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Aikens, E.O., Bontekoe, I., Blumenstiel, L., Schlicksupp, A., and Flack, A. (2022) Viewing animal migration through a social lens. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 37(11):985-996.


Evidence of social learning is growing across the animal kingdom. Researchers have long hypothesized that social interactions play a key role in many animal migrations, but strong empirical support is scarce except in a few unique systems and species. Here, we aim to catalyze advances in the study of social migrations by synthesizing research across disciplines and providing a framework for understanding why, when, and how social influences shape the many decisions animals make during migration. Integrating research across the fields of social learning and migration ecology will advance our understanding of the complex behavioral phenomena of animal migration and help to inform conservation of animal migrations in a changing world.