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Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit Staff Member

Dr. Daniel P Walsh

Dan Walsh

Unit Leader
Phone: (406) 243 - 4390
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Daniel Walsh - Unit Leader, Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit

Dr. Walsh received graduate degrees in Fisheries and Wildlife and Statistics from Michigan State University and Colorado State University. He worked as a Disease Researcher with Colorado Division of Wildlife and as a Quantitative Ecologist at the USGS National Wildlife Health Center before joining the Montana Unit in 2022. He conducts applied research that develops and applies novel quantitative approaches in conjunction with field research to improve the health of wildlife populations. His research interests are broad, and he has worked on a wide array of taxonomic groups and wildlife health issues including chronic wasting disease, bighorn sheep respiratory disease, avian influenza, white nose syndrome, New Castle disease, among others. One focus of his current research is leveraging systems modeling to inform decision-making and applying scientific principles to the implementation of management efforts to improve the likelihood of desired outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Walsh has helped develop national surveillance strategies for avian influenza and white nose syndrome and has conducted extensive work with the World Animal Health Organisation and others to build wildlife health capacity globally. Dr. Walsh will teach courses in statistical methods for population dynamics and wildlife health modeling.

Areas of Expertise

AI/Machine Learning, Disease/Parasites, Epidemiology, GIS/Spatial Analysis, Population Dynamics, Statistics and Modelling, Wildlife Management

Taxon Groups Studied

Bats, Ungulates, Waterfowl

Research Publications Publication Date
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Project Completion Date
Assessing chronic wasting disease environmental prion reservoirs June 2025
Effects of Conifer Removal on Songbirds in Sage-Grouse Habitat September 2024
Patterns of bat activity along seasonal, environmental and disease gradients in western Washington: Monitoring populations along the front line of WNS September 2024
Role of study length and life-history traits on the reliability of management recommendations September 2023
Structuring Governance to Achieve Landscape-scale Conservation Outcomes January 2024
UM Pronghorn Movement and Population Study June 2024
Sage-grouse Synergies: Community Responses to Wetland Restoration in the Northern Great Plans September 2024
Fish Creek Recreation Planning June 2023
Preventing Predation July 2024
Elk Recreation Study June 2024
Predator use of Prey June 2024
From Beavers to Bats: Assessing the Importance of Beaver and Beaver-based Restoration to Riparian Communities in Prairie Systems December 2027
The Next Frontier: D&E Tools to estimate density via cameras to examine population impacts of CWD/Effects of Management June 2023
A Framework for guiding management decisions for amphibians July 2023
US FWS-UM Collaboration to Support Native American Graduate Students in Wildlife Biology July 2024
Wolverine Survey Analysis June 2024
Moose Population March 2024
Sage Grouse-Songbird Bug Grazing June 2024
Modeling host behavior and environmental transmission of chronic wasting disease July 2027
Investigating the Role of Host Behavior and Environmental Transmission in CWD Dynamics September 2025
Statistical model development to inform disease management in Montana June 2027
Highland's Sheep Project December 2027
Building a modeling framework for understanding and predicting dynamics of diseases in wildlife: WNS surveillance as a case study July 2024
Application of systems modeling to identify novel approaches for wildlife health management September 2025
Applications of structured-decision making to disease systems February 2027
Improving management and surveillance decisions related to white nose syndrome by accounting for imperfect detection and misclassification error October 2023
Spatial Risk Factors August 2018
Draper, John
Post Doc

Padilla, Colton

Strickfaden, Kaitlyn

Presentations Presentation Date
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Technical Publications Publication Date
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Type Citation Publication Date
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