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Dr. Michael Moore

Michael Moore, Assistant Unit Leader, USGS Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Assistant Unit Leader
Phone: (515) 294 - 8616
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  • Ph D University of Missouri 2021
  • MS Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2016
  • BS University of Missouri 2012


Dr. Moore joined the Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit as Assistant Unit Leader and Assistant Professor at Iowa State University in 2022. Prior to joining the Iowa Unit, he received his M.S. degree from Virginia Tech and PhD from the University of Missouri. Previous research examining fish and crayfish ecology from upland headwater creeks, to large interior rivers, and coastal lowland streams has expanded his interests in understanding the role of connectivity for aquatic biota and physical habitats throughout stream networks. Specific research interests include movement ecology, species reintroduction, aquatic community dynamics, invasive species management, stream habitat management, ecohydrology, climate change impacts, conservation biology of freshwater fish and crayfish, and science communication. For each of these themes his research aims to improve understanding of ecological processes to inform conservation decision making using multidisciplinary approaches. Dr. Moore seeks to foster a sense of belonging among diverse communities of students and professionals through teaching and mentoring. He teaches a graduate course in fisheries science at Iowa State University.

Areas of Expertise

Aquatic Ecology, Ecological Flows, Fisheries Management, GIS/Spatial Analysis, Habitat Management, Landscape Ecology, Managed Flows/Hydrology, Movement Ecology, Population and Community Ecology, Species Distribution Modeling, Species Management, Species Status Assessments, Statistics and Modelling, Stream Ecology, T&E Species Management

Taxon Groups Studied

Crayfish, Freshwater Fishes, Invertebrates/Insects, Nongame Fish/Wildlife, Species of Greatest Conservation Need

Research Publications Publication Date
Moore, M., C. Paukert, and T. Moore. 2021. Effects of latitude, season and temperature on Lake Sturgeon movement. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 41: 916-928. August 2021
Moore, M., C. Paukert, B. Brooke, and T. Moore. 2021. Lake Sturgeon Seasonal Movements in Regulated and Unregulated Missouri River Tributaries. Ecohydrology October 2021
Moore, M., C. P. Paukert, S. Owens, and T. Moore. 2021. Habitat selection in a southern Lake Sturgeon population: implications of temporal, spatial, and ontogenetic variation for restoration. Restoration Ecology December 2021
Moore, M. J., C. P. Paukert, T. Bonnot, B. Brooke, and T. Moore. 2021. Does where they start affect where they finish? A multi-method investigation of the role of stocking location on survival and dispersal of hatchery-reared Lake Sturgeon in Missouri River tributaries. River Research and Applications 38:627-638.

December 2021
Dunn, C.G., M.J. Moore, N.A. Sievert, C.P. Paukert, and R.J. DiStefano. 2021. Co-occuring lotic crayfishes exhibit variable long-term responses to extreme-flow events and temperature. Freshwater Science 40:626-643: | Abstract | Download | Publisher Website December 2021
Golcher-Benavides, Jimena
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Presentations Presentation Date
Paukert, C., and M. Moore. 2018. The Role of Tributaries in Large River Fish Conservation: A Case Study with Lake Sturgeon in Missouri. Mississippi River-Yangtze River Symposium. Chongqing, China. 16 October 2018. October 2018
Paukert, C. P., M. Moore, T. Moore, and N. Farless. Restoring Fish and Fish Habitat in Midwestern Rivers. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Spokane, WA 23 August 2022. August 2022
Moore, M.J, A. A. Hyman 2023. What Google Trends can (and can't) tell us about factors driving public interest in endangered species. Oral Presentation. Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Overland Park, Kansas. February 2023
Moore, M., and C. Paukert. 2019. The Role of Tributary Habitats in the Recovery of the Lake Sturgeon, a Missouri Endangered Species. Missouri Natural Resources Conference, Osage Beach, MO. February 2019
Moore, M. J., C. P. Paukert. 2018. Seasonal Habitat Selection of Lake Sturgeon in Missouri River Tributaries. Poster Presentation. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, NJ August 2018
Moore, M. J., C. P. Paukert, T. Moore. 2019. Factors explaining spatiotemporal variation in movement patterns for a coolwater fish, the Lake Sturgeon. Oral Presentation. The American Fisheries Society and the Wildlife Society Joint Annual Conference. October 2019
Moore, M. J., C. P. Paukert, T. Moore. 2018. Lake Sturgeon Movement in a Southern Lotic Population with Comparisons to Other Populations Across its Range. Oral Presentation. North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society Annual Meeting, Columbia, MO. October 2018
Moore, M. J., C. P. Paukert, T. L. Moore, B. L. Brooke. 2020. Environmental Correlates of Seasonal Movement and Migrations of Lake Sturgeon in the Osage and Gasconade rivers. Virtual Missouri Natural Resources Conference 2021. February 2021
Moore, M. J., C. P. Paukert, 2019. Lake Sturgeon Movements in the Missouri River Basin Call Attention to the Importance of Tributaries in Large River Fish Conservation. Oral Presentation. Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, 2019, Cleveland OH. January 2019
Moore, M, and C. Paukert. 2018. Summer Tributary Use and Movement of Lake Sturgeon on its Southern Range Margin. Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Milwaukee, WI January 2018
Golcher-Benavides, J., Moore, M. J., Weber, M. J. (2023). Natal origin and recruitment dynamics of Silver Carp (<i>Hypophthalmichthys molitrix</i>) in the Upper Mississippi River. Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Meeting. Poster Presentation. March 2023
Golcher-Benavides, J., E. Szott, Z. Witzel, J. T. Lamer, G. W. Whitledge, M. J. Moore, & M. J. Weber. Otolith microchemistry to study recruitment of bigheaded carp in the Upper Mississippi River. Oral Presentation, American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI. August 2023
Berkman, L. K., A. T. Taylor, J. B. Koppelman, S. K. Brewer, J. M. Long, T. N. Volkers, E. Sterling, M. J. Moore, and L. S. Eggert. 2022. Divergence, admixture, and fitness in the Smallmouth Bass (<i>Micropterus dolomieu</i>). Poster Presentation American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Spokane, Washington. August 2022