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Arkansas Staff Member

Caleb Roberts

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Assistant Unit Leader
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  • Ph D University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2019
  • MS Texas Tech University 2015
  • BS Murray State University 2011

Teaching Interest

Landscape ecology, invasive species ecology, spatial analysis

Research Interest

Landscape ecology, invasive species, community ecology, resilience theory, complexity theory

Research Publications Publication Date
Twidwell, D., Wonkka, C. L., Bielski, C. H., Allen, C. R., Angeler, D. G., Drozda, J., ... & Roberts, C. P. (2018). The perpetual state of emergency that sacrifices protected areas in a changing climate. Conservation Biology, 32(4), 905-915. | Download August 2018
Roberts, C.P., J.W. Cain III, and R.D. Cox. 2017. Identifying ecologically-relevant scales of habitat selection: diel habitat selection in elk. Ecosphere 8: art e02013. | Download November 2017
Roberts, C.P., Allen, C.R., Angeler, D.G., Twidwell, D. Shifting avian spatial regimes in a changing climate. Nat. Clim. Chang. 9, 562–566 (2019). | Abstract | Download June 2019
Roberts, C. P., Donovan, V. M., Wonkka, C. L., Powell, L. A., Allen, C. R., Angeler, D. G., Wedin, D. A., & Twidwell, D. (2019). Fire legacies in eastern ponderosa pine forests. Ecology and evolution, 9(4), 1869-1879. | Abstract | Download December 2019
Donovan, V. M., Roberts, C. P., Wonkka, C. L., Beck, J. L., Popp, J. N., Allen, C. R., & Twidwell, D. (2020). Range-wide monitoring of population trends for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Biological Conservation, 248, 108639. | Abstract | Download August 2020
Chuang, W.C., A. Garmestani, T.N. Eason, T.L. Spanbauer, H.B. Fried-Petersen, C.P. Roberts, S.M. Sundstrom, J.L. Burnett, D.G. Angeler, B.C. Chaffin, L. Gunderson, D. Twidwell and C.R. Allen. Quantitative approaches for assessing ecological and community resilience. Journal of Environmental Management 213: 353-362. July 2018
Caleb P. Roberts, Daniel R. Uden, Craig R. Allen, Dirac Twidwell. 2018. Doublethink & double standards: mismatch between policy and ecology of a native invader. PLoS ONE 13(3):eo189733.
| Download
July 2018
Burnett, J.L., C.P. Roberts, C.R. Allen, M.B. Brown, and M.P. Moulton. 2017. Dynamics of range expansion by Passer montanus in North America. Biological Invasions 19: 5-9. August 2017
DeGregorio, B.A., C. Gale, E. Lassiter, A. Massey, C. Roberts, and J. Veon. 2021. Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasyrus novemcinctus) Activity Patterns are Influenced by Human Activity. Ecology and Evolution: 0-8 | Abstract November 2021
Marshall, Percival

Presentations Presentation Date
Sarah Nodskov, Caleb Roberts, Victoria Donovan, Emma Keele, Dirac Twidwell, Craig Allen, Larkin Powell, Dave Wedin, David Angeler. Influences of Mixed Severity and Time since Fire on Diversity in Ponderosa Habitats. Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Lincoln, NE. February 2017
Roberts, CP, CR Allen, DG Angeler, JL Burnett, and D Twidwell. Quantifying long-term, continental-scale changes in ecological resilience. Resilience 2017, Stockholm, Sweden, August 20-23, 2017. August 2017
Roberts, CP, CR Allen, DG Angeler, JL Burnett, and D Twidwell. Metrics for quantifying ecological resilience. Ecological Society of America 2017, Portland, OR, August, 6-11, 2017. August 2017
Jessica Burnett, Caleb Roberts, Craig Allen, David Angeler, Tarsha Eason, Dirac Twidwell. Detecting Broad-scale Spatial Regime Shifts Using Information Theory. Resilience 2017, Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 20-23 2017. August 2017
Caleb P. Roberts, Dirac Twidwell,<sup> </sup>Brady W. Allred, Victoria M. Donovan, Dillon T. Fogarty, Matthew O. Jones, Jeremy Maestas, David Naugle, Andrew C. Olsen. 2021. New possibilities for large-scale tracking of management outcomes in rangelands. Society for Range Management Annual Conference [Virtual Meeting]. February 2021
Caleb P. Roberts, Dirac Twidwell, Jessica L. Burnett, Craig R. Allen, David G. Angeler. Monitoring for future uncertainty. NE Legacy Conference, Nebraska City. October 2017
Burnett, J.L., C.R. Allen, D.G. Angler, C. Roberts, D. Tidwell, and A Tyre. 2016. Detecting regime shifts in space and time using the Breeding Bird Survey. The North American Ornithological Congress Vi, Washington, D.C. August 2016
Technical Publications Publication Date
Cain, J.W. III, T. Roerick, and C. Roberts. 2015. Southwest Jemez Mountains Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project: Summary of work 2012-2015 for the Large Mammal Monitoring Program. Progress report to the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service. September 2015