Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Colorado
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Colorado Staff Member

Dr. Claudia L. Penaloza

Claudia next to giant mushrooms

Phone: (352) 264 - 3517


  • Ph D Duke University 2010
  • BS Licenciate in Biology, Universidad Simón Bolívar 2001


I joined the unit in January 2011 after completing my Ph.D. at Duke University in September 2010. I have mostly worked with sea turtle and freshwater turtle conservation and population biology, and I branched-out toward sustainable harvest and participatory conservation for my Ph.D. Nonetheless, throughout my career mark-recapture data analysis has been a central theme, first with green turtles (Chelonia mydas) for my undergraduate thesis, then amazon side-necked turtles (Podocnemis spp.) for my Ph.D. dissertation, and now Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) for Postdoctoral research. My work in the Unit, in partnership with the USGS Sirenia Project in Gainesville, FL, involves improving the estimation of demographic parameters for the Florida manatee through the development of novel mark-recapture models and joint analysis of multiple sources of data.

Research Interest

I am interested in wildlife management and conservation of endangered species, particularly in the use of quantitative ecology to inform the management decision process. Wildlife management, population dynamics, mark-recapture data analysis, participatory conservation.

Research Publications Publication Date
Peñaloza, C. L., W. L. Kendall, and C. A. Langtimm. Reducing bias in survival under non-random temporary emigration. Ecological Applications 24:1155-1166. 2014-07-31
Kendall, W. L., R. J. Barker, G. C. White, M.S. Lindberg, C. A. Langtimm, and C. L. Peñaloza. 2013. Combining tag recovery, auxiliary observations, and robust design data to estimate demographic parameters from marked individuals. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4:828-835. | Abstract 2013-09-30