Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
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Staff Member

Andrew S. Norton


Research Publications Publication Date
Rosenberry, C. S., A. S. Norton, D. R. Diefenbach, J. T. Fleegle, and B. D. Wallingford. 2011. White-tailed deer population trends and age ratios as herd management and predator impact measures in Pennsylvania. Wildlife Society Bulletin 35:461-468. | Abstract | Download November 2011
Norton, A. S., D. R. Diefenbach, C. S. Rosenberry, and B. D. Wallingford. 2013. Incorporating Harvest Rates into the Sex-Age-Kill Model for White-tailed Deer. Journal of Wildlife Management. Journal of Wildlife Management 77:606-615. | Download April 2013
Norton, A. S., D. R. Diefenbach, B. D. Wallingford, C. S. Rosenberry. 2012. Spatio-Temporal Variation in Male White-Tailed Deer Harvest Rates in Pennsylvania: Implications for Estimating Abundance. Journal of Wildlife Management 76:136-143. | Abstract | Download January 2012