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Wetland Staff Member

Dr. Fred A. Johnson

Fred Johnson

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  • Ph D University of Florida 2010
  • MS Texas A&M University 1981
  • BS University of West Virginia 1978


My principal interest is in the application of decision science to problems in natural resource management. Such applications require a multi-disciplinary approach to engage stakeholders in the decision-making process, to predict the responses of ecological systems to controlled and uncontrolled drivers, to elicit societal values regarding the consequences of management policy, and to develop monitoring programs to compare predicted and realized system behaviors. I am particularly active in migratory bird management, with experience in problems of recreational and subsistence harvest, pest control, and habitat management. My scientific expertise is mostly in the areas of population ecology, statistical inference, dynamic systems modeling, and optimal decision making.

Research Interest

Ecology and Environment- environmental assessment, Ecology and Environment-habitats, Natural Resources-natural resource management

Research Publications Publication Date
Rolland, V., J.A. Hostetler, T.C. Hines, F.A. Johnson, H.F. Percival, and M.K. Oli. 2011. Effects of harvest and climate on population dynamics of northern bobwhites in south Florida. Wildlife Research. 38(5):396-407. 2011-10-31
Johnson, F.A., C.T. Moore, W.L. Kendall, J.A. Dubovsky, D.F. Caithamer, J.R. Kelley, Jr., and B.K. Williams. 1997. Uncertainty and the management of mallard harvests. Journal of Wildlife Management 61:202-216. | Abstract | Download 1997-01-31
Johnson, F. A., and C. T. Moore. 1996. Harvesting multiple stocks of ducks. Journal of Wildlife Management 60:551-559. | Abstract | Download | Publisher Website 1996-07-31
Presentations Presentation Date
Romanach, S., M. Eaton, F. Johnson, J. Lyons, C. Moore, M. Runge, A. Hijuelos, M. Meyers, and G. Steyer. 2017. Applying adaptive management at a programmatic scale. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference, 6-9 Feb 2017, New Orleans, LA. 2017-02-08
Moore, C. T. 2015. ‘Sustainability’ in the eyes of a decision analyst: three case studies in conservation. 2015 Sustainability Science Symposium at UGA, 23 January 2015, Athens, GA 2015-01-23
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Crawford, T. G., and C. T. Moore. 2014. Statewide adaptive management of public alligator harvests using structured decision making and integrated population modeling. 23rd Working Meeting of the IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group, 26-30 May 2014, Lake Charles, LA. 2014-05-26
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