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Brett Degregorio

Brett DeGregorio hanging bluebird boxes for a study of their nesting ecology across different land cover types

Unit Leader
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Wildlife biologist who studies reptile and avian conservation and behavior.

Teaching Interest

Conservation Biology
Wildlife Management

Research Interest

Movement ecology, habitat use, behavioral responses to anthropogenic disturbance, community ecology, predator prey ecology

Research Publications Publication Date
Tetzlaff, S.J., J.H. Sperry, B.A. Kingsbury, and B.A. DeGregorio. 2019. Captive-rearing duration might be more important than environmental enrichment for enhancing turtle head-starting success. Global Ecology and Conservation 20, p.e00797. | Download September 2019
Tetzlaff, S.J., Estrada, A., DeGregorio, B.A. and Sperry, J.H., 2020. Identification of Factors Affecting Predation Risk for Juvenile Turtles Using 3D Printed Models. Animals, 10(2), p.275. | Download February 2020
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Connor, Gale

Ellery, Lassiter

John, Veon

Massey, Andrhea

McTigue, Leah

Shaw, Michael

Presentations Presentation Date
Wolff, P.J., B.A. DeGregorio, and J.D. Willson. Demonstration of a novel method for estimating the density of secretive snakes. SERDP-ESTCP Symposium, Dec 3-5 2019. December 2019
Wolff, P.J., B.A. DeGregorio, and A. Rice. Demonstration of Subsurface Passive Acoustic Monitoring (SPAM) to Survey for Underwater-Calling Frogs. SERDP-ESTCP Symposium, Dec 3-5 2019. December 2019
Veon, J., B.A. DeGregorio, D.G. Krementz, and L. Naylor. 2021. Trends in Mallard Body Mass in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley 1979-2021. November 2021
Veon, J. and B.A. DeGregorio. Habitat management for overwintering mallards: is it effective? March 2020
Tetzlaff, S.J., E. Astrada, B.A. DeGregorio, and J.H. Sperry. 3D Printed Models Aid in Identifying Factors Affecting Predation Risk for Juvenile Box Turtles July 2019
Tetzlaff, S.J., B.A. Kingsbury, J.H. Sperry, and B.A. DeGregorio. Effects of environmental enrichment on translocation success for eastern box turtles. SERD-ESTCP Annual Symposium, DoD. Washington, DC Dec 2-5, 2019. December 2019
Spotted turtle (Clemmys guttata) movement patterns in an urbanized landscape. Lassiter, E.V., B.A. DeGregorio, and J.H. Sperry. 2020. Arkansas Chapter of the Wildlife Society March 2020
Ruther, E.V., J.H. Sperry, and B.A. DeGregorio. Regional Trends in Spotted Turtle Movement July 2019
Ruther, E.V., J.H. Sperry, and B.A. DeGregorio. Regional Trends in Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata) Movement Patterns October 2019
Ruther, E.V., B.A. DeGregorio, and J.H. Sperry. 2020. <b>Drivers of Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata) Movement and Space Use in an Urbanized Landscape</b> September 2020
Lassiter, E.R., J.H. Sperry, and B.A. DeGregorio. 2019. Why did the turtle cross the wetland? Poster Presentation - Spotted, Blanding's and Wood Turtle Symposium. November 2019
Christie, G.H., and B.A. DeGregorio. 2020. Changes in Northern Bobwhite occupancy and distribution across Arkansas. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference. Louisville September 2020
Christie, G.H. and B.A. DeGregorio. 2002. Changes in Northern Bobwhite occupancy and distribution across Arkansas. North American Ornithological Conference, Puerto Rico. August 2020
B.A. DeGregorio, S.J. Tetzlaff, B.A. Kingsbury, and J.H. Sperry. Does Environmental Enrichment Improve Head Starting for Eastern Box Turtles? October 2019
Asher, DeGregorio, Ruther, Middaugh, Veon, Massey, Massery, Christie, and Gale. Bobwhite Occupancy on Multiple Spatial Scales. August 2021
Technical Publications Publication Date
B.A. DeGregorio, J.H. Sperry, and B.A. Kingsbury. Transferring "translocation science" to wildlife conservation on DoD installations: demonstration of environmental enrichment and soft release technology. 2019. Report ID: RC201616. DoD SERDP-ESTCP program. | Download April 2019