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Dr. Brett Degregorio

Brett in front of a frozen waterfall at one of the many incredible Ozark Mountain study sites that the Arkansas Unit conducts research at

Unit Leader
Phone: (479) 575 - 4425
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I completed a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 2004, a M.S. in Biology at Purdue at Fort Wayne in 2008, and a PhD in Natural Resources at University of Illinois in 2014. I worked with the Department of Defense (ERDC-CERL) for 5 years studying wildlife conservation issues on military installations all over the country before beginning my current position with the Arkansas Cooperative Research Unit in 2019. My students and I study the movement ecology, habitat use, distribution, and behavioral responses to anthropogenic disturbance, community ecology, predator prey ecology of reptiles, birds, and mammals. Many of my current projects utilize wildlife game cameras to monitor community level changes and behavioral responses to human activity or development. My work is adaptable and flexible as my research program is tailored to work closely with the needs of our state cooperators, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. My students and I endeavor to study wildlife issues all over the state of Arkansas. I teach several courses at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville including Wildlife Management and Conservation in Arkansas and Conservation Biology.

Areas of Expertise

Anthropogenic Impacts, Behavioral Ecology, Predator-Prey Dynamics, Species Distribution Modeling, Urban Ecology, Wetland Ecology

Taxon Groups Studied

Carnivores, Furbearers, Gamebirds, Nongame Fish/Wildlife, Reptiles, Songbirds, Waterfowl

Research Publications Publication Date
Veon, J.T., B.A. DeGregorio, L.W. Naylor, K.J. Reinecke, B.C. Dabbert, D.W. Demarest, K.M. Hartke, and D.G. Krementz. 2023. Body mass dynamics in wintering mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) in the lower mississippi alluvial valley. Global Ecology and Conservation 41: e02368 | Download January 2023
Tetzlaff, S.J., Sperry, J.H. and DeGregorio, B.A., 2022. You can go your own way: No evidence for social behavior based on kinship or familiarity in captive juvenile box turtles. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 248, p.105586.

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February 2022
Tetzlaff, S.J., J.H. Sperry, B.A. Kingsbury, and B.A. DeGregorio. 2019. Captive-rearing duration might be more important than environmental enrichment for enhancing turtle head-starting success. Global Ecology and Conservation 20, p.e00797. | Download September 2019
Tetzlaff, S.J., Estrada, A., DeGregorio, B.A. and Sperry, J.H., 2020. Identification of Factors Affecting Predation Risk for Juvenile Turtles Using 3D Printed Models. Animals, 10(2), p.275. | Download February 2020
SNAPSHOT USA 2020: A second coordinated national camera trap survey of the United States during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 2022. Ecology. DOI: 10.1002/ecy.3775

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April 2022
Ruther, E.V., M Asher, G. Christie, C. Gale, A. Massey, C. Massery, C.R. Middaugh, J. Veon, and B.A. DeGregorio. 2021. Northern Bobwhite Occupancy Patterns on Multiple Spatial Scales Across Arkansas. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 12: 502-512 | Download December 2021
Deshwal, A., R. Kannan, S. L. Stephenson, J. D Willson, B. DeGregorio, and P. Panwar. 2022 Importance of Microhabitat Guilds for Conservation of Scrubland Birds in the Eastern Ghats of India. Ecology and Evolution: 1-12: | Download July 2022
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DeGregorio, B.A., J.D. Willson, and A. Massey. Assessing the density, demography, and resilience to commercial harvest of aquatic turtles in the Mississippi Delta region of Arkansas. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Final Report | Abstract March 2022
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Ellery, Lassiter

Johansson, Emily

McTigue, Leah

Shaw, Michael

Wilson, Kenneth

Presentations Presentation Date
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Technical Publications Publication Date
B.A. DeGregorio, J.H. Sperry, and B.A. Kingsbury. Transferring "translocation science" to wildlife conservation on DoD installations: demonstration of environmental enrichment and soft release technology. 2019. Report ID: RC201616. DoD SERDP-ESTCP program. | Download April 2019