Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: New Mexico
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

New Mexico Project

Determining the Limiting Factors of Pecos Bluntnose Shiner in the Farmlands Reach of the Pecos River

January 2011 - September 2014


Participating Agencies

  • U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service Science Support

The goal of the proposed project will be to identify conservation needs for the Pecos bluntnose shiner. Conservation needs for the species can be met if restoration efforts and habitat improvements are focused on ameliorating limiting factors for the threatened shiner.

Research Publications Publication Date
Chase, N., C.A. Caldwell, S.A. Carleton, and W.R. Gould, J.A. Hobbs. 2015. Movement patterns and dispersal potential of Pecos bluntnose shiner (Notropis simus pecosensis) revealed using otolith microchemistry. Canadian Journal if Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 72:1575-1583. | Abstract September 2015