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Jennifer Jones

Jenny Jones

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Jenny Jones is a MS candidate based in the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and the Department of Zoology and Physiology.. Jenny's first wildlife job was working at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on research to monitor the abundance and distribution of a variety of reptiles, small mammals and carnivore species in a fragmented urban landscape. From California she moved to Yellowstone National Park to work for the Wolf Project observing and recording behavior as part of long-term studies regarding predator-prey population dynamics, behavioral relationships, multi-carnivore relationships, wolf social dynamics and scavenger communities. She then became a biological science technician for the Yellowstone Bison Ecology and Management Office documenting abundance, distribution and vital rates of bison through the immobilization and radio collaring of adult females. While with the Bison Project she developed and supervised field implementation of a Parturition Monitoring Plan to document timing, location and bison behavior of parturition events related to disease transmission risk. She got a little better at horseback riding despite her english background but still can't do telemark turns in the backcountry. She is currently pursing a Masters degree at the University of Wyoming investigating the influence of nutritional condition on elk ecology throughout their annual cycle. Other current interests include developing a stable isotope technique to ...

Research Publications Publication Date
Jones, J. and others. Winter feeding alters migration of elk in western Wyoming October 2014
Project Completion Date
Elk Nutritional Condition August 2013
Technical Publications Publication Date
Elk Nutritional Condition Project - 2012 Annual Report | Download July 2012
Elk Nutritional Condition Project - 2011 Annual Report | Download January 2011
Elk Nutritional Condition Project - 2010 Annual Report | Download June 2010