Fisheries Management Hubert January 2004 May 2004
Advanced Fisheries Management Hubert January 2002 May 2002
Training Provided Instructor(s) Completion Date
Use of the warmwater stream assessment methodology in Wyoming Hubert January 2004
Technical writing workshop for aquatic biologists. 10 participants, all employees of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Fish Division. Hubert April 2002
Rotenone and antimycin use in fisheries management. Course for certification by Wyoming Department of Agriculture. 30 students. Hubert January 2002
Rotenone and antimycin use in fisheries management. Pesticide applicators training for Wyoming Game and Fish Department fisheries biologists, Laramie, Wyoming. Hubert January 2009
Rotenone and antimycin use by fisheries scientists. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8 Inspectors, Field Training, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Hubert April 2009
Over the water training Walters May 2015
Over the water training Walters March 2017
Over the water training Walters February 2018
Outboart motorboat operators training for USGS employees. Team taught. Course for certification of U.S. Department of Interior employees. Denver, Colorado. 25 students. Hubert May 2002
Estimation of relative abundanced of fishes. Continuing education course at Western Division, American Fisheries Society Meeting, Portland, Oregon. Hubert May 2008
Estimation methods for absolute and relative measures of fish populations. Continuing education course at the Montana Chapter, American Fisheries Society meeting, Billings, Montana. Co-taught with Daniel Hayes, Michigan State University. Hubert February 2008
ATV training. Walters October 2014
ATV training Walters October 2016
"Watershed Definitions, Models, and Management Applications" Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitat Biologists, Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Hubert February 2007
Title and Location Speaker Date
Wolves, elk, and aspen on Yellowstone?s Northern Range: patterns, responses, and consequences of predation risk
Presented to: University of Wyoming Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society
Kauffman September 2006
Wolves, elk and aspen on Yellowstone?s Northern Range: all forage and no fear?
Presented to: Idaho State University
Kauffman May 2008
Wolves, elk and aspen on Yellowstone?s Northern Range: all forage and no fear?
Presented to: Casper College, Zimmerman Lecture
Kauffman May 2008
Wolves, Elk and Aspen on Yellowstone?s Northern Range: All Forage and No Fear?
Presented to: University of Wyoming and National Park Service Reasearch Station, AMK Ranch, Teton National Park.
Kauffman July 2007
Wildlife amidst human-induced rapid environmental change
Presented to: Draper Natural History Museum
Chalfoun June 2016
What we know, think we know, and don't have a clue about when managing riverine fishes: sauger as an example.
Presented to: Montana State University
Hubert September 2004
What are the effects of energy development for native fish communities
Presented to: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Walters March 2013
Trophic mismatch? How migratory ungulates cope with changing phenology
Presented to: University of Wyoming
Kauffman September 2011
The future of Fisheries Science
Presented to: University of Wyoming
Hubert April 2009
Spatial structure, dispersal, and management of a recovering raptor population
Presented to: Casper College
Kauffman May 2008
Resistance and resilience of aquatic communities to low flow disturbance
Presented to: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Walters February 2013
Publishing your thesis research: process and ethics. Department of Zoology and Physiology, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.
Presented to: University of Wyoming
Hubert October 2000
Managing three increasingly-rare native warmwater fishes in headwaters of the Colorado River drainage -- What would you do?
Presented to: University of Georgia
Hubert February 2008
Life history diversity and behavioral flexibility as strategies to promote population resiliency.
Presented to: Utah State University
Walters February 2019
Implications of oil and natural gas development for native fish populations
Presented to: Rocky Mountain SETAC plenary
Walters April 2016
Implications of interacting stressors for Wyoming fishes
Presented to: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Walters November 2020
Geospatial sciences/technology: a boon or bane for wildlife ecology?
Presented to: Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center, University of Wyoming
Kauffman November 2007
Fish on the move: corridors and connectivity in river systems.
Presented to: University of Georgia
Hubert February 2008
Fish and habitat modeling of salmonids
Presented to: North Carolina State University
Hubert September 2002
Fidelity, timing, and the influence of climate on moose migrations
Presented to: North American Moose Conference
Kauffman June 2009
Exploring the effects of oil and gas development for aquatic habits and native fish communities in the Wyoming Range
Presented to: Univeristy of Wyoming - National Park Service Research Center
Walters August 2014
Disturbance and fish communities: water diversion, climate change, and energy development
Presented to: Colorado State University
Walters October 2012
Are wolves saving Yellowstone’s aspen? A landscape-level test of a behaviorally mediated trophic cascade
Presented to: Colorado State University
Kauffman October 2008
Adaptive habitat selection: Is it for the birds?
Presented to: University of Illinois
Chalfoun April 2016
Adaptive habitat selection: Is it for the birds?
Presented to: University of Northern Colorado
Chalfoun October 2015
Adaptive habitat selection in a changing world: Is it for the Birds?
Presented to: Colorado State University
Chalfoun October 2020
A fish story: fish, fishing, and the future of fish in Wyoming.
Presented to: University of Wyoming
Hubert October 2004
Title Presenter Date
Writing for the sciences Kauffman September 2008
Watershed Water Quality Management for Fish Hubert December 2004
Watershed Water Quality Management Hubert December 2003
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processs in Conservation Biology Kauffman September 2009
Stream habitat Hubert June 2003
Sex, lies and data: tips to help YOU manage YOUR data Kauffman September 2009
Restoration of rangeland habitat for fishes Hubert October 2003
Factors affecting native fishes in the North Platte River drainage of Wyoming Hubert November 2003
Aquatic Ecology Walters October 2015
Aquatic Ecology Walters October 2018
Aquatic Ecology Walters October 2016
Aquatic Ecology Walters November 2020
Student (Degree) Advisor Start Year End Year
Zero, Victoria (MS) Walters 2012 2014
Zaffarano, Travis (MS) Chalfoun 2015 2018
Wilson, Megan (PhD) Chalfoun 2016 Present
Wilde, Luke (PhD) Chalfoun 2022 Present
Wilcox, Rebecca (PhD) Chalfoun 2015 Present
Webb, Colt (MS) Walters 2021 Present
Wanner, Caitlyn (MS) Chalfoun 2021 Present
Walker, Richard (PhD) Walters 2014 2019
Verzuh, Tana (MS) Chalfoun 2017 2020
Vance, James (MS) Chalfoun 2013 2016
Van Eggers, Jordan (PhD) Walters 2021 Present
Underwood, Zack (MS) Walters 2012 2015
Tronstadt, Lusha (PhD) Hubert 2003 2008
Tronstadt, Lusha (PhD) Hubert 2003 2006
Travis, Sabrina (MS) Hubert 2005 2005
Torres, Melanie (PhD) Walters 2017 Present
Torres, Melanie (PhD) Chalfoun 2017 Present
Tiemann, Alissa (MS) Walters 2019 2022
Thimmayya, Amada (MS) Kauffman 2007 Present
Thel, Laura (MS) Hubert 2000 2003
Swallow, Aaron (MS) Kauffman 2007 Present
Stumpner, Carly (MS) Chalfoun 2022 Present
Sowecke, Timothy (MS) Walters 2013 2014
Smith, Austin (MS) Chalfoun 2020 Present
Slater, Steve (PhD) Hubert 2005 2006
Siepielksi, Adam (PhD) Kauffman 2007 2007
Sickler, Stephanie (PhD) Walters 2019 2021
Shrank, Amy (PhD) Hubert 1999 2002
Shakeri, Yasaman (PhD) Chalfoun 2021 Present
Sawyer, Hall (PhD) Hubert 2007 Present
Ruthven, Jake (MS) Walters 2019 2022
Rosinski, Caroline (MS) Walters 2021 Present
Rosenthal, Will (PhD) Walters 2021 Present
Rosenthal, Will (MS) Walters 2018 2021
Roberts, James (MS) Hubert 2002 2004
Rick, Jessica (PhD) Walters 2017 2022
Purcell, Melanie (MS) Hubert 2005 2006
Polasik, Julia (MS) Walters 2012 2014
Pilkerton, Ashleigh (PhD) Walters 2019 Present
Pettengill, Christopher (PhD) Walters 2020 Present
Peterson, Caitlin (MS) Walters 2014 2017
Ortega, Anna (PhD) Chalfoun 2017 Present
Nibbelink, Nathan (PhD) Hubert 1999 2002
Narr, Charlotte (MS) Hubert 2008 Present
Middleton, Arthur (PhD) Hubert 2007 Present
Meadows, Laura-Lynn (MS) Kauffman 2006 Present
Meadows, Laura Lynn (MS) Kauffman 2008 Present
McKinstry, Mark (PhD) Hubert 1996 2003
McBeth, Ian (MS) Hubert 2001 2003
Mandeville, Elizabeth (PhD) Walters 2013 2016
Maitland, Bryan (PhD) Walters 2016 2020
Madinger, Hilary (PhD) Walters 2016 2018
Madhavi Yeka, Sailaja (MS) Hubert 2004 2005
Locker, Sara (MS) Walters 2019 2021
LeVan, Jason (MS) Chalfoun 2015 2018
LeCheminant, Alex (MS) Walters 2015 2019
Lautenbach, Jonathan (PhD) Chalfoun 2018 Present
Larson, Michelle (PhD) Walters 2015 2018
Lambert, Mallory (MS) Chalfoun 2017 Present
Kyle, Carrie (MS) Chalfoun 2021 Present
Kratina-Hathaway, Anicka (MS) Walters 2013 2017
Kirol, Chris (MS) Kauffman 2009 Present
Kirk, Mark (PhD) Walters 2017 2020
Kilty, Trina (PhD) Walters 2018 2019
Kaiser, Rusty (MS) Hubert 2005 2006
Johnson, Eben (MS) Walters 2011 2014
Jensen, Brian (MS) Hubert 2005 2006
Jaksha, Nathan (MS) Walters 2021 Present
Hunter, Stephen (MS) Hubert 2008 Present
Hubbard, Kaylan (MS) Hubert 2009 Present
Holloran, Matt (PhD) Hubert 2005 2005
Hoffman, Jonathan (PhD) Kauffman 2007 Present
Hickerson, Brian (MS) Walters 2015 2018
Henig, Jacob (PhD) Chalfoun 2015 Present
Harder, Joana (MS) Chalfoun 2016 Present
Gray, Robin (MS) Hubert 1997 2003
Gomez-Murillo, Laura (MS) Chalfoun 2019 Present
Girard, Carlin (MS) Walters 2012 2015
Gilbert, Michelle (MS) Hubert 2008 Present
Gibson-Reinemer, Daniel (PhD) Walters 2013 2014
Genzoli, Laurel (MS) Walters 2011 2013
Gelzer, Emily (MS) Chalfoun 2018 Present
Garrity, Courtney (MS) Chalfoun 2022 Present
Gabrielsen, Charlotte (PhD) Walters 2012 2017
Fennell, John (MS) Walters 2018 2021
Eftekharzadeh, Sarah (PhD) Walters 2014 2018
Dugan, Jessica (MS) Walters 2012 2015
Duchardt, Courtney (PhD) Chalfoun 2014 2019
Donadio, Emiliano (PhD) Kauffman 2007 Present
Dexheimer, Tamar (MS) Hubert 2008 Present
Day, Natalie (MS) Walters 2014 2015
Davis, Burton (MS) Hubert 2001 2006
Davis, Burton (MS) Hubert 2001 2005
Curry, Laura (MS) Hubert 2000 2003
Crait, Jamie (PhD) Kauffman 2007 Present
Cotton, Bradlee (MS) Walters 2018 2020
Connell, Lauren (MS) Chalfoun 2015 2018
Combrink, Lucia (MS) Walters 2019 2022
Clancy, Niall (PhD) Walters 2021 Present
Ciepiela, Lindsy (MS) Walters 2014 2017
Chamberlain, Tonya (MS) Walters 2011 2013
Cerreto, Ken (MS) Hubert 2002 2004
Case, Samuel (PhD) Chalfoun 2017 Present
Carlson, Andrew (PhD) Hubert 2003 2006
Burkholder, Emily (MS) Chalfoun 2022 Present
Buchanan, Clay (PhD) Kauffman 2009 Present
Brewin, Jordan (PhD) Walters 2022 Present
Boyle, Lindsey (MS) Walters 2018 2020
Bowen, Mathew (MS) Hubert 2002 2004
Booher, Evan (MS) Walters 2017 2020
Blomberg, Kelli (MS) Walters 2014 2016
Billerman, Shawn (PhD) Chalfoun 2011 2016
Behl, Nathaniel (MS) Chalfoun 2014 2017
Beaver, Sarah (MS) Kauffman 2008 Present
Barrile, Gabriel (PhD) Walters 2015 2021
Baldock, Jeff (PhD) Walters 2017 Present
Arrick, Rachel (PhD) Walters 2019 Present
Alford, Samantha (MS) Walters 2017 2020
Abdullah, Ali (PhD) Chalfoun 2011 2016