Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Arizona
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Arizona Staff Member

Dr. Melanie Culver


  • Ph D University of Maryland 1999
  • BS University of Utah 1984


Melanie’s dissertation project, at the National Cancer Institute, examined many aspects of puma conservation genetic aspects from taxonomy to paternity and hinship. As a Postdoctoral Researcher at Virginia Tech, her work expanded to black bears, eagles, mussels and walleye. In 2002, Melanie joined the USGS Arizona CFWRU as Assistant Leader and the faculty at the University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment.
Currently her research focus is using genetic tools and computational analyses to contribute to management decisions and the conservation of wildlife. She - together with her graduate students, postdocs, interns, undergraduates, high school students and a wide array of collaborators - uses genetic and genomic approaches across a variety of species and disciplines, including evolution, ecology, behavioral ecology, population dynamics, population monitoring, and virology, all of which contribute to protecting ecosystems their wildlife communities including wild felids, carnivores, and other wildlife species. Melanie has also been conducting a citizen science jaguar and ocelot trail camera monitoring effort in southern Arizona that has detected 3 jaguars and 4 ocelots over the past 10 years.

Areas of Expertise

Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Genetics/Genomics, Disease/Parasites, Evolutionary Ecology, Invasive Species, Landscape Ecology, Population and Community Ecology, Species Management, T&E Species Management, Wildlife Management, eDNA

Taxon Groups Studied

Amphibians, Bats, Carnivores, Crayfish, Freshwater Fishes, Furbearers, Gamebirds, Invertebrates/Insects, Mussels, Nongame Fish/Wildlife, Pollinators, Reptiles, Small Mammals, Songbirds, Species of Greatest Conservation Need, Ungulates

Research Publications Publication Date
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October 2022
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Erwin JA, Logan KA, Trumbo DR, Funk WC, M Culver. 2023. Effects of hunting on mating, relatedness, and genetic differentiation in a puma population. Molecular Ecology, | Abstract | Publisher Website
December 2023
Project Completion Date
The use of genetic analysis to detect migration in the southwest March 2011
The effects of extirpation and reintroduction on the Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) through genome-wide association. May 2011
Cultural Surveys of the Masked Bobwhite Quail in Central Sonora July 2010
Conservation genetics and population structure of Chiricahua leopard frogs in NM, AZ and Mexico June 2010
Assessment of population size and prey selection patterns of Mexican gray wolves on the San Carlos Apache and Fort Apache Indian Reservations, AZ September 2010
Assessment of abundance and diet of felids at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge May 2010
Emerging viral diseases in at-risk populations of felids and ungulates February 2027
Using RAD-seq Genomic Methods to Estimate Social Structure and Reproductive Success of a Puma Population and Implications on Affects of Sport-Hunting December 2020
Genetic lineage assessment of Gila topminnow in Arizona December 2018
Kinship for Harris Hawks in Baja California Sur June 2020
Conservation Genomics of Flat-tailed horned lizards in Arizona September 2021
Phylogeography of the masked bobwhite December 2020
Population subdivision of flat-tailed horned lizards in the southwest March 2014
Estimate black bear population size in Arizona January 2014
Conservation status and genetic management of imperiled species along the US-Mexico border June 2018
RadSEQ to assess behavior ecology genomics for pumas on the Uncompahgre Plateau of Colorado December 2018
Genetic Diversity of Caracara in Florida December 2021
Developing SNP Markers in Pumas for Genome-Wide Association Study and Population Genetics December 2015
Research on Bobcats and Urbanization in the Tucson Mountain District, Saguaro National Park December 2016
Jaguar Surveying and Monitoring in the United States December 2016
Genetics Sampling Method to Estimate Black Bears Population Size in Arizona December 2016
Arizona Jaguar and Ocelot Grantwriting Project December 2016
Conservation Genetics of the Tiger Rattlesnake December 2017
Arizona Jaguar and Ocelot Conservation Outreach Project June 2015
Evaluating the Use of Molecular Scatology for Monitoring Mammalian Species Diversity in National Parks December 2015
Conservation Genetics and Population Structure of Chiricahua Leopard Frogs (Rana chiricahuensis) in New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico December 2017
Conservation Genetics and Population Dynamics of Black Bears in Arizona December 2017
Assessment of Abundance and Diet of Felids at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge December 2017
Effects of Fragmentation of Desert Habitat in Baja California Sur, on Population Genetics December 2017
Determine Genetic Variability Within Wild and Captive Populations of Sonoran Pronghorn December 2017
Assessment of Population Size and Prey Selection Patterns of Mexican Gray Wolves on the San Carlos Apache and Fort Apache Indian Reservations, Arizona December 2017
The Effects of Extirpation and Reintroduction on the Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) through Genome-Wide Association December 2017
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Taxonomy and Population Connectivity December 2018
Using Genetic Methods to Estimate Social Structure and Reproductive Success of a Puma Population and Implications on Effects of Sport-Hunting December 2017
Investigation into the Phylogeography and Species States of the Desert Tortoise and its Application to Conservation December 2017
Population Genetic Diversity and Structure in Yellow-Billed Cuckoos (Coccyzus americanus) December 2017
Genetic Characterization of the Invasive Quagga Mussel (Dresseina bugensis) in Southwestern US Lakes December 2017
Taxonomy of Anodonta Mussels in Arizona and Mexico Using Genetic Markers December 2017
Functional Genomics of the Endangered Florida Panther December 2017
Determine Relatedness of Certain Mexican Races of Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) December 2018
Genetic Diversity and Structure for Arizona Bald Eagles December 2017
Evolution of the Ocelot in Arizona December 2017
Genome Approach for Noninvasive Diet Assessment of Mule Deer from Scat December 2017
Epigenomics of the Endangered Sonoran Pronghorn December 2017
Assessment of trophic cascades for the Mexican wolf. December 2017
Use of Citizen Scientists to Monitor Cameras for Jaguar and Ocelot Detection January 2025
Puma Connectivity and Landscape Genetics in the Southwestern US to Resolve the Source of Newly Established Puma Populations at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge December 2015
Evolution of the Jaguar in Arizona, US and Sonora, Mexico December 2017
Andreev, Victor
Post Doc

Vargas, Karla

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