Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Massachusetts
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Massachusetts Education Activities

Personnel at the Massachusetts Unit installing temperature loggers in a stream.

Title Instructor(s) Start Date End Date
Wildlife Conservation and Management Organ, DeStefano 2011-11-21 2011-12-04
Suburban Wildlife Ecology DeStefano 2001-09-09 2001-12-14
Research Concepts Roy 2019-09-03 2019-12-20
Research Concepts DeStefano, Zeller 2018-09-03 2018-12-15
Research Concepts Roy 2017-09-05 2017-12-13
Research Concepts DeStefano 2016-09-03 2016-12-15
Research Concepts Roy 2015-09-08 2015-12-20
Research Concepts DeStefano, Roy 2014-09-03 2014-12-05
Research Concepts Roy 2013-09-01 2013-12-15
Research Concepts Roy, DeStefano 2012-09-04 2012-12-24
Research Concepts DeStefano 2011-09-07 2011-12-09
Research Concepts DeStefano 2010-09-08 2010-12-12
Research Concepts DeStefano 2009-09-07 2009-12-13
Research Concepts DeStefano 2005-09-03 2005-12-13
Dam Removal Practicum Roy 2018-09-03 2019-05-10
Dam Removal Practicum Roy, Houle, Mulligan 2017-09-05 2018-05-11
Dam Removal Practicum Roy, Ahlfeld, Houle 2016-09-06 2017-05-05
Dam Removal Practicum Roy, Ahlfeld, Lambert, Houle 2015-09-10 2016-05-10
Conservation in Practice DeStefano 2017-09-05 2017-12-15
Conservation in Practice DeStefano, Organ 2013-09-03 2013-12-06
Biostatistics Journal Club Sievert 2006-09-06 2006-12-13
Aquatic Ecology Roy 2018-09-03 2018-12-22
Aquatic Ecology Roy 2016-09-06 2016-12-22
Aquatic Ecology Roy 2014-09-01 2014-12-15
Applied Biostatistics for Natural Resources Sievert 2006-01-31 2014-05-31
Training Provided Instructor(s) Completion Date
Research applications to management, USFWS, Hadley, Mass. DeStefano 2006-05-31
Principles and Techniques of Wildlife Conservation and Management, Andres Bello University, Santiago, Chile -- Ph.D. students in Conservation Medicine from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and Guatemala and professionals from 3 conservation agencies in Chile DeStefano, Organ 2011-12-05
One day workshop and site vist on browse sampling and experimental exclosures to state agency personnel. DeStefano, Wattles, Faison 2012-04-26
Member of the University of Massachusetts Quantitative Sciences Group, providing weekly statistical consulting for graduate students. Sievert 2008-12-31
Introduction to Structured Decision-Making. This course provides participants with an introduction to structured decision making in the context of natural resource management problems. A solid foundation in structured decision making begins with knowledge of current practices, theory, and noteworthy case studies from FWS and USGS. Progressing from that foundation, you will get hands-on experience using various decision tools including, decision trees, multiple objective ranking techniques, and expert panels. This course gives you the skills to develop structured approaches in order to make a complicated decision making process more explicit, transparent, and clear. You will learn practical approaches to critical thinking, logic, reasoning, and structuring decisions that support your day-to-day work. (see NCTC website below). Katz 2015-08-07
Introduction to Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife Management. DeStefano, Organ, Stevens 2015-07-17
Field procedures for satellite telemetry, Tokyo, Japan Sievert 2006-02-13
Field applications for distance sampling, Westboro, Mass. DeStefano 2006-06-06
Title and Location Speaker Date
Wildlife ecology and human-wildlife interactions in suburbia
Presented to: MIT (Mass. Institute of Technology, Infinite Suburbia Program, Cambridge, MA
DeStefano 2014-10-15
What's happening in the lakes? Spawn timing and juvenile density, growth, and mortality across 20 Massachusetts lakes
Presented to: River Herring Network
Roy 2015-10-15
Watershed greening: Mitigating the effects of urbanization on streams?
Presented to: University of Maine
Roy 2014-03-17
Using economic incentives to retrofit a watershed: citizen and stream responses
Presented to: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Roy 2012-12-06
The travels of short-tailed albatross.
Presented to: Hampshire Bird Club
Sievert 2007-05-14
The challenges of urban stream
Presented to: Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Roy 2012-02-13
The Most Interesting Animal To-day Extant -- The life and habits of the North American beaver
Presented to: Conservation Lyceum, Norfolk, CT
DeStefano 2012-01-14
Stream restoration through dam removal: Where to begin?
Presented to: University of Cincinnati, Department of Biological Sciences
Roy 2019-03-11
River Restoration through Dam Removal
Presented to: Western Massachusetts Fly Fisherman Club
Abbott 2020-01-20
River Restoration through Dam Removal
Presented to: Trout Unlimited Pioneer Valley Chapter
Abbott 2019-11-13
Restoring coldwater taxa through dam removal
Presented to: Trout Unlimited
Roy 2019-09-19
Restoring aquatic habitats through dam removal
Presented to: Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration
Roy, Abbott 2019-04-02
Making decisions in complex landscapes: headwater stream management across multiple agencies using structured decision-making
Presented to: University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Katz 2014-11-20
Linking streamflow, habitat, and biotic integrity in the Sudbury River
Presented to: Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Wild and Scenic River Stewardship Council
Roy, Jane 2015-02-13
Linking science and management: research challenges and opportunities to improve the conservation of stream fishes
Presented to: University of Connecticut
Katz 2015-10-02
Investigating impacts of winter lake drawdowns on lake ecosystems
Presented to: Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Roy 2015-11-24
Impacts of flow alteration and impervious surfaces on aquatic ecosystems in Massachusetts (and other research at the MA Coop Unit)
Presented to: Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Roy 2014-12-16
Headwater streams on the brink of extinction: Effects of urbanization on stream extent, permanence, and macroinvertebrate density
Presented to: Harvard Forest
Roy 2012-11-09
Headwater stream restoration and protection prioritization
Presented to: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Watershed Planning Workshop
Roy 2017-03-08
Graduate preparation for careers in environmental conservation
Presented to: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sievert 2013-11-26
Foraging Behavior of Short-tailed Albatross in the North Pacific
Presented to: Menotomy Bird Club, Arlington, MA
Sievert 2008-01-22
Effectiveness of stream buffers: A watershed perspective
Presented to: Stream and Wetland Buffer Workshop, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Roy 2016-05-04
Ecology & Conservation of North Pacific albatrosses
Presented to: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sievert 2013-04-12
Earthquakes, tsunamis, and other challenges for North Pacific albatrosses
Presented to: Hampshire Bird Club
Sievert 2011-09-12
Dams, drawdowns, mussels, and river herring: A potpourri of freshwater research in the Coop Unit
Presented to: U.S. Geological Survey, Conte Anadromous Fish Laboratory
Roy 2019-04-03
Assessing impacts and restoration potential: Variation in temperature and dissolved oxygen alteration from small dams across streams in Massachusetts (with P. Zaidel)
Presented to: Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration
Roy 2017-02-22
Albatross, turtles, and tigers: combining field and modeling approaches for rare species recovery
Presented to: Tufts University, Grafton, Massachusetts
Sievert 2004-04-30
Title Presenter Date
Urban Wildlife Ecology, NRC 310, University of Massachusetts DeStefano 2013-04-23
Urban Wildlife Ecology, NRC 310, University of Massachusetts DeStefano 2012-04-24
Urban Wildlife Behavior, Hampshire College DeStefano 2012-09-19
Tropical Field Ornithology Sievert 2013-02-14
Tropical Field Ornithology Sievert 2011-03-21
Tropical Avian Ecology Sievert 2012-02-16
Trophic Cascades in Ecology Sievert 2011-11-15
The River's Calendar Data Collection Roy 2012-09-21
Stream Fish Sampling (Lab) Roy 2018-10-17
Stream Fish Sampling (Lab) Roy 2013-11-05
Restoration of desert grasslands and recovery of masked bobwhites DeStefano 2004-05-10
Philosophy of Science DeStefano 2015-10-05
North Pacific albatross: Their ecology and conservation. Sievert 2007-05-10
Movement patterns and the conservation of North Pacific albatrosses. Sievert 2006-04-13
Moose Exclosure Research, Plant and Soil Science, University of Massachusetts DeStefano 2016-04-15
Moose Exclosure Research, Plant and Soil Science, University of Massachusetts DeStefano 2012-04-11
Life history and ecology Sievert 2000-09-26
Life after biology: Careers in Environmental Conservation Sievert 2014-04-09
Life After Biology: Wildlife Ecology, Biology 494LI DeStefano 2013-11-06
Large Mammal Research, BioTAP, University of Massachusetts DeStefano 2012-03-26
Investigating impacts of impoundments on the hydrology, temperature, and biotic assemblages in Massachusetts streams Roy 2015-03-30
From abundant to endangered: a history of the decline of short-tailed albatrosses Sievert 2000-09-26
Food Webs in Ecology Sievert 2011-11-10
Food Webs and Trophic Cascades Sievert 2010-11-15
Field trip to Moose Exclosures, Wildlife Habitat Course, University of Massachusetts DeStefano 2011-10-17
Field Trip: Experimental Exclosures for Ungulate Research DeStefano 2015-10-21
Ecology of the endangered short-tailed albatross Sievert 2002-04-15
Ecology and management of suburban wildlife DeStefano 2004-04-10
Ecology and conservation of marine birds. Sievert 2004-11-30
Design and Analysis of Experimental Exclosures DeStefano 2014-10-20
Can riparian forests mediate impacts of urbanization on stream fish assemblages? Roy 2014-03-10
Birds of Costa Rica and Panama Sievert 2012-03-13
Avian Ecology Sievert 2014-01-23
Aquatic Ecology: River Herring & Freshwater Mussels Roy 2018-04-03
Aquatic Ecology Research Roy 2018-10-22
Application of Structured Decision-Making to Environmental Conservation Katz 2014-11-30
Animal Dispersal Sievert 2001-04-03
An Introduction to Experimental Design and Statistical Analyses: Part II Sievert 2014-02-20
An Introduction to Experimental Design and Statistical Analyses: Part I Sievert 2014-02-11
An Introduction to Experimental Design and Statistical Analyses Sievert 2013-03-26
An Introduction to Experimental Design and Statistical Analyses Sievert 2012-03-27
A history of humans and albatrosses on Torishima Island, Japan. Sievert 2002-03-28
Student (Degree) Advisor Start Year End Year
Yurika, Palmer (MS) DeStefano 2011 2013
Wong, Grace (PhD) Sievert 2002 Present
Talib, Amarra (MS) Roy 2013 2015
Sutherland, Hollie (MS) DeStefano 2016 Present
Sussky, Elizabeth (MS) Sievert 2012 Present
Stein, Andrew (PhD) DeStefano 2003 2007
Soper, Anna (PhD) Sievert 2007 2012
Sei, Makiri (PhD) Sievert 2002 2005
Santana, Sharlene (PhD) Sievert 2008 2010
Sabogal, Javier (PhD) DeStefano 2012 2014
Ritterson, Jeffrey (MS) DeStefano 2012 2015
Ohman, Michael (MS) Sievert 2003 2005
Norton-Jensen, John (MS) DeStefano 2003 2005
Nieves-Puigdollar, Katherine (PhD) Sievert 2003 2007
Nampindo, Simon (PhD) DeStefano 2010 2014
Naing, Hla (MS) Sievert 2012 Present
Mitchell, Peter (MS) Sievert 2000 2004
McKenzie, Alexa (MS) Sievert 2012 Present
Mattocks, Steven (MS) Roy 2014 2016
Lamb , Juliet (MS) Sievert 2008 2011
Houser, Jeremy (PhD) Sievert 2003 2006
Hart, June (MS) DeStefano 2011 2013
Haire, Sandy (PhD) DeStefano 2002 2008
Gabela, Ana (MS) Sievert 2004 2006
Farias, Veronica (PhD) Sievert 2001 2004
Ekness, Paul (MS) DeStefano 2003 2005
Dalton, Evan (MS) Sievert 2011 Present
Clark, Daniel (PhD) Sievert 2011 Present
Chandler, Carly (MS) DeStefano 2003 2006
Chadwick, Joseph (MS) Sievert 2009 2012
Bolus, Matthew (MS) Sievert 2011 Present
Bixby, Meredith (MS) DeStefano 2010 2012
Allyn, Andrew (MS) Sievert 2008 2011
Algeo, Tim (MS) DeStefano 2001 2006
Alcott, Derrick (PhD) Roy 2016 Present
Bentsen, Catherine (MS) Katz 2014 Present