Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: California
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California Staff Member

Sarah J. Willson

Sarah Willson out in the field

Research Publications Publication Date
Malakauskas, D. M., and M. Wilzbach. 2012. Invertebrate assemblages in the lower Klamath River, with reference to Manayunkia speciosa. California Fish and Game 98(4):214-235; 2012. | Abstract | Download 2012-12-31
Malakauskas, D. M., Willson, S. J., M. A. Wilzbach, and N. A. Som. 2013. Flow variation and substrate type affect dislodgement of the freshwater polychaete, Manayunkia speciosa. Freshwater Science 2013, 32(3):862-873 | Download 2013-06-30
Project Completion Date
Myxozoan Fish Disease Research and Monitoring 2012-12-31
Technical Publications Publication Date
Wilzbach, P., D.M. Malakauskas, S.J. Willson. 2013. Myxozoan Fish Disease Research and Monitoring, Final Project Report. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. | Download 2013-01-31