Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Missouri
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Missouri Technical Assistance Activities

Actively managed wetland in Missouri

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
Workshop: Research Needs and Management Strategies for Pallid Sturgeon Recovery. St Louis, MO.
Galat 2007-07-31
Workshop participant on sampling design for fish and wildlife in Colorado Plateau National Parks
Paukert, Whittier 2004-04-01
Worked with Columbia Environmental Research Center staff to develop and submit comprehensive research preproposal to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on pallid sturgeon ecological requirements of the pallid and shovelnose sturgeon in the Missouri River: a research strategy.
Galat 2003-04-01
When do pallid sturgeon spawn? Missouri River Restoration and Recovery - Spring Rise Process. Hydrology and Water Quality and Pallid Sturgeon/Fish & Wildlife Technical Working Groups. U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and CDR Associates.
Galat 2005-06-15
When do pallid sturgeon spawn. Missouri River Restoration and Recovery - Spring Rise Process. Hydrology and Water Quality and Pallid Sturgeon/Fish & Wildlife Technical Working Groups. U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and CDR Associates, Minneapolis, MN.
Galat 2005-05-15
The Endangered Species Act requires USFWS to conduct periodic 5-year reviews on the conservation status of listed species. I provided a literature search and review for a second round 5- year review for the Oyster Mussel. The Service will use the comments to evaluate whether the current listing status and recovery priority number assigned to the oyster mussel are appropriate.
Tennessee Ecological Services Field Office
Rosenberger 2017-09-01
Technical adviser to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on their Biological Opinion to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Operation of the Missouri River.
Galat 2003-06-01
Summarized (with Units scientists from NE and SD) the 5 year review of the endangered Topeka shiner.
Paukert 2007-05-22
Subject matter expert panel member GS-12 Fisheries Biologist.
Galat 2007-10-01
Subject Matter Expert Panel Member GS-12 Fisheries Biologist, CERC
Galat 2007-10-01
Study concept: life-history requirements for recovery of age-0 Scaphirhynchus sturgeon in the lower Missouri River. Briefing to Brigadier General W. Grisoli, Commander, NW Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Columbia, MO.
Galat 2003-02-26
Serving on Advisory Committee for Project at the University of Texas at Tyler: Extension for Pigtoe Genomics Research
University of Texas at Tyler
Rosenberger 2017-01-01
Science Advisor, The Nature Conservancy's Great Rivers Partnership
Clark, Galat 2005-03-01
Provided updates on research by the Kansas Unit to the state agency at their annual Fish and Wildlife Division meeting
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Paukert 2009-03-04
Provided statistical and sampling advice and assistance to determine the future directions of the Kansas Stream Survey Team
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Paukert 2009-01-01
Provided model layer describing fundamentally suitable mussel habitat for component of the Meramec River Drainage.
The Nature Conservancy
Key, Rosenberger, Lindner 2017-10-14
Provided Missouri Department of Conservation Top leadership with overview of Cooperative Research Units
Missouri Department of Conservation
Poster Judge, Missouri River Natural Resources Conference, Nebraska City, NE
Galat 2008-02-01
Position Reviewer, Fisheries Research Biologist 11/12, Columbia Environmental Research Center
Galat 2004-05-01
Participated, and served as discussion leader for Ecologically Sustainable Water Management, Snake River, Idaho, at The Nature Conservancy's Working Retreat.
Galat 2002-09-01
Participated in a committee investigating how to best address ongoing Species Status Assessment Issues in the Southeast with the Fish and Wildlife Service.
Fish and Wildlife Service
Rosenberger 2018-01-09
Participated in U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Research and Monitoring on the Big Muddy Refuge.
Galat 2002-03-01
Participated in U.S. FWS-U.S. Army COE Missouri River shallow water habitat monitoring design workshop.
Galat 2004-11-10
Participated in Neosho madtom five year species status review
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Paukert 2009-04-12
Participated in MRBA's Monitoring Stakeholder Forum, Kansas City, MO
Galat 2003-12-01
Participated in "Workshop on ecological responses of river systems to flow change, Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Center, Albury, Australia.
Galat 2003-07-01
Part of informal committee to develop proposal to attract a USGS Regional Climate Change Hub to Kansas State
Kansas State University
Paukert 2009-08-07
Missouri River Authorized Purposes Study (MRAPS): Historical Perspectives Briefing. 12 Feb 2010. Invited panelist to brief Corps of Engineers staff from NW Division, Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis Districts to: (1) introduce USACE members to key individuals involved with Missouri river issues that also represent the diversity of stakeholders in the lower basin. (2) provide historical background & context to: the diversity of lower basin perspectives & issues surrounding Missouri river management, and; (3)offer “lessons learned” from the master manual process & identify opportunities for process improvements with MRAPS
Missouri River Authorized Purposes Study (MRAPS): Historical Perspectives Briefing.
Met with Maureen Gallagher, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to talk of potential research/monitoring needs at Lisbon Bottoms, Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.
Galat 2002-08-01
Met with Environmental Protection Agency Desoto group to develop strategies for MOR needs.
Galat 2002-07-01
Member, Upper Mississippi River System Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program's Science Panel.
Clark, Galat 2005-03-15
Member, Science Committee, National Fish Habitat Initiative, 2005-present
Fish Habitat Initiative
Paukert 2005-04-01
Member, National Academy of Sciences National Research Council Committee to assess the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Methods of Analysis and Peer Review for Water Resources project planning: Panel on Methods and Techniques of Project Analysis 2002-2003.
Galat 2002-01-01
Member of 9-person steering committee for Pallid Sturgeon Research Needs Workshop held by USGS-FWS-COE-EPA; facilitated discussion among participant workgroups and edited draft report.
Galat 2004-06-01
Invited workgroup member to review proposals for the Minnesota Environmental Trust
MN Environmental Trust
Paukert 2014-03-01
Invited workgroup member to develop fish sampling protocols for NSF sites nationwide
National Science Foundataion
Paukert 2013-03-01
Invited workgroup member to determine how climate change will affect biodiversity
National Climate Assessment
Paukert 2012-01-01
Invited workgroup member to analyze large river data nationwide to better inform large river monitoring programs
Paukert 2012-07-01
Invited speaker and technical resource, Missouri Department of Conservation Big Rivers/wetland Workshop
Galat 2003-10-01
Invited participant, Collaborative adaptive assessment of integrated alternatives for adaptive management on a pilot stretch of the Missouri River, Lied Conference Center, Nebraska City, NE
Galat 2004-03-01
Invited participant to USGS Dialog on Science Impact, Columbia Environmental Research Center, Columbia, MO
Galat 2003-10-01
Invited participant to America’s Inner Coast Summit, June 22-24, 2010, St. Louis, Missouri.. This Summit brought together the leadership of non-governmental organizations, key federal agencies, large private landowners, industry, academia, and community organizations concerned with the future ecological and economic sustainability of the Mississippi River Valley (MRV). A goal of the Summit was to create high-level recommendations to be considered in developing sustainable projects and initiatives including influencing federal, state, and local guidelines and policies.
America’s Inner Coast Summit
Galat 2010-06-22
Invited member, Scoping Document, assessment of the interlinkages among biodiversity, water, food and health (nexus assessment). Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Paukert 2020-02-15
IUCN Red List Status Report Update Lead for Paddlefish
International Union for Conservation of Nature
Paukert 2016-02-01
Helped Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks sample Topeka shiners.
Paukert, Whittier, Pitts 2007-07-25
Great Plains Native Fish Conservation Areas Network, Advisory Council
Great Plains LCC
Paukert 2016-12-19
Gave Overview of The History of the Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
University of Missouri School of Natural Resources Alumni Association
Expert reviewer; Topeka Shiner Species Status Assessment
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Paukert 2017-06-19
Expert reviewer; Humpback Chub Species Status Assessment
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Paukert 2017-01-23
Cooperated with scientists from USGS's Columbia Environmental Research Center on a weeklong research exchange with the Institute for Biology of Inland Waters in Borok, Russia.
Galat 2002-06-01
Conducted lab and data analysis, and developed report on zooplankton sampling in Kansas reservoirs
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
At Middle Basin Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Work Group Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO, gave update on Unit research: Benthic fish project and Sandbar project.
Galat 2001-11-01
Assisted U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and lower Missouri River states in developing a shallow water monitoring plan
Galat 2004-06-01
Assisted Environmental Defense Fund in reviewing fish floodplain use information on middle Mississippi River (New Madrid floodway).
Galat 2003-05-01
Analyzed tag return data and evaluated potential reintroduction of endangered species in southwest
Grand Canyon National Park
Paukert 2009-05-01
Analyzed channel catfish stocking data for Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.
Paukert 2007-04-09
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
Schwartz Graduate Seminar Committee - Member Galat 2009-01-01 Present
Faculty Representative, MU Wildlife and Fisheries Graduate Student Organization Paukert 2017-04-01 Present
Graduate Committee, Fish and Wildlife, University of Missouri Paukert 2010-06-01 Present
Chair, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Section, Division of Biology, kansas State University - represent EEB faculty for the Division of Biology Paukert 2009-08-01 2010-05-31
Faculty Advisor - I serve as the faculty advisor for the Biology Graduate Student Society (BGSS) at Tennessee Tech University. I represent student concerns at faculty meetings and provide guidance and advise when needed. Rosenberger 2018-07-01 Present
Strategic Planning Committee, School of Natural Resources - Create a new strategic plan for SNR and provide guidance for dissolving departments in the school. Rosenberger 2016-09-01 2017-02-28
Member, Space Use and Allocation Committee, School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri - Develop space allocation use plan and policy guidelines for the administration of the School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri. Rosenberger 2012-09-01 2013-09-30
Wildlife Faculty Search Committee Webb 2013-06-01 Present
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
University of Central Missouri Advisory Board for the Department of Biology Rosenberger 2016-04-01 2017-06-30
USGS, Large River Monitoring Forum Paukert 2013-07-01 Present
USFWS, Missouri River Effects Analysis Expert Panel Paukert 2014-07-01 2015-07-31
USFWS, Midwest Region, Committee on Fish Passage for WI River Paukert 2014-02-01 2015-06-30
US Fish and Wildlife Service, Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Plan Reviewer Paukert 2013-02-01 2014-06-30
Technical Advisor, BiOp Team, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Galat 2003-11-01 2004-12-31
Team Leader and Principal Investigator, Large Rivers Node, National Riverine Restoration Science Synthesis Working Group, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Galat 2003-05-01 2005-12-31
Team Advisor, Niangua darter Recovery Team Galat 2003-12-01 2004-12-31
Scientific Committee Member, 6th North American Duck Symposium Webb 2011-03-01 2013-02-28
Science Advisor, The Nature Conservancy's Great Rivers Partnership, Great Rivers Center. Galat 2005-01-01 Present
Science Advisor, Peer Review Panel, San Juan River Recovery Implementation Program Galat 1998-01-01 2001-12-31
Program Committee Member, Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference Webb 2012-09-01 Present
Participant, NCEAS Working Group on NRRSS Galat 2003-02-01 2004-08-31
Panel Member and presenter, nataional Adaptation Forum Paukert 2013-02-01 2013-04-30
Outside member tenure/promotion review, Texas Tech University Paukert 2015-09-01 Present
National Science Foundation, Committee to identify stream fish sampling protocols Paukert 2013-02-01 Present
National Fish Habitat Initiative, Science Committee Paukert 2005-06-01 Present
Minnesota DNR, reviewed long term lake sampling protocols Paukert 2013-02-01 2013-04-30
Midwest MarshBird Working Group Webb Present
Michigan St Univ and USGS Science To Action Fellwoship Paukert 2014-01-01 Present
Member, Upper Mississippi River System Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program's Science Panel Galat 2005-01-01 Present
Member, Selection Panel for Research Supervisors, Missouri Department of Conservation Galat 2002-12-01 2003-01-31
Member, Science Advisory Council, Emiquon Wetlands Restoration Project, Illinois Nature Conservancy Galat 2001-01-01 2003-12-31
Member, Research Grade Evaluation Panel, U.S. Geological Survey Galat 2006-11-01 2006-11-30
Member, Research Grade Evaluation Panel, U.S. Geological Survey Galat 2003-08-01 2003-09-30
Member, Program Committee, Missouri River Natural Resources Conference, Columbia, MO Galat 2004-05-01 2004-05-31
Member, Program Committee, 2007 Missouri River Natural Resources Conference Galat 2007-06-01 2007-08-31
Member, Program Committee, 2003 Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference Galat 2003-06-01 2003-12-31
Member, Pallid sturgeon Workshop II Steering Committee Dec 06 , 2006 Galat 2006-12-01 2007-03-31
Member, Niangua Darter Recovery Team Galat 1993-01-01 2003-05-31
Member, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis; Team Leader for Central US large rivers node, Galat 2003-01-01 2005-12-31
Member, National Academy of Sciences National Research Council, Committee to assess U.S. Army Corps of Engineers methods of analysis and peer review for water resources project planning Galat 2002-07-01 2003-12-31
Member, Missouri River Scientific Review Panel, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galat 2000-03-01 2002-12-31
Member, Missouri River Science Plan Writing Team, U.S. Geological Survey Galat 2001-01-01 2002-01-31
Member, DeSoto Group, a group of resource managers that is initiating a stakeholder adaptive management program for a target area of the lower Missouri River Galat 2003-06-01 2003-12-31
Member, Core Planning Team, The Nature Conservancy's Conservation Action Planning for the Lower Missouri River, 2005- Galat 2005-01-01 2007-12-31
Member, Core Advisory Group, Collaborative Adaptive Management Network (CAMNet) Galat 2009-01-01 Present
Member, Big Muddy National Wildlife Refuge Biological Review Team Galat 2008-02-01 2008-02-28
Member , Platte River Recovery Implementation Program, Independent Science Advisory Committee Galat 2009-01-01 Present
Manuscript review, Journal of Fisheries Management Rosenberger 2013-05-01 Present
Manuscript review, Freshwater Science Rosenberger 2017-10-01 Present
Manuscript review, Environmental Biology of Fishes Rosenberger 2013-04-01 Present
Manuscript review, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Rosenberger 2012-10-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Urban Ecosystems Rosenberger 2016-05-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society Rosenberger 2014-07-01 Present
Manuscript Review, River Research and Applications Rosenberger 2014-01-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Reviews in Fish Biology Rosenberger 2015-03-01 Present
Manuscript Review, North American Journal of Fisheries Management Rosenberger 2014-06-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Journal of Freshwater Ecology Rosenberger 2014-01-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Freshwater Science Rosenberger 2016-12-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Freshwater Science Rosenberger 2015-08-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Freshwater Biology Rosenberger 2012-10-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Ecology of Freshwater Fish Rosenberger 2013-06-01 Present
Manuscript Review, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Rosenberger 2014-10-01 Present
Manuscript Review - Southeastern Naturalist Rosenberger 2017-06-01 Present
Manuscript Review - Freshwater Science Rosenberger 2016-10-01 Present
Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration Program Comparison and Contrast. 21 July 2009. 3rd National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration, Los Angeles, CA. (Facilitation questions of panel discussion) Galat 2009-07-01 2009-07-31
Invited Participant, Stream Restoration Workshop, National Research Council, Water Science and Technology Board Galat 2003-08-01 2003-08-31
Invited Participant, Invited Participant and International Panel Member, National Science Foundation Galat 2001-01-01 2001-01-31
Invited Participant, EPA/s EMAP Great Rivers Ecosystems Indicator and Response Design Workshop Galat 2003-04-01 2003-04-30
International Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage Paukert 2013-07-01 2014-07-31
Internal Review, USGS Rosenberger 2012-10-01 Present
Board Member, Board of Directors, International Society of River Science Galat 2006-01-01 2007-12-31
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
Wyoming NPR article about our research on how climate change affects inland fish. Paukert 2016-07-19
Wrote popular article for the Kansas Wildlife and Parks magazine called 'Cats in the Kaw' about current research on flathead catfish management in the Kansas River. Paukert 2007-08-01
Was on USGS main page on project related to climate change and inland fish Paukert 2015-06-29
Was 'Collaborator of the Month' for the MU College and Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources related to work climate change and inland fish Paukert 2015-08-14
Visited an elementary school to exhibit and tell about crayfish in Tennessee Rogers, Schrum 2017-12-10
Visited 4th grade of Paxton Keeley elementary to present fish biology and fish anatomy. Rosenberger, Crawford 2013-05-01
U.S. News and World Report article on the Missouri River quoting Galat interview. Galat 2002-06-01
This oral presentation to the Missouri Audubon Society outlined future research to evaluate the body condition of mid-continent light geese harvested during the Light Goose Conservation Order. Fowler 2014-09-26
The MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources highlighted my work on climate change Paukert 2016-06-30
Television interview with RENTV, Moscow, Russia, on Significance of invasive aquatic species in the U.S. Galat 2002-06-01
Telephone interview, Detroit Free Press: Story on Lewis and Clark and biology of endangered species on Missouri River. Galat 2003-08-01
Telephone interview with University of Missouri Media Relations on National Research Council's Missouri River Report. They issued as a radio press release. Galat 2002-01-01
Taught a 5th grade class on mussels, crayfish, and fish of Missouri. Rosenberger, Schrum 2014-06-01
TV interview with NBC affiliate KTIV, Sioux City, Iowa. Galat 2002-04-01
South Farm Showcase-Missouri Fish & Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit participation. Schrum, Crawford, Rosenberger, Pherigo, Paukert, Westhoff, Webb 2013-09-21
Smallmouth bass movement study was highlighted in industry newsletter fro the temperature tags we used. Paukert, Westhoff 2014-11-19
Science of altering river flow debated. Source: Michael Mansur. The Kansas City (Missouri) Star article quoting David L. Galat. Galat 2001-10-01
Research was highlighted in National Park Service Climate Change Response Program Paukert 2014-12-17
Radio interview from Public News Service on how climate change may affect Missouri fish and wildlife Paukert 2016-02-23
Quoted in Nature Conservancy Magazine 54(2):29, in article, "New Life on the Mississippi." Galat 2004-02-01
Quoted in Nature Conservancy Magazine 54(1):18, in article on Portrait of a River from an interview on the Conservation Priorities of Freshwater Biodiversity in the upper Mississippi River basin. Galat 2004-01-01
Quoted in Columbia Missourian article, "Mo. River's level is matter of life, death for wild creatures." Galat 2003-06-01
Provided the Cookeville Earth Day a presentation on freshwater mussel diversity, life history, and the history of use and conservation in the United States. Rosenberger 2018-04-29
Provide an article on what the Missouri Cooperative Research Units is and how they contribute to Missouri's conservation legacy. Conservation Federation Magazine. July 2016; page 22 Paukert 2016-07-15
Presented a summary of crayfish diversity, biology, ecology, and conservation issues for the Missouri Master Naturalist Group Rosenberger 2016-04-14
Post doc and myself write a summary on our smallmouth bass movement study for the Missouri Smallmouth Alliance Paukert, Westhoff 2015-02-19
Participated in the Annual South Farm Showcase, which provides opportunities for the local community to learn about research that takes advantage of the South Farm Facility. Rosenberger 2013-09-01
Participated in an all-day Fish and Wildlife Sercie Outreach event Rosenberger 2012-10-01
Organized and planned a day-long 4-H Congress outreach event to High School students. Provided and presented a fisheries curriculum for the day. Rosenberger, Crawford, Webb 2013-08-01
Organized a seminar series for Osher Lifelong Learning Instutue on Missouri's Aquatic Life. Rosenberger, Webb 2017-01-27
Organized a seminar series for Osher Lifelong Learning Instutue on Missouri's Aquatic Life. Rosenberger, Paukert, Webb 2014-01-27
Organized a field trip to Ft. Leavenworth, KS, site of old growth Missouri River floodplain forest for 12 people from University of Missouri, U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Department of the Army Forester Matt Nowak headed trip. Galat 2001-12-01
Organized a discussion series on the book "For the Love of Rivers" for the OSHER lifelong learning institute Rosenberger 2016-01-01
Organized a Seminar Series on Evolutionary Biology for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Rosenberger 2015-01-20
Ontario Radio show discussing our climate change research Paukert 2016-07-05
On KDHX, 88.1 FM, St. Louis Community Radio's Earthwatch Program on Missouri River issues. Galat 2001-04-17
Meagan Perry, Legislative Assistant, Senator Christopher Bond Galat 2007-08-24
Interviewed for the Great Outdoors Radio Show, Subject: Crayfish and Mussels Rosenberger 2016-10-22
Interviewed by local NBC affiliate on how climate change affects fish Paukert 2017-10-15
Interviewed by John Lyons, Columbia Missourian newspaper on Missouri River Science Galat 2001-04-16
Interviewed by Christine Mlot, freelance writer on scientific value of The Nature Conservancy report, "Conservation priorities for freshwater biodiversity in the upper Mississippi River basin." Galat 2003-11-01
Interview, Australian Public Ration, Comparison between Australia and U.S. water resource issues and science. Galat 2003-07-01
Interview by Karen Schepeze, Columbia Missourian on historical ecology of Missouri River. Galat 2002-10-01
Interview by Forrest Rose on Missouri River Institute Town Hall Meeting for University of Missouri publication, "Discover and Enlighten. Galat 2002-02-01
Information to Marc Herquet, Big Rivers Magazine on Uppers Mississippi restoration. Galat 2007-11-24
Information to Marc Herquet Big Rivers Magazine on Upper MS restoration. Galat 2007-11-24
I was the USGS representative for a workshop on how to get jobs with state and federal natural resource agencies Paukert 2012-11-12
Hosted visit by Dr. Martin Thoms, University of Canberra, Australia at University of Missouri, as he presented a Conservation Biology Lecture, a guest lecture in Stream Ecology class, and joined a Missouri River field trip led by R. Jacobson, USGS/CERC. Galat 2002-10-01
Hosted Chris Hay, PhD candidate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, for a Department of Agriculture National Needs Fellowship Offsite Research Experience Missouri River flow analysis project and seminar Galat 2004-07-01
Gave Briefing to Capitol Hill staffers on the effects of climate change on inland fish. Paukert 2016-06-13
Galat quoted in a Columbia Missourian article, "A supplementary study of the Missouri River is nearly conclusion." Galat 2001-05-20
Galat intreview and quote: CAFNR CornerPost. Water Resources Development Act makes big waves in Congress by Katie Maupin. Galat 2007-12-05
Galat interview and quote: CAFNR CornerPost. Water Resources Development Act makes big waves in Congress by Katie Maupin. Galat 2007-12-05
From Lewis and Clark to Pick-Sloan to the Great Flood of 1993: an ecological history of the Missouri River. Missouri River Communities Network, 2 hour lecture/discussion Galat 2004-02-01
From Lewis and Clark to Pick-Sloan to the Great Flood of 1993, an ecological history of the big Muddy. Presentation to Columbia Lions Club. Galat 2003-01-01
Feature article in Mizzou Weekly, "Solving a 'Big Muddy' mystery," synopsis of Missouri Department of Conservation-funded sandbar study. Galat 2003-12-01
Discussed the role of floodplain wetlands in providing habitat to migratory waterbirds to 4H Congress Webb, Rosenberger 2015-01-01
Developed a newsletter on the fisheries activities of the Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Paukert 2006-05-01
Contributed data for an article in a Ducks Unlimited magazine with national readership Webb, Beatty 2013-09-01
Conservation of the Missouri River Ecosystem, Boone’s Lick Chapter Missouri Master Naturalist spring training on Saturday, 17 April1 2010; 1 hour PP and discussion. Galat 2010-04-17
Conducted a fish biology and fish dissection for student participating in 4-H that were interested in Missouri River Relief. Rosenberger, Webb, Crawford, Schrum 2014-07-15
Co- Hosted University of Missouri Alumni Social at Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference Paukert 2012-12-11
7 February, Washington, DC. Briefed Mitch King, FWS Regional Director Region 6, Dale Hall, FWS Director and Sue Haseltine Asst Director Biology, USGS on state of MOR Science. Participated in Meeting with these individuals and Kathy Copeland, Council on Environmental Quality and NW Division USACE senior staff to discuss state of MOR science. Galat 2006-02-07
23 May 2007, Chris Blank Associated Press ? Effects conservation public lands on height of MOR floods Galat 2007-05-23
18 May 2006, KTIV TV, Sioux City, IA. Television interview at MRNRC meeting as USGS employee. Questions about spring rise and pallid sturgeon. Galat 2006-05-18
10 May 2007. Interview for NPR radio KWMU, St Louis, on river floods and floodplains Galat 2007-05-10