Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Oregon
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Oregon History

Columbia torrent salamander

The Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit has been a major component of the Oregon State's Department of Fish and Wildlife research and graduate training for most of the department�s history. The Wildlife Unit, which began in 1935, was terminated in 1959 and reestablished 1971. The Fish Unit was established in 1966 and the two units were later combined. We have been fortunate in having a four scientist unit almost continuously since 1971.

Name Position Start Year End Year
Anthony, Robert Unit Leader 1990 2010
Davis, Melanie Assistant Unit Leader 2020 Current
Dugger, Katie Assistant Unit Leader 2011 Current
Jones, Megan Assistant Unit Leader 2022 Current
Li, Hiram Assistant Unit Leader 1979 2007
Peterson, James Unit Leader 2019 Current
Peterson, James Assistant Unit Leader 2011 2019
Roby, Daniel Unit Leader 2011 2018
Roby, Daniel Assistant Unit Leader 1995 2011
Schreck, Carl Unit Leader 1978 2017