Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Alabama
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Alabama Technical Assistance Activities

Student setting a trap for bobwhite quail on Conecuh National Forest, AL.

Description and Agency Provider(s) Date
Vice Chair, Adaptive Management Working Group for horseshoe crab harvest in the Delaware Bay.
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
Butler, Merritt None
Updated Bayesian decision tool for listing status and PVA of Spectacled and Steller's Eiders
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Dunham, Mercado-Silva 2013-12-01
SDM workshop for CALO (NPS and Climate Science Center)
National Parks Service
Irwin, Lloyd 2015-06-15
Provide modeling assistance to Alabama Deer Harvest Steering committee
ADCNR Wildlife and Freshwater fisheries
McGowan 2019-02-01
Prototyped a tool for adaptive harvest management of White-tailed Deer in Alabama
Alabama DCNR
Grand, McGowan, Silvano, Price, Keever 2012-09-01
Presentation of forest management decision tool for Wildlife Management Areas in Alabama.
Alabama DCNR
Grand 2014-07-23
Met with researchers in the Guadiana River Basis to 1)Develop avenues for cross-collaboration with scientists and stakeholders in the Guadiana River Basin, Portugal, one of the NeWater CVase Study rivers; 2)Present ideas and data relative to our Tallapoosa River Adaptive management project, including implementation strategies; 3)Discuss methodologies relative to adaptive management in the Tallapoosa River Basin and how they relate to Guadiana River Basin, including faunal monitoring and modeling programs and 4)Investigate the potential for simultaneous adaptive management in the US and Europe to increase our learning rates regarding system function.
Irwin 2006-03-25
Member of the Piping Plover Great Plains population recovery team.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
McGowan 2010-03-01
Member of Warm Springs Tech Center Review Team
Irwin 2014-01-14
Harris Dam Temperature Technical Committee
Irwin 2016-03-15
Harris Dam Temperature Technical Committee
Irwin 2013-10-01
Design and analysis of Camera Survey for Eastern Wild Turkeys in Geneva County Alabama.
Alabama DCNR
Grand, Silvano 2014-06-01
Conducted a workshop and prototyped a tool to guide decisions regarding funding and management of projects for Alabama State Wildlife Action Plan.
Alabama DCNR
Silvano 2014-08-21
Coached multiple SDM workshops for Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Irwin 2011-01-15
Coached a Structured Decision Making workshop for multi-agency management of Gulf striped bassfor FWS and several state agencies.
Florida Freshwater Fish Commission
Irwin 2011-08-20
Chair, Adaptive management sub-committee for horseshoe crab harvest in Delaware Bay.
Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission
McGowan 2014-01-01
Attend meetings for the Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership to provide input relative to ecological flows.
Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership
Irwin, Lloyd 2015-02-20
Attend RL Harris Action Team meetings at the request of ALDCNR for FERC licensing
Irwin, Ouellette 2019-01-15
Assisted MN Department of Natural Resources with initial phases of structured decision making through coaching team members.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Irwin 2011-02-01
Appointed by the USFWS as a member of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Adaptive Management Technical Team (AMTT). I provide assistance to the service with regard to adaptive management implementation and monitoring for 6 T&E species in the basin.
US Fish and Wildlife Service/Panama City Field Office
Irwin 2017-09-30
ACF Striped Bass Committee
Adair 2013-10-29
Role - Description Provider         Start Date        End Date       
Co-Chair, Stream Mesocosm Ad-Hoc Committee Irwin 2014-01-01 Present
Member, Auburn Water Resources Council Irwin 2014-01-01 Present
Member, School of Fisheries Graduate Committee Irwin 2014-01-01 Present
School of Forestry and Wildlife Vehicle Committee McGowan 2014-10-01 2016-05-31
Disease Ecology Search Committee McGowan 2014-03-01 2015-04-30
Role and Organization Individual         Start Date        End Date       
USGS Ecological Flows Working Group Irwin 2015-09-01 Present
USFWS-USACOE ACF AM Management Team Irwin 2017-05-01 Present
Large River Management Forum Irwin 2013-06-01 Present
Gulf Coast Coastal Resiliency Workgroup Irwin 2016-08-01 Present
DOI RESTORE Land Conservation Workgroup Irwin 2016-03-01 Present
Alabama Governor's Instream Flow Panel Irwin 2015-06-01 2018-12-31
Outreach Activity Provider(s)        Date       
Research on the Tallapoosa River below Thurlow Dam. Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. August 2002. Tallassee, Alabama. Irwin 2002-08-01
Presented results of the decision support model for determining optimal flows below Harris Dam. Harris Dam Stakeholder's Meeting. Sponsored by Harris Dam Stakeholders Group. August 2003. Alexander City, Alabama. Irwin 2003-08-01
Participant in the Tallapoosa River Watershed Action Plan Annual Conference, Alexander City, AL. 2005. Irwin 2005-05-01
Interviewed for an article regarding catfishes in Alabama. Alabama Game and Fish magazine: March 2003. Irwin 2003-03-01
Interview Article-Jackson, K. 2006. First adaptive management implemented in Southeast on Tallapoosa River. Ag Illustrated:3(2) ( Irwin 2006-01-01
Identify flow prescriptions for adaptive management of the Tallapoosa River below R.L. Harris dam. Alabama Department of Conservation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Alabama Rivers Alliance. March 2003. Irwin 2003-03-01
Conservation of the Upper Coosa basin aquatic fauna. Annual Meeting. February 2003. Irwin 2003-02-01
Becoming an Outdoors Woman. Taught ABC's of Fly Fishing and Wooly Boogers and Friends Workshops. March 2006 Irwin 2006-03-01
Attended Harris Dam Stakeholder's Meeting. Sponsored by Harris Dam Stakeholders Group. May 2003. Wedowee, Alabama Irwin 2003-05-01
Attended Harris Dam Stakeholder's Meeting. Sponsored by Harris Dam Stakeholders Group. June 2003. Alexander City, Alabama. Irwin 2003-06-01