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Anthony Locatelli

Anthony Locatelli

Research Associate


I’m originally from Wisconsin and earned a BS in fisheries and wildlife from the University of Minnesota. I spent a few years working for various entities as a research assistant before I earned a MS in wildlife ecology from Texas A&M University. In my free time I enjoy backpacking, canoeing, birding, and hiking.

Presentations Presentation Date
Locatelli, A., C. J. Conway, D. Musil, K. Launchbaugh, S. Roberts, and D. Gotsch. 2016. Factors Influencing Nest Survival of Greater Sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) in Southern Idaho. Annual Meeting of the Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Coeur d' Alene, ID. 23 Feb 2016. February 2016
Julson, J., K. Launchbaugh, E. Strand, C. J. Conway, and A. Locatelli. 2017. Relationships among spring livestock grazing, sage-grouse nest fate, and climate in sagebrush-steppe communities. Society for Range Management Annual Conference. St. George, UT. 29 Jan 2017. January 2017
Conway, C. J., K. Launchbaugh, A. Locatelli, D. Musil, P. Makela, and S. Roberts. 2016. Effects of spring-season cattle grazing on greater sage-grouse. Western Agencies Sage and Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse Workshop. Lander, WY. 14 Jun 2016. PRESENTED. June 2016
Conway, C. J., K. Launchbaugh, A. Locatelli, D. Musil, P. Makela, and S. Roberts. 2015. Large-scale field experiments to assess the effects of cattle grazing on Greater Sage-Grouse. Tri-state coordination meeting for sage-grouse grazing research. 4 Nov 2015. November 2015
Conway, C. J., A. Locatelli, D. Musil, S. Roberts, K. Launchbaugh, and P. Makela. 2016. Effects of spring cattle grazing on Greater Sage-Grouse: a 10-year experimental study to manipulate grazing regimes in Idaho. Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation Conference: All Lands, All Hands. Salt Lake City, UT. 25 Feb 2016. PRESENTED. INVITED. February 2016