Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Hawaii
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Hawaii Technical Assistance Activities

A shoal of Yellow Tang (Lau'i Pala) approaches an Achilles Surgeonfish (Pakuikui) on the reef at Kealakekua, Hawaii Island.

One of the primary missions of the Cooperative Research Units is to provide technical assistance to our cooperators. Unit Scientists use their expertise in natural resource management, experimental design, data analysis, and leadership to work with partners on a variety of issues and projects. A few of these are highlighted below.

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
Worked with NOAAs Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment to conduct biogeographic assessment of the Virgin Islands National Park
Friedlander 2010-06-04
Testimony written for U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy on specific examples of the role of educational programs in laws and regulatory practices.
Birkeland 2002-05-01
Provides estimates of reef fish standing stock in the main Hawiian Islands and potential impacts associated with increasing numbers of endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals.
NOAA, Pacific Islands Regional Office, Protected Species
Provided technical guidance to the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii in analysis of Maunalua Bay creel survey data
The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii/Marine Program
Friedlander 2010-09-29
Provided scientific input into development of strategic plan for Con. Inter. Hawaii Fish Trust Community-based fisheries ,management program
Conservation International
Friedlander 2012-11-05
Provided information about the ornamental fish fishery in Hawaii, the associated practices, and ecological implications of harvest.
The Humane Society of Hawaii
Friedlander 2011-12-21
Provided guidance on the development of marine spatial planning for the island of Niihau
NOS- Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
Friedlander 2012-11-19
Provided evaluation and recommendations to NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program for implementation of national coral reef strategy.
Friedlander 2012-12-04
Met with new acting head of state aquatics agency to provide background on current status of Hawaii's fisheries and stock assessment methods.
Dept. Land and Natural Resources, Div. Aquatic Resources
Friedlander 2012-11-16
Invited speaker and panel member to the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy on the condition of coral reefs and what actions or policies should be developed to improve their management.
Birkeland 2002-05-01
Help develop survey of kahului Harbor fisheries management area
Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resource-Maui
Friedlander 2011-03-10
Gave a talk on important or key factors on which to focus for Census of Marine Life (CoML) and then advised in group discussions, 16 and 17 August 2004.
Birkeland 2004-08-01
Conduct underwater surveys of fishes, helped develop database, and assissted with data analysis for National Park of American Samoa
National Park Service, Pacific Islands Coral Reef Research Program
Friedlander 2010-03-22
Assisted Palau International Coral Reef Center with data collection of analysis of reef fish habitat affinity study
Palau International Coral Reef Center
Friedlander 2010-10-09
Advised the Ministry of Fisheries on the development of a research and monitoring program for the recreational fishery for bonefish.
Ministry of Fisheries, Cook Islands Government
Friedlander 2011-10-10
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
Member, Returned Overhead Research Funds Committee, Department of Bilogy, University of Hawaii - Evaluate requests and distribute returned indirect reseach funds to the Biology Department for use by faculty and the department. Friedlander 2011-09-01 Present
Member - Graduate Admissions Committee – U. Hawaii, Zoology - Reviewed, ranked, and made final decisions for admission to graduate program in Zoology for 2009-2010 academic year Friedlander 2009-09-01 2010-02-28
Member, Lokey Committee, Natural Resources Management, Texas Tech University - Help select speakers for the Lokey Distinguished Lecture Series. Make arrangements for their visit. Grabowski 2012-01-01 2016-06-30
Search Committee Member, Fisheries Biology faculty position, Department of Natural Resources Management, Texas Tech University Grabowski 2013-05-01 2014-05-31
Search Committee Member, Fisheries Biology faculty position, Department of Natural Resources Management, Texas Tech University Grabowski 2011-01-01 2012-12-31
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
member, advisory panel, Hawaii Seascape Initiative Friedlander 2009-02-01 2011-02-28
U.S. Geological Survey Representative, Interagency Coral Reef Mitigation Task Force Birkeland 2002-02-01 2003-08-31
Research Alternate, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Reserve Advisory Council Birkeland 2002-03-01 2003-12-31
Participant-Allowable Catch Limits Workshop, Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council Friedlander 2011-02-01 2011-02-28
Panelist, Biosystems track, National Science Foundation Friedlander 2011-01-01 2011-01-31
Member-Hawaiian Archipelago Ecosystem Plan Team, The Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council Friedlander 2008-06-01 Present
Member-Board of Trustees Conservation Committee, The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Friedlander 2008-06-01 Present
Member, scientific team, Scripps Line Islands investigation of fish demographics Friedlander 2010-11-01 2010-12-31
Member, Tropical Americas Coral Reef Resilience working group, IUCN & Int. Coral Reef Initiative Friedlander 2012-04-01 Present
Member, Research Priorities for the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument Workshop, Marine Conservation Biology Institute Friedlander 2009-10-01 2009-10-31
Member, Outreach & Education Working Group, U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Birkeland 2002-01-01 2003-12-31
Member, Organizing Committee, Hawaii Aquatics Conference 2003 Birkeland 2003-08-01 2003-11-30
Member, Organizing Committee, Hawaii Aquatics Conference 2001 Birkeland 2001-11-01 2001-11-30
Member, NMFS Biological Review Team for bumphead parrotfish Friedlander 2010-06-01 2011-06-30
Member, Molokini Conservation Action Plan Team, Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources and The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Friedlander 2011-09-01 Present
Member, Hawaii Fisheries Local Action Strategy, NOAA Friedlander 2006-06-01 Present
Member, Coral Reef Mitigation Working Group Birkeland 2003-03-01 Present
Member, CRU Awards Committee Birkeland 2001-10-01 2001-10-31
Member, Biogeographic Assessment of Virgin Islands National Park, NOAA CCMA Friedlander 2009-07-01 2009-07-31
Member, Advisory Panel, State of Hawaii on the Management of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Birkeland 2001-07-01 2000-01-31
Member - working group on global reef fish biodiversity - French Foundation on Biodiversity Friedlander 2011-04-01 Present
Lead, Committee to develop reasearch guidelines for the Palmyra Research Station Consortium, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Birkeland 2002-08-01 Present
Lead scientist-Farquhar Atoll, Seychelles expedition, The National Geographic Society Friedlander 2009-02-01 2009-03-31
Lead scientist-Easter Island expedition, The National Geographic Society Friedlander 2011-02-01 2011-03-31
Lead scientist-Cocos Island, Costa Rica expedition, The National Geographic Society Friedlander 2010-09-01 2010-10-31
Lead scientist, Kahoolawe Reserve Ecological Assessment, The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Friedlander 2009-06-01 2009-06-30
Lead scientist - southern Line Islands expedition, The National Geographic Society Friedlander 2009-05-01 2009-06-30
External Program Reviewer, NOAA-Coral Reef Ecosystem Investigation for Honolulu Laboratory, Southwest Fisheries Science Center Birkeland 2002-01-01 Present
Chief scientist, Pitcairn Islands expedition, The National Geographic Society Friedlander 2012-03-01 2012-04-30
Chair, Marine Protected Area Working Group, Western Pacific regional Fisheries Management Council Friedlander 2008-06-01 Present
Chair, Coral Reef Ecosystem Fishery Management Plan Team, Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WPRFMC) Birkeland 1997-07-01 2000-01-31
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
“Unique Characteristics of Guadalupe Bass.” Texas Wildlife Radio Show. Original air date: 14 May 2013. Grabowski 2013-05-14
“South Llano River Restoration Project.” Texas Wildlife Radio Show. Original air date: 10 May 2013. Grabowski 2013-05-10
Testimony written for H.B. No. 2831, CORAL REEF PROTECTION ACT Birkeland 2001-02-01
Talked with Malama Pupukea-Waimea MLCD group about results of our 8 years of data in the protected area Friedlander 2011-02-12
Talk to Nature Conservancy group about Palmyra Atoll prior to their trip. Friedlander 2011-04-10
Talk to Lanakai Community Board on fisheries assessment and monitoring Friedlander 2012-06-20
Talk given to the West Hawaii Fisheries Council on how technological developments have removed all natural reserves of coral-reef fishes. Birkeland 2002-11-01
Spoke to Windward Community College science class on how technological advances in fisheries techniques removed all natural reserves and so it is necessary to establish artificial reserves by legislation Birkeland 2003-10-01
Spoke on behalf of Oio Tagging Project at Kakaako Kasting Club and ATLAPAC Fishing Club Kamikawa
Spoke before the State Legislative Committee on H.B. No. 2831, the CORAL REEF PROTECTION ACT Birkeland 2001-02-01
Public talk with Hanalei community about 20 years of marine research in Hanalei Bay, Kauai sponsored by the Hanalei National Heritage River. Friedlander 2012-06-02
Public talk on "Dangers of Small Population Size" to fishermen and local Hawaiians as part of the program for the 2003 Aquatics Conference sponsored by the Hawaii chapter of the Audubon Society Birkeland 2003-11-01
Public lecture sponsored by the Pupukea-Waimea community to present findings on 10 years of protection at the Pupukea marine protected area. Friedlander 2011-11-19
Public lecture at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve: "Fishes, fishing, and Hawaii's coral reefs" Friedlander 2009-06-18
Presented seminar at Texas Parks and Wildlife Project WILD Aquatic program at Lubbock Lakes Landmark. Seminar described the issues facing freshwater fishes in Texas and the research being done to aid conservation and management actions and was targeted to an audience of K-12 teachers. Seminar title was, "Understanding the links between flows, habitat, and fishes: tales from three Texas rivers." Grabowski 2013-07-22
Premier consultant for U.S. Postal Service Pacific Coral Reef panorama stamp set in the Nature in America series. Birkeland 2002-06-01
Participated in weekend fish camp for children on the island of Lanai. Presented results of previous work on Lanai and Big Island. Friedlander 2012-11-16
Participated in National Geographic documentary entitled Shark Eden Friedlander
Participated in National Geographic documentary "Shark Island" Friedlander 2009-09-10
Participated in National Geographic documentary "Lost sharks of Easter Island" Friedlander 2010-11-10
Organized, coordinated and obtained funding for international group of speakers for a symposium at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting 2002 held in Boston. Birkeland 2002-02-01
Managed sampling booth for bonefish head and guts at ATLAPAC Obake Shootout and Kakaako Kasting Club Oio Invitational Kamikawa
Maintained an information booth with a poster about invasive species for public education, attended by Senator Inouye and his staff. The name of the event was "Invasion of the Reef Snatchers" and the poster was entitled "Effects of the Introduced Grouper, Cephalopholis argus, Commonly Called Roi". (Dierking) Birkeland 2004-08-01
Maganize interview on marine protected areas with Green: Hawaii's sustainable living magazine. Friedlander 2009-04-15
Legislative briefing to the Hawaii State Senate Water and Land Committee on declining marine resources and the need for spatial management Friedlander 2007-09-10
Invited speaker and panel member to the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy Birkeland 2002-05-01
Invited by the Maunalua Bay Community Organization to discuss the results of our research on bonefish and fish population trends in the bay Friedlander 2010-04-08
Invited by Lanikai Community Organization to talk about Marine Protected Areas and the health of the Kailua/Lanikai marine ecosystem Friedlander 2011-12-14
Interviewed by the Honolulu Weekly on the aquarium fish fishery in Hawaii. Friedlander 2011-03-30
Gave talk to fishermen and guides on best handing practices for catch-and-release fishing for bonefish Friedlander 2012-03-04
Gave a talk and served as a resource person for a debating team from a local Hawaiian high school that is preparing for a national debating contest to take place in St. Louis, Missouri. The topic of the debating contest will be "The U.S. should put aside more coastal shallow waters into reserves." Birkeland 2003-10-01
Dr. Grabowski is interviewed about ongoing research on invasive Peacock Grouper (roi) and efforts to control their populations. Grabowski 2017-07-15
Contributor/Advisor. NOAA website for scientific advisement on coral reef ecology and management to the public and to school teachers (ongoing)( Birkeland 2001-08-01
Birkeland, C., and A.M. Friedlander. 2001. The importance of refuges for reef fish replenishment in Hawaii'i. Pacific Fisheries Coalition and Hawaii Audubon society, Honolulu, HI. 19 p. Birkeland 2001-06-01
Birkeland, C. Sept 01. Why some species are influential on coral reefs, and others are not. West Hawaii Explorations Academy. Kona, HI Birkeland 2001-09-19
Birkeland, C. Sept 01. New technology makes marine reserves imperative. West Hawaii Fisheries Council. Kona, HI Birkeland 2001-09-19
Birkeland, C. Sept 01. Economics of coral reefs. Reef Talk Session. Kona, Hawaii Birkeland 2001-09-01
Birkeland, C. Marine reserves:does Hawaii need them or not? Pacific Aquaculture and Marine Resources Center, Marine Option Program, and University of Hawaii at Hilo. Hilo, Hawaii. Birkeland 2001-09-01
Birkeland, C. Mar 01. Fall and rise of corals and rise and fall of fish on Tutuila's reefs. Public talk at Feleti Barstow Public Library in Pago Pago, American Samoa. Birkeland 2001-03-03
Birkeland, C. Mar 01. A talk on reef fisheries management at two public hearings. March 23 and March 24 at the Office of Samoan Affairs and at the Rainmaker Hotel, Pago Pago, American Samoa. Birkeland 2001-03-23
Back to the sea for the future. Calypso Log. June 2001:37 Birkeland 2001-06-01
Appeared in video for Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument to honor Hawaiian fisherman Friedlander 2012-11-19
"Data Sources Matter - A Case Study of the Dwarf Seahorse" -- Article highlighting research on species distribution models and Dwarf Seahorse. Grabowski, Roesler 2018-07-01
"Citizen Science Helps to Inform Ornamental Fishery Decisions in Hawaii" -- Article highlighting research done at the Hawaii Cooperative Fishery Research Unit Grabowski 2020-04-01