Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Pennsylvania
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Pennsylvania Project

Evaluation of the PA Sex-Age-Kill Model for White-tailed Deer

October 2008 - May 2010


Participating Agencies

  • Pennsylvania Game Commission
Andrew Norton with captured white-tailed deer

Readily available harvest data is frequently incorporated in models used to estimate abundance of game species. However, appropriateness of parameter estimates and assumptions using these data is rarely evaluated. This project used data across 10 years from >1,500 VHF and GPS collared white-tailed deer to provide parameter estimates and evaluate methods used to estimate white-tailed deer abundance in Pennsylvania. In addition, this project investigated spatial, temporal, and demographic patterns in harvest rates.

Research Publications Publication Date
Norton, A. S., D. R. Diefenbach, B. D. Wallingford, C. S. Rosenberry. 2012. Spatio-Temporal Variation in Male White-Tailed Deer Harvest Rates in Pennsylvania: Implications for Estimating Abundance. Journal of Wildlife Management 76:136-143. | Abstract | Download January 2012
Theses and Dissertations Publication Date
Norton, A. S. 2010. An evaluation of the Pennsylvania Sex-Age-kill model for white-tailed deer. Thesis, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA. May 2010