Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Louisiana
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Louisiana Project

Improving region specific eastern oyster models by quantifying physiological responses regional environmental and climatic variability (using a DEB approach)

February 2014 - January 2016


Participating Agencies

  • Louisiana Sea Grant

This study proposes to develop a DEB model for the eastern oyster, specifically applicable to the eastern oyster in the northern Gulf of Mexico. This project will involve several steps (1) develop a generic DEB model for the eastern oyster using available information for the eastern oyster (regardless of region or source population), (2) quantify key physiological rates (i.e., respiration, ingestion) for nGoM eastern oysters exposed to the range of temperature, salinity and food conditions reflecting conditions in the nGoM in order to provide model parameters, (3) fully parameterize the generic DEB model using our experimental data, and (4) use existing datasets (JLaPeyre & MLaPeyre, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries) to calibrate and test the DEB model. The measurement of precise respiration and filtration rates (to derive ingestion) under a wide range of salinity, temperature and food conditions and the development of a DEB model for predicting oyster growth would ensure more accurate predictions of oyster growth, harvest, under specific environmental conditions. Furthermore, this work would enable predictions of carrying capacity for proposed regional aquaculture parks, identification of areas for restoration and protected areas, and predictions of oyster growth and production under predicted water diversion, sea level rise, and climate change scenarios. Ultimately, the generic DEB model could also be parameterized for other regions and applied widely.

Research Publications Publication Date
Lavaud R., La Peyre MK, Casas S, Bacher C, La Peyre JF. 2017. Integrating the effects of salinity on the physiology of the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in the northern Gulf of Mexico through a Dynamic Energy Budget model. Ecological Modelling 363:221-233. | Abstract September 2017
Casas SM, Lavaud R, La Peyre MK, Comeau LA, Filgueira R, La Peyre JF. 2018. Quantifying salinity and season relationships on eastern oyster clearance and oxygen consumption rates. Marine Biology 165:90-101. | Abstract April 2018
Casas S. M., Filgueira R, Lavaud R., Comeau L. A., La Peyre M. K., La Peyre J. F.. 2018. COMBINED EFFECTS OF TEMPERATURE AND SALINITY ON THE PHYSIOLOGY OF TWO GEOGRAPHICALLY-DISTANT EASTERN OYSTER POPULATIONS. Journal of Experimental Biology 506:82-90. | Abstract June 2018
Theses and Dissertations Publication Date
Bernasconi, S. 2016. Eastern oyster physiological responses to acute and chronic exposure to suspended sediments. MS Thesis. Louisiana State University. January 2017