Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Missouri
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Missouri Project

Distribution and habitat selection of largemouth bass related to artificial habitat structures in Table Rock Lake

July 2010 - June 2014


Participating Agencies

  • Missouri DEpartment of Conservation

The Table Rock Lake habitat project is a national example of a large-scale habitat improvement project aimed at sustaining and improving reservoir sportfish populations and angler use of them. This project utilizes funding provided through both the NFHI and the More Fish Campaign. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Bass Pro Shops, and the Missouri Department of Conservation are the principal funding partners. It is important to quantify the effect of habitat introduction on sportfish populations and angler access to them since substantial effort, time, and money are currently being directed toward this project. This project provides an excellent opportunity to pro-actively maintain and enhance fish habitat, particularly for black basses, in one of the Midwest's most popular sport fisheries.

Theses and Dissertations Publication Date
Jason Harris, M.S., 2013. Thesis: Habitat selection, movement, and home range of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) following a habitat enhancement project in Table Rock Lake, Missouri May 2013