Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Wyoming
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Wyoming Technical Assistance Activities

Wyoming Coop Unit students and staff assist a WY Game and fish biologist with an elk release.

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
Yellowstone Climate Change Briefing. Presented summary of research on climate change and ungulates funded by the USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center. Presentation given to staff of USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, Yellowstone National Park as well as Tom Armstrong (Director, USGS Global Change Program) and Kit Batten (Science Advisor to Deputy Secretary of the Interior). July 22-23, 2009.
US Geological Survey
July 2009
Status of sturgeon chub in Powder River, Wyoming
Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
Hubert July 2009
Served on US Geological Survery Research Grade Evaluation panel. Fall 2008.
US Geological Survey
June 2009
Served as local organizer of the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative Science Workshop, on the campus of Univ of WY, May 15-18, 2007. Organized and led panel on Wildlife and Livestock Responses to Energy Development.
Kauffman May 2007
Representing the WY Coop Unit on the USGS Steering Committee of the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative
Kauffman January 2007
Presented progress report to DoD Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program entitled: A Risk Assessment Framework for Defining Scientifically Defensible Recovery Goals For Listed Species. Washington D.C.
Kauffman February 2007
Peer Reviewer for: Proposed Revision of Special Regulation for the Central Idaho and Yellowstone Area Nonessential Experimental Populations of Gray Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Federal Register 72:36942-36949. Friday, July 6, 2007
Kauffman August 2007
Peer Reviewer for GREATER SAGE-GROUSE POPULATION TRENDS: AN ANALYSIS OF LEK COUNT DATABASES by Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.
Kauffman August 2008
Organized and led Cooperative Research Unit workshop (mini-hands) on strategies for the development of transboundary research projects. Salt Lake City, Utha, June 01, 2009.
Cooperative Research Unit Program
April 2009
Options for burbot management in Wyoming.
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Hubert March 2009
Member of the USGS Ecological Assessment Science Team charged with writing a White Paper on ecological assessments involving energy and wildlife.
Kauffman August 2007
Member of planning committee for WLCI Science Workshop. Laramie, Wyoming, May 2009.
US Geological Survey
March 2009
Identification of crayfish collected by Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Hubert August 2009
Assessment and advice regarding fish and habitat monitoring program with focus on razorback suckers.
San Juan River Recovery Implementation Working Group
Hubert April 2009
Assessment and advice regarding fish and habitat monitoring program with focus on Colorado River pikeminnow.
San Juan River Recovery Implementation Working Group
Hubert April 2009
Advised Wyoming Game and Fish Deparment Moose Working Group Re: statewide moose declines, May 05, 2009.
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
April 2009
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
Zoology and Physiology Informal Funds Manager Walters January 2017 Present
Wildlife and Fisheries Management Curriculum committee Walters January 2012 Present
Search committee - Zoology and Physiology Department Walters September 2013 May 2014
Search committee - Zoology and Physiology Department Walters October 2012 May 2013
Search Committee - Zoology and Physiology Walters August 2017 May 2018
Program in Ecology Steering Committee Walters January 2016 January 2020
Program in Ecology Seminar Committee Walters August 2012 May 2014
Program in Ecology Finance Committee Walters January 2022 Present
Member, Seminar Committee of the Program in Ecology Kauffman April 2007 Present
Member, Search Committee, University of Wyoming, Renewable Resources Kauffman October 2006 April 2007
Member, FoSTER Committee for Ecological Observatory Kauffman April 2008 Present
Member, College Summer Independent Study Committee, University of Wyoming Kauffman September 2009 Present
Member, Absaroka Divide Working Group Kauffman July 2007 Present
Member of UW-NPS research station task force Walters August 2019 Present
Coordinator, Coordinator; Fish, Wildlife, and Ecology Seminar Hubert August 1990 September 2008
Chair, Assistant Leader for Fisheries, Search Committee Hubert June 2009 Present
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
USGS RGE Panel member Walters June 2020 June 2020
Steering Committee Member, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative, U.S. Geological Survey Kauffman November 2008 Present
RGE panel participant Walters November 2016 November 2016
Member, Science and Technical Advisory Committee, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative, U.S. Geological Survey Kauffman September 2007 Present
Member, Science Team, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative, U.S. Geological Survey Kauffman November 2006 Present
Grant Reviewer, National Geographic Society Kauffman November 2011 November 2011
Faculty mentor, Women's Flyfishing club Walters January 2017 January 2020
Faculty mentor, American Fisheries Society Univeristy of Wyoming Student Sub-unit Walters August 2013 Present
Dry Rivers Research Coordination Member Walters March 2021 Present
Cooperative Research Unit Safety Committee Member Walters July 2023 Present
Co-PI Fish-flow Powell working group Walters May 2019 Present
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
Wyoming State Science Fair judge Walters March 2013
Wyoming Naturalist Program Instructor Walters May 2021
Wyoming Land Conservation Initiative Field Briefing in Rock Springs and Pinedale Wyoming to USGS Central Region Director, Science Coordinator and BRD Program Director Kauffman March 2008
Wildlife outfitters in Wyoming are hurting because of the declining moose population. They depend on big game hunters for their livelihood. These businesses typically blame the reintroduction of wolves to the area as well as the states exploding grizzly bear population for the moose decline. But a decade-long drought in the region may be to blame. Kauffman November 2011
UW study finds songbird declines in high-density well sites. Chalfoun October 2011
Talk for Issak Walton League on "Resistance of resilience of aquatic communities to low flow disturbance". Walters February 2013
Talk entitled "Wildlife dynamics and impacts: research experience and future directions" given to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Wildlife Supervisors Meeting, Medicine Bow, WY. Kauffman September 2006
Talk entitled "Evaluating the influence of bottom-up and top-down control of Shiras moose demography in the Jackson Herd Unit", given to the board of the Teton County Conservation District, Jackson, WY. Kauffman July 2007
Study: Drilling Ramps Up and Sagebrush Songbirds Decline. Chalfoun October 2011
Study shows songbirds are struggling. Chalfoun October 2011
Science Fair Judge Walters February 2020
Research update on Absaroka Elk Ecology Project given to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, January 29, 2009. Kauffman January 2009
Panelist, Conservation Leaders Panel, Wyoming Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Sheridan, Wyoming. November 20, 2008. Kauffman November 2008
Panelist, Research Partnership Panel. Forest and Plains Research Symposium, University of Wyoming. Laramie, Wyoming. March 09, 2009. Kauffman March 2009
Organized and lead panel on wolf-moose interactions. North American Moose Conference, Pocatello, ID. June 14, 2009. Kauffman June 2009
Led workshop on alpine lakes for high school students as part of Native American Summer Institute Walters June 2023
Led workshop for Native American Summer Institute Walters May 2019
Led workshop for Native American Summer Institute Walters May 2018
Keynote speaker. Are wolves really saving aspen? Beast Feast, Annual Fundraising Dinner for Student Chapter of Wyoming TWS. November 03, 2008. Kauffman November 2008
Host for two high school teachers for a week through EPSCoR K-12 EOD program Walters June 2018
Faculty of 1000 Biology: evaluation of Kauffman et al. 2007. Landscape heterogeneity shapes predation in a newly restored predator-prey system. Ecology Letters 10:690–700. Kauffman July 2007