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Staff Member

Jason DeBoer


Research Publications Publication Date
Martin, D. R., B. M. Pracheil, J. A. DeBoer, G. R. Wilde, and K. L. Pope. 2012. Using the internet to understand angler behavior in the Information Age. Fisheries (Bethesda) 37:458-463. | Download October 2012
DeBoer, J. A., and K. L. Pope. 2016. Factors influencing recruitment of walleye and white bass to three distinct early ontogenetic stages. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 25:504-517. | Download October 2016
DeBoer, J. A., K. L. Pope, and K. D. Koupal. 2013. Environmental factors regulating the recruitment of walleye Sander vitreus and white bass Morone chrysops in irrigation reservoirs. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22:43-54. | Download December 2013
DeBoer, J. A., J. J. Fontaine, C. J. Chizinski, and K. L. Pope. 2015. Masked expression of life-history traits in a highly variable environment. Great Plains Research 25:25-38. | Download April 2015
DeBoer, J. A., C. M. Webber, T. A. Dixon, and K. L. Pope. 2016. The influence of a severe reservoir drawdown on springtime zooplankton and larval fish assemblages in Red Willow Reservoir, Nebraska. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 31:131-146. | Download December 2016
Presentations Presentation Date
Dixon, T. A., J. A. DeBoer, and K. L. Pope. 2013. The influence of a damaged dam on the zooplankton community. Nebraska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Gretna, Nebraska (poster). February 2013
DeBoer, J. A., G. Klein, and K. L. Pope. 2013. Reproductive ecology of female walleye during the spawning season. Nebraska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Gretna, Nebraska. February 2013