Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: South Carolina
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

South Carolina History

American Oystercatchers foraging during winter in Cape Romain NWR, SC

The South Carolina Unit was established in 1988 and the Fish and Wildlife sections were combined in 1989. Unit Leaders have been Drs. Bob Trost (1988-90), Dave Otis (1991-2001), Craig Allen (2002-04), and Patrick Jodice (2004-present). Wildlife AULs have included Drs. Sue Haig (1989-94), Craig Allen (1998-2002), Patrick Jodice (2002-2004), Kate McFadden (2011-2014; deceased), Beth Ross (2016-2021), and Erin Buchholtz (2022-present). Fisheries AULs have included Drs. Jeff Isely (1992-2010) and Luke Bower (2021-present). Three Administrative Assistants have served the SC Unit: Betsy Clement from 1989-1997, Carolyn Wakefield from 1997 - 2017, and Brenna Byler from 2017-present.

Name Position Start Year End Year
Allen, Craig Unit Leader 2003 2004
Allen, Craig Assistant Unit Leader 1999 2003
Bower, Luke Assistant Unit Leader 2021 Current
Buchholtz, Erin Assistant Unit Leader 2022 Current
Isely, John Assistant Unit Leader 1992 2010
Jodice, Patrick Unit Leader 2007 Current
Jodice, Patrick Assistant Unit Leader 2002 2007
McFadden, Kate Assistant Unit Leader 2011 2014
Otis, David Unit Leader 1991 2001
Ross, Beth Assistant Unit Leader 2016 2021