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Dr. Matthew Kauffman

Dr. Matthew Kauffman

Unit Leader
Phone: (307) 766 - 6404
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  • Other University of Montana 2004
  • Ph D University of California, Santa Cruz 2003
  • Other University of California, Santa Cruz 2003
  • BA University of Oregon 1992


Dr. Kauffman grew up in rural southern Oregon, the son of a horse logger and an elementary schoolteacher. He received his B.S. in Biology from the University of Oregon in 1992 and his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2003. Kauffman is a wildlife biologist with a broad organismal background. He has worked across a number of ecological disciplines, blending traditional fieldwork with ecological models to address conservation and management issues.

Teaching Interest

I teach graduate courses in quantitative analysis of spatial wildlife data, community ecology of wildlife, and migration ecology.

Research Interest

Matt leads a scientific team at the University of Wyoming that has broken new ground exploring the long-distance migrations of Wyoming's large ungulates and communicating their importance to the public. His research seeks to understand how and why ungulates migrate, by evaluating the role of forage, movement, fat dynamics, reproduction and survival. Increasingly, he has sought to understand how the persistence of ungulate migration is threatened by landscape change. In 2012, Matt co-founded (and now directs) the Wyoming Migration Initiative (, whose mission is to advance the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of Wyoming's migratory ungulates. Since 2006, Matt has worked as a USGS researcher with the Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and as faculty in the Department of Zoology and Physiology at the University of Wyoming; in 2010 he assumed leadership of the Wyoming Coop Unit.

Research Publications Publication Date
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Project Completion Date
Wildlife-Livestock Disease Transmission in a Changing Climate 2018-09-30
Population Dynamics in Moose in the Snowy Range 2018-12-31
Phenology Tracking in Migratory Mule Deer 2018-12-31
Technical Guidance for the Implementation of the Rapid Ecoregional Assessment Program 2015-09-30
Sublette Moose Demography and Habitat Use 2016-12-31
Statewide Moose Habitat Project 2018-06-30
Trophic Resource Portfoilio 2015-08-31
Evaluating the Influence of Beetle Kill on Sierra Madre Elk 2019-06-30
Relating Mule Deer Corridors to Sage-Grouse Conservation 2015-11-30
Monitoring Elk Migrations with Remote Photography 2018-12-31
Mule Deer Fitness Nutrition 2016-12-31
Wyoming Migration Initiative 2021-06-30
Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project 2019-12-31
Stable Isotopes to Delineate Seasonal Range Use for Wyoming Ungulates 2019-06-30
Platte Valley Mule Deer Project 2018-06-30
Pinedale Mule Deer Condition (PAPA) 2015-06-30
Elk Survival (Multi-state) 2013-03-18
Effects on Elk Pregnancy Rates in Wyoming 2014-12-31
Teton Bighorn Sheep Project 2012-12-31
Elk Nutritional Condition 2013-08-31
Absaroka Elk Ecology Project 2012-08-30
Shiras Moose Demography Project 2013-06-30
Elk Monitoring Project (Elk POP II) 2013-06-30
Absaroka Wolf-Livestock Project 2011-06-30
Jackson Moose Project 2011-12-31
Migration Corridors and Landscape Connectivity Project 2018-06-30
Analysis of Life History Typologies 2009-03-31
Quantifying the influence of climate change on Rocky Mountain ungulate populations, migration and feedground use, and herbivory impacts on vegetation 2010-09-30
Assessment of wildlife vulnerability to energy development 2012-05-31
An automated analytical system to synthesize environmental data from long-term remote sensors for use in animal migration ecology 2022-09-01
Documenting Mule Deer Movements, Season Ranges and Habitat Use in the Bighorn Mountains 2022-06-30
Mapping and conserving big game migration in Wyoming 2022-07-23
Evaluating the Influence of Wind Energy on the Movement, Distribution, and Habitat Quality of Pronghorn 2022-12-31
Ungulate Migrations of the Wind River Indian Reservation 2021-12-31
The Red Desert to Hoback Mule Deer Migration 2022-07-23
I80 Pronghorn 2021-06-30
Bighorn Moose 2021-12-31
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Mule Deer Project 2020-07-31
Migration Assessment 2021-04-12
Baggs, Wyoming Mule Deer Project 2020-12-31
Resource selection, area requirements and monitoring of bighorn sheep in northwest Nebraska 2016-04-30
Name Degree Program Status Completion Date
Martinez, Lindsay Master's Active None
Ortega, Anna Master's Active None
Robb, Benjamin Master's Active None
Rodgers, Patrick Master's Active None
Aikens, Ellen PhD Active None
Presentations Presentation Date
Wyckoff, T., M. Kauffman, S. Albeke, and H. Sawyer. 2014. EVALUATING THE INFLUENCE OF DEVELOPMENT ON MULE DEER MIGRATIONS 2014-08-27
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Technical Publications Publication Date
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2012 Annual Report - Teton Bighorn Sheep Project | Download 2012-12-31
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